"Real Photo" of BlackBerry 10 Full Touchscreen Phone Emerges!

BlackBerry 10 Touchscreen
By Team CrackBerry on 4 Sep 2012 01:17 pm EDT

Does this device look familiar? If you've been following along with all the BlackBerry 10 fun the last few months it should -- It looks pretty damn close to the image we first leaked back in January of what was rumored to be the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone. This image here comes via Twitter from @TyC4all who says it's the "first image of the pre-commercial version".

We're not sure where it's from or when it was taken, but it looks awesome. You can just make out the BlackBerry branding on the bottom as well as the top speaker and front camera. It does resemble the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha a bit, but looks more refined. No saying if it's the final hardware but we'd be happy with it. It's definitely something we're looking forward too

What do you think? Love it? Want it NOW?! Sound off in the comments! 

Source: Twitter 

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"Real Photo" of BlackBerry 10 Full Touchscreen Phone Emerges!



"It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.".............Nigel Tufnel ( Spinal Tap )

Love it. Love Spinal tap!
Let's just hope this phone doesn't get the same review as their album "Shark Sandwhich".

I think the phone looks awesome. Super stoked for BB10.
Now when I do finally get the phone, I'll be thinking of Spinal Tap.

You just can't win around here. Its a glass rectangle, its going to "look like" every other glass rectangle, especially when turned off. And since it causes more tears when the word "Blackberry" is on the front, if its not there, it will look EVEN MORE like every other phone.
What do you guys what? Colors? Hand grips? Do you want it to be oval? A complete square?
Whine about the OS, something gets done, everyone wets themselves(in a good way). Whine about the look, and say BB's going down because its not like the comp, so something is done, now they're done because it looks like the comp. 75% of people are gonna put a case on it regardless so why does it matter?

But maybe I'm just easily pleased.

No, I'd say you're just realistic. Sometimes I think that mobile phone geeks have to be the whiniest bunch of snivelers on the planet - definitely a "glass is half empty" crowd. But then again, there are so many freakin Trolls on these sites it's getting hard to tell. Maybe we should add "whining sniveler" to the definition of a Troll. I know there are a lot of times I just want to tell them to STFU.

umm...that's okay. I already owned the Droid X for 10 months. Once again RIM will be late to the party, playing catch up.

Motorola is having a party? To celebrate what? Losing? Even if it did look like a Motorola (not ), this phone actually has a pair (and it's not called 'BlueBerry' is it? )

I for one am waiting for the keyboard version so the look of this is neither here nor there, but

Great things come in the most unlikely of packages.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I was thinking....

Maybe this isn't the FINAL design. RIM could be aware that with the all the UAT (user acceptance testing) going on with carriers and developers, the devices are bound to be leaked. With that into consideration, many of these leaks are just enhanced designed dev phones. RIM probably want to save the complete design for the official announcement.

I'm just speculating of course, but that could be the situation here.

I'm sure RIM understands that style matters. Though this design isn't completely eye catching, all it's missing is some chrome trimming similar to the Bold. Add a little of that on it - boom, bam, done.

could be, and hopefully the case. the groove between the upper piece and the bezel is almost begging for something to snap into place there (maybe an attractive trim piece or cover for the top).


But after I take a swig from Kevin's BB coolaid it looks fantastic! I can't wait!

Love it!! Would love to see the sides and back. With a removable battery door it will be nice to change up the colors/design on the back.

it does look like a Droid- ish style. Dec Alpha is a better design, mini playbook and fits perfectly on Blackberry Family. I hope this image is not a Final piece.

Very disapointed with this phone, it looks like any other cheap Android.
I have been waiting for this BB10 for 2 years, so disapointed. Lets see if we have better luck with the Bold.
Any way crackberry guys you said last week that you already saw the new phone so what is the point here pretending that you don’t know how is going to look.

i think either way a company goes on design people will hate it or love it.. if RIM put chrome or even matte silver people might love it.. but yet people might hate it.. i think the all black is sleek and professional.. the glass display will yield great resolution.. this is s a kind of phone i see the DARK KNIGHT using haha..

also i think it lines up for some new colours as well.. the all white would be sweet since the LED is under the glass and not the bezel so it won't have that huge GLOW affect with the LED light like on the 9900 and the 9700 white versions..

4.2 inches would be a good screen size.. still useable with one hand and still big enough for media and games..

So, I've strained my eyes beyond what's recommended by optometrists, and I just cannot find "proof-positive" that this "might/could be" or "is," in fact, ANY form (mock-up, tester, beta-10, or production mould-positive) of a BlackBerry.

HOW do we KNOW this is a real-world RIM device (v.s. a fan's dream/mockup), and more importantly, where in the development cycle (Beta-, Quadra-, Pre-Production-) was it taken?
But, for argument's sake, let's agree that "it is," and that it's not a Beta ...

Personally, I really don't care about appearance, because it's the device's final feel-in-hand AND usability (S/W) that make it appealing anyhow and, as I am personally ONLY interested in a SLIDER unit (as per my 9800 & 9810), this has little appeal "for me(!!!)."

It IS, however, crucial in setting the tone for a slider and as such, "I like." The ONE thing I'll lament is the loss of the various buttons I use as device shortcuts (on/off, phone, BB menu, etc.) which I've heard are being phased-out, tho' I don't understand the logic/reasoning for it ...

Either way, this is a sleek, black and sexxy box with a glass screen and rounded corners - AND it's sure to facilitate data input AND output as well as connect to the Internet ... so, better lawyer-up, RIM!
News coverage is sure to begin with: "Tune in at 6!"
"Lawsuits Galore: Apple, Samsung, and Google team up to prevent "black" 'Berries with glass touch screens and rounded corners powered by batteries from being sold in this universe."

I want it, need it, NOW imagine this in all white smh but ill hold judgment till I see it up and running but I still want it lol

Zodiac BB10

I, for one, can't wait.
And all who is bashing it, will be the first ones in line to buy it.
Stop frontin. Your farts don't smell like roses. You can complain all you want. But you will get one when it comes out.

Some people here are worse than movie critics.

Now wheres the N-series?

Doesn't look like anything remarkable, really... But then again, it's not what it looks like, it's all about how it performs (first and foremost as a mobile PHONE). What's, primarily on my mind is how this phone delivers in terms of call quality, sound quality, signal reception and battery life. The rest is complementary.

Regardless, still waiting on the kbd version. All-touch device doesn't really tickle my fancy. Kbd phone easier to control typing, etc.

I couldn't care less actually. Looks just like every other full-touchscreen phone out there. I'll get excited when I see one with a full physical qwerty keyboard...

Oh nose... Apple will be waiting for rim to release it and sue them. Its rectangular with rounded corners.

I'll be waiting for the N series. Cant live without the keyboard.

are you kidding me ..... I would have bought the Dev phone. This is a beauty. Those BlackBerry fans that don't like it....go somewhere else or better yet design and build your own phone that you will not pick apart and piss and maon about. Just ungrateful

I can't wait to get this. I dont know if I could hold off for there high end model. My contract ends in November and I will most likely(if I know nyself at all) pick up the first one to market. I cant wait

Its a generic touch phone. Guess the software is really going to make a difference. But I refuse to think that RIM couldn't design something better and/or slightly different. You just have to look at nokia. Without blatantly copying nokia I'd love to see them make something as gorgeous as their current wp's. Also if they're going to bring 'colours' out please don't let the alternative just be whitem Boring!

I for one thinks its going to be great. I already try to use gestures on my Galaxy Note. I think all the Concept picture set the bar to High. If those kind of phone where even possible they would have been made already. What more could they do and not make a gimmickyish type phone. Im happy they didnt make it to thin or the screen to close to the edge. Thicker means they didnt sacrifice the battery and when the screen is on the edge people like me with big fat fingers activate the edge of the screen while holding it. And the extras above and under screen will make for some sweet gaming. So I give rim a 2 thumbs up. Its really gonna hurt me going from the Galaxy note to the smaller screen but thats what I got a Playbook for. :-)

true. I like that they've kept the thickness "bearable" and the battery is removable. I still don't get the whole move towards non-removable batteries when battery life is so important now.

the phone design is fine but its not WOW.

People saying "This looks like an iPhone or Droid" need to stfu. So what? Until holograms are on the market quit whining.

I have to say that I really like the looks of this phone, but considering that members of the Crackberry team have seen, held, and played with the real thing, the skepticism is unfair. Just tell us if this is it or not, please.

Im sure this will be an AWESOME BlackBerry. But I dont want an AWSOME BlackBerry i want an AWESOME SuperPhone. (Read that line twice). But on another note, although I am an avid BlackBerry abUSER, I really hope this is not the final production model. Many BB fans like myself and many on this blog will line up to buy this phone when it comes out. But RIMM is in a dire situation. I have total faith that RIMM will not go under before the release of BB10. But if BB10 underachieves it could mean lights out for our beloved RIM/BB. I also have faith that BB10 OS will be something refreshing, new, and groundbreaking. But rocking a smoking new OS is not enough to catch the eyes of the casual smartphone user. Which brings me back to this hardware. IMO this looks like a BB10 phone that is liscened out to another hardware maker. Aside from the BB branding and the BB logo on the back this phone lacks BlackBerry styling we have all grown to love. To me BB phones are elegant, and sleek, like a well dressed executive. This hardware looks sadly as others said like any other android powered phone and not a flagship BB phone.(the following maybe a tough sell but...) If you take just the shell of the phone alone, the look and feel of a naked torch 9850/9860 surpasses the look and feel of practically all flagship all-touch devices. That elegance and sleek look, that is iconic BlackBerry. By no means do i want RIM to remain stagnant in thier design, but the similar look to 99% of all all-touch devices is more than slightly disappointing. At this time RIM needs to stand out above the rest, just blending in may make them overlooked in a sea of thin rectangle large smartphones. That design doesnt make a smartphone user say...wait a min. look at that BlackBerry they are selling, WOW thats nice, what can that phone do? (Now you can WOW consumers with the new AWESOME BB10 OS. sorry for the rant post crackberry community.

Not liking this particular design at all. They've (RIM) had enough time to come up with something better looking than this. It looks like a Motorola phone. Hopefully the OS will have the WOW factor.

I guess a blackberry without the pearly keys could never assuage a traditional blackberry lover...It just won't do for me..So I will get the keyboard version...Would hate to wait even a day longer and might indulge into getting full screen kind for even just two weeks...But once I have the pearly buttons on bb10...I am sure I will keep that and for touch screen stuff I always keep my playbook with me...Its the ultimate workhorse...

Now, if only my update wasn't due until the END of 2013. Can't wait to track BB10's progress and see what RIM can give us in early 2014! This is a great looking form factor. I hope they use the screen quality and processor of this phone and put it in a slider.

I think this was taken by Kevin on his deck. The wood looks the same, remember his last couple of video editorials. Plus there is a lot of space under the cracks in the deck, his deck in the editorials appears to be an upper deck. Lastly look at the hair in the reflection, kind of looks like his mop. Not sure what this all means? (plus I am probably wrong anyway)

One thing people are forgetting, regardless of how they feel about the aesthetics, most if not all will be using some sort of exterior case to protect their "babies". So...complaining about its looks at this time is just wasting space.

Another is to say who here can confirm 100% this is the final look?

Looks are one thing performance is another. I'm looking forward to getting the phone in hand and getting to know the OS.

if crackberry have seen a pre-release version of the phone then if this isn't the phone why report it?

unless they're just doing this for the hits/advertisements.

I want to see what the keyboard version of a bb10 phone looks like before I commit to anything. This looks like ehh to me. Then again, the 9930 to me is damn near perfect.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.

Am I the only one who thinks this looks just like an LG Optimus 3D? And no, I'm not saying it's fake and that's what it is, I'm saying it looks just like an LG Optimus 3D! Anyone else?

Looks. Like the other phones!!!plain. BlackBerry needs to stand out:( what happen to the other bb photos , those phones were different and stood out? Not happy!!

I like the Dev Alpha Look!! Playbook in miniature form! This looks like pasted on plastic top and bottom. We need a change to the original form factor!! Take the next step,.. imagine full screen seamless top to bottom, except for the full keyboard version. Only split in screen is the connect to the keyboard. I so wanted a PB looking phone device. PLEASE RIM!

I have to say,....OMG where did the PB look go??? I like the edge to edge look of the PB!! Why not folloe that form factor and style? Why not hit the masses with a complete change?... or not? Suprise them by not changing nothing nothing at all but the size!! Turn the PB sidways and narrow it!!!! Here it is!! No "I pile" "No Droid" what ever shape,.. Just the PB in what we want, a SMARTPHONE BEYOND WHAT WE CONCEIVE!! Enough said,...

I agree with you too. The top prority is it the phone has to work really well (no bugs, smooth, fast). And just for the look, I love it! Simple but useful!
BB rocks !

I'm still going to hold onto my 9850 as long as possible. I'm all about a touch screen device, but I'm gonna have a hard time parting from the trackpad. For clicking just the right spot on the screen, nothing is as precise as the trackpad, and it was such a recognizable feature of a BlackBerry for so long, I still think it was the "uniquely BlackBerry" feature they needed.

No matter what RIM puts out people will be critical. Quite frankly, I'm disturbed at how fickle everyone is being. Not to mention closed minded.

We all wanted a new direction from RIM. We learned the hard way that failing to change was killing BlackBerry. They changed to something that was refreshingly different... and we complain.

We all wanted something that still had a BlackBerry feel. We wanted something that was familiar with everything we love about BlackBerry. They gave us simple, smart, professional, black, sleek, clean...BlackBerry...and we complain.

We wanted something that was up to par or comparable with what the market was asking for and what competitors are offering. They are giving us a device that has killer specifications under the hood, a high resolution beautiful screen, is comfortable to use one handed and has great screen real estate... and we complain.

Not only is RIM giving us what we asked for, they did a damn great job at it. The new phone looks great and is headed in the exact direction it should be. Everyone who is stuck on the fact that it doesn't look BlackBerry enough can go sit in the corner with Jim & Mike because thinking like that is what got RIM in to the mess they are in. Everyone who thinks it looks too much like an Android, get over it. There is only so much you can do with a block slab. Does Michelin make square tires because Firestone makes round ones? No, that's insanity. In some situations there is one elegant solution and there is nothing wrong with that. If they had added a metal bezel you would be complaining it looks too much like iPhone 5. If they had made the device radically different, say all silver with the angular corners, you would be complaining it looks too risky or it is a desperate attempt at differentiation.

Realize that RIM is giving us what we asked for and what we asked for happens to be exactly what RIM needs right now. So stop being so critical and be thankful that RIM is listening and is being progressive at the same time.

In fairness, as many people have stated we don't even have confirmation that this is final hardware. Even if it is, most of us who are praising and complaining have never held or used the device. So be patient and give it a chance, won't you please?

Thanks for all your input and opinions everyone. Let's help RIM make the come-back it so deserves and ensure we all get the quality devices we all deserve.

BlackBerry because it's Better.
Let's Rock & Roll This!

thank you for an oasis of reason in a sea of whining thoughtless babble! (not everyone of course, just seems like alot of negativity)

Extremely well said among the crying shits. Interestingly enough was the comparisons to looking like a Android and PlayBook. All Android's (for the most part) are slabs. Those who said they wanted a SGS3 design - Samsung wasn't praised on that design when it was released. It was speculated something wow was to be, but Samsung played it extremely safe with the boring design and people came to love it...as the comments here indicate with the wanted look. The PlayBook in my opinion was the foundation of direction with its innovation that RIM was surely hinting at to be brought over to the phones. It only didn't do well due to integration and apps. Overall, the PlayBook is great so taking the look of the PlayBook/Dev Alpha was a smart move.

TeamCrackBerry - If there is any way, you folks need to move the comment from 'europolska00' all the way to the top as it hits all points!

Very well said. +1
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of the mindless shit that spew from some ppl ... I know some of these tards are intentionally trolling.

I believe the beauty of this design will be exemplified by the sleek OS built in. If its gonna feel any at all like the playbook when held... This phone will make its mark. Solid, Slim, Precise, Understated... and powerful.

I completely agree. The OS will bring this hardware to life and there will be synergy between them! I am also hoping that the hardware feels sturdy and solid like the PlayBook does in the hand and looks just as sleek! Glad someone feels the same. I love how solid the PlayBook feels!

We are complaining hoping that someone from RIM is reading it and throwing the plans for this in the trash bin.

We are entitled to express our opinions here. This many negative comments means that this is not a good design. It means this device as it is will not sell because people, even Blackberry fans, do not like it. It's really that simple. You lecturing people from your high horse on how to post on forums will not change that fact. Sorry. If you don't want to face reality that others may disagree with you, and that their opinions are just as valid as yours, put your head back in the sand and don't read.

RIM has two choices: Listen to its customers, or be like you, get defensive, make excuses why their choice is right and the consumers don't know what they're talking about, and should be more grateful for what is available etc etc (wait, am I describing Apple here? oops).

This gets me so excited. I cannot believe what I'm seeing!! Of course the person deleted the photo, they didn't wanna be caught! Lol

Now as for the reflection of the capture device: It's an android, windows mobile 6.5.x/7.x, palm pre/pixi or windows phone. So difficult to tell, but that's one of my best guesses.

I'm liking the "not in your face" design and it seems that RIM are taking the design direction from the Playbook, which is understandable. If anyone saw pictures of the Playbook online using a "blurry camera" it literally looks like an ugly piece of black slab and that's certainly still the case with me even until today. However, when you put the Playbook in front of you with a clean shiny screen, grab it and feel it, you instantly fall in love. I'm sure this BB10 is no different.

Plus, we don't know how the sides/borders look like - I'm certain we won't be disappointed.

I think you make and interesting and very good point about the PlayBook not looking so great photographed by blurry cameras. In person it looks sleek and sharp.

Wicked observation. +1

One of the best things about BlackBerry phones is the Trackpad. Without that, I will get frustrated quite quickly trying to do precise functions.

The phone is fantastic for most of us blackberry users, but is it something that will WOW none blackberry users which is what RIM needs, If they wanna pull out of there current situation.

I wonder what that Small Rectangle is below the Ear Piece....not the camera, led or ear piece... And the black caps on the top and bottom looks like a rubber case on a Dev Alpha... The end product might be different..

I'm disappointed, the Dev Alpha looks better. What would have really been good is a Dev Alpha front, with a bit more curved corners, and a Bold-like Back. This looks like it has Porsche Design all over it, which reminds me of the 'Reitmans - 1, Haute Couture - 0' commercial. Sometimes designers make total crap.

Guys, this has an understated Matt Black exterior too but whats under the hood makes the difference....


Its all about what the OS does for me. I could happily have this on my desk at work. Only issue i have is do i go keyboard or touch. From what i have read of the touch device i am absolutely torn on whether i can give up my keyboard or not.

Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

dev alpha unit still looks nicer than that for me. :) it showcase the trademark of RIM its like a small playbook.

RIM have GOT to get this right or it's tits-up time. They know this - we have ALL been saying this since RIM started sinking and BB10 was announced. My first impressions (if indeed this is the final design) are, shall we say, not that visually inspiring. It doesn't jump out at me and say buy me. I hope the RIM faithful doesn't settle for mediocre in the design stakes just to get their BB10 early.

I have no doubt the specs, S/W, H/W will be fantastic, however, a huge proportion of the phone buying sheep-like masses (unless you're a weak-minded fanboy of any particular brand )will initially only second glance at a phone if it visually jumps out at you. Then, if it does, then they start sniffing round the specs and ultimately decide to buy it or not.

Still, what ever the final design is, I fully expect those bully-boy toss-pots from Cupertino to fire up their legal team and sue the arse off RIM.

I think RIM should counter-sue Apple for being, well, just complete wankers!!

IMO, not one of the current phones on the market today are visually appearing. The last time I said "wow that is a great looking phone" was when the BB 9700 was first released and I did the impossible to get it. Today, things have changed and the design element seems to be less of a deciding factor for consumers. The inside (OS) is what really matters and having a general idea of what BB10 will be makes me crave the phone more and more everyday. I personally also love the design so that's an added bonus, at least for me.

There couldn't have been a better example than the current S3. IMO that thing is plain hideous and dare I say feels cheap while holding it, but admittedly performs well. I'm quite confident that if the BB10 phones will have the same quality as the PB, then it will be miles ahead of the quality of that of Samsung.

I'm not saying an understated design (especially in the situation they're in) was the right way to go, but I certainly see where they're coming from.

The quotation marks around "real photo" in the title indicate that the crackberry team knows this is how it looks and is being very careful not to just say real photo without quotes so they don't break the NDA by confirming its authentic.

The quotation marks around "real photo" in the title indicate that the crackberry team knows this is how it looks and is being very careful not to just say real photo without quotes so they don't break the NDA by confirming its authentic.

Since we all kinda know the hardware is ready and the software is ready (apparently RIM just wants to "polish" it up a bit) they should release these now. RIM just took another hit in market share, down to 9.5% from 11.6%.
Get those things out to stop the decline before the hole gets so big, they won't be able to crawl out of it!

Guys, can we just be happy and proud that RIM is making both the OS and hardware at the same time. Look at Nokia they've given up on their Meego OS same as with Samsung for their Bada OS. What if time comes that Google will no longer let the Android OS run on other devices just like Windows OS? What will happen to Nokia, Samsung, HTC? At least RIM has BB10 that they can truly be proud of. Lets all wait for the final design of the hardware and see the true power of the BB10 OS. Stop complaining!

All the hypes, delays, excuses will all come down to this!!! I hope its not the Final piece, seriously.

Any body else notice that the only part of the word "BlackBerry" that shows up is the part showing the reflection of the hand taking the picture? Can someone explain how that could be? I'm guessing its printed under the glass but don't know why the whole word wouldn't show up...

Yes, I notice that but I see where the screen sets off from the black hardware. You can barely see where the screen ends from the users hand. Where it says BlackBerry is where the 4 buttons (call, bb menu, trackpad, back, and end buttons) would have been.

Maybe the "blackberry" lights up one word a time as you swipe it until the whole word "blackberry" lights up. Once fully lit the word "blackberry" flashes once to engage the phone and turns off and the screen then simultaneously turns on.

That would be an interesting way to log onto phone!

I find it funny those who are complaining about the size of the bezel at the top and bottom of the screen. Have you looked at an iphone recently? There is a lot more 'wasted space' in those two areas on the iphone then on this one... Yet no one bitches about it like those that are whining their as$es off here. Interesting...

Anyway, I really like the look of it. I am a physical keyboard type of girl but the video on the keyboard the look of the dev alpha and now this... I am starting to become swayed and tempted to forgo the physical keyboard for this beauty!!!

Once it hits stores in my area I will be there to check it out and most likely walk out of the store with one in my hand!

I like that there is no silver to scratch off, I like the size of it and it does not look too thick either... I like it! If you don't like it don't buy it, it is as simple as that...

Huh. Its an attractive phone, don't get me wrong. But it is pretty indistinguishable other slab phones. Its not something that will stand out from the pack on a display table at a cell phone store. Maybe--industrial design-wise--there is no way around it. I mean, as others have pointed out, there is only so much that can be done design-wise with a full touch screen since 90%+ of it is the screen. But still... I mean, the Galaxy SIII is also a slab, but it does some stuff with the little room available for design that make it look just different enough.


A very 'safe' design.

Just for the record, I'm NOT suggesting that RIM should have made a phone that looks like the S3. Just pointing out that--even with a slab--their still does exist some room for elegant design touches.

I almost wish those mockups like the Blade and TK Discovery never came out! I think they spoiled me :( ...even though I realize that these designs are probably physically impossible to engineer with those form factors in 2012 (e.g.: screen right up to the edge on the Discovery, and super thin blade).

I'm still 100% rooting for RIM though.

I can tell by the reflection in the glass the picture was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note. Whatever. Also when I was saving the picture on my PlayBook I noticed that its named as the BlackBerry10London. Do you think this phone will be called the London or the person who took the picture decided to name it that?

Personally I doubt BlackBerry will call it the London :/

Too little too late.
Gave up on BB when they announced the delay to the new year.
Company will be looking to the new windows phones, as well as MS Surface.

Perfect! Conservative and quality. As it should look for a blackberry. Glad they're not going to flashy.

I was in a Starbucks in Ottawa about 2 days ago, and I swear I think I saw one. The guy was showing it to another person and I could tell that I had seen that device somewhere and could't recall where. it's only once I saw the calculator (it was definitely Blackberry) that I recognized it. Unfortunately, the guy saw me looking at it and turned it off and hid it. Not sure if it was the Alpha Dev or the a legit BB10 though.

My contact at rim confirmed that this is the production phone.. The picture was taken by a 3rd party supplier employee

Maybe I've just been spoiled with all the "Dreamberry" mockups on this site, but I think this design looks terrible.

Regardless of whatever the blackberry10 looks like i do hope that the front side of the screen that doesnt turn on is touch sensitive just like the bbpb. i found it to be a very neat feature. but i do agree with most of you that this looks similar to all touch screens out there but theres only so much you can do with a touch screen phone the only unique aspect it has is where the side buttons go, where the charger is plugged in, how the camera works. and where the speaker is the front panel kind of HAS to be a whole screen for a touch screen phone.

Honestly, I don't care for how this device looks. I would have much preferred the Dev Alpha over this. But I'm sure that I won't care if the OS is all it looks to be.

wow! judging from the look of this phone and the look of the icons in other pictures...the wait was TOTALLY worth it. forget all those other loser companies, this phone is where it's at YO.

It looks ok, but I don't kno. It looks thin& sleek but how's he battery life? Is there enough accessories, themes, & apps available? What's the difference between the new bb10 & the iphones, droids, samsung galaxy 3, etc... Can we watch movies & TV(Netflix), Android Apps?

Being a blacknerry user (bold 9900) it never ceases to amaze me wjen i ask other BB users if they are they getting the BB10 when it comes out and they look at me with dumbfounded look and say whats that? Rim needs to let the public know that these devices are on the way.