"Real Photo" of BlackBerry 10 Full Touchscreen Phone Emerges!

BlackBerry 10 Touchscreen
By Team CrackBerry on 4 Sep 2012 01:17 pm EDT

Does this device look familiar? If you've been following along with all the BlackBerry 10 fun the last few months it should -- It looks pretty damn close to the image we first leaked back in January of what was rumored to be the first BlackBerry 10 full touchscreen phone. This image here comes via Twitter from @TyC4all who says it's the "first image of the pre-commercial version".

We're not sure where it's from or when it was taken, but it looks awesome. You can just make out the BlackBerry branding on the bottom as well as the top speaker and front camera. It does resemble the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha a bit, but looks more refined. No saying if it's the final hardware but we'd be happy with it. It's definitely something we're looking forward too

What do you think? Love it? Want it NOW?! Sound off in the comments! 

Source: Twitter 

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"Real Photo" of BlackBerry 10 Full Touchscreen Phone Emerges!



yeah I'm kind of with you. It's ok but not anything to really get worked up over.. My favourite concept to date has been the Blade slider.. Remove the buttons and track slide on the front and you have one sexy new BB10 phone..

I like it, dont know why Everyone's saying they hate the look of it, compare it to the blackberry your running now, cause I'm sure it's a lot better then that, and we can't see the back and or sides. Can't wait to have one

actually. I think if the Torch 9850/60 had a glass screen I think it would be awesome. I love the design of the Torches. And the new Bolds are also beautiful. I do wish that RIM would have kinda gone the route of the galaxy nexus with the screen resolution and use the bottom part of the phone just for the menu overlays.


The Blade is the best looking phone I've ever seen. Not just the best looking bb, but the best looking phone period.

There's not really much you can do with a big full screen touch phone though is there? Once you get above 4" screen diameter, they're all gonna look pretty much the same. Big candy bar with lots of screen. Not sure what people are expecting. I like the look so far.

I'm just glad it ain't that silly silver bezel plasticy thing we saw a while ago.

The key will be how it feels in the hands... hopefully it's got a good weight and feels solid.

And why are these "leaked" photos always taken with the crappiest cameras. Must have been a Bold 9900 camera. ;) Heh heh. (and yes, I have a Bold 9900)

Agree with you there... I don't understand why folks are complaining. I believe because folks expectations are SOO HIGH that anything brought would disappoint. I watched and saw many folks complain about Crackberry not releasing leaks and not saying more than what they have already said. Yet, leaks come out, and the complaining continues.

Folk need to chill. It's hardware and software, wait til RIM shows it off. Wait til it's held in the hand before making judgements.

Bla1ze has been my measuring stick, of all the CB contributors, I think he has been most vocal with his criticism and if he was impressed I knew RIM did something good.

So far, loving the leaks and knowing that the launch is growing closer and closer.

I agree with . There is a time that all the designes are on the market. For me important is that blackberry do same they do with bold 9900 a nice bezel no plastic please...samsung is the king of plastic or htc or motorola....this full touch story for me is a wong way....good luck my lovely blackberry

* BlackBerry by choice *
What I find interesting here is what's in the reflection. Whatever it is has a trackpad on it. As there are no current BlackBerry's that have a front camera on them, wonder what that is..... Hmm.....

I think what you're seeing in the reflection is just the camera lens from possibly a non-BB phone..

otherwise the placing wouldnt make sense.. even if it was taken with a front facing camera on a BB, that would mean the trackpad is on the top along with it and we know that's not right..

Yeah, that looks like a camera lens. Possible another BB10 device taking the photo? If so... not encouraging with the quality of the pic... eek! ;)

Yeah as had been said many times, no trackpad on the BB10 phones so agreed there. But when I zoomed in, it's pretty squared off to be a camera lens and it's centered just like a trackpad would be so I'm still not sure what to think here.

... And CrackBerry says I'm the newb -.- Lol, I'm kidding. I just have a thing for knowing phones. The reflection you see on the screen is the camera lens and LED flash of a Samsung Galaxy Note.

The LED and the camera lens are on the wrong sides to be a Galaxy Note. Also the back of a note has a bezel. No bezel in this picture. Galaxy Note also has a more pronounced side button.

Um, no - that's what we call a mirror reflection. It does match the Note... guess I was wrong too.

Very true. Galaxy Note it is. I stand corrected. In fairness, it's RIM's fault for making us wait so long. We're associating any square with a trackpad and trying to make a BB10 phone out of just about anything. Myself included.

I have a 9900 and like the metal sides. I also have an htc amaze which has an aluminum battery cover and has a nice weight to it. Htc has been creative in designing within the confines of a candybar form factor.

I won't say I don't like it, but it's very average looking and it doesn't stand out in any way...

one thing even Keven said is that the new phones should be recognizable as BB.. and this looks def more like an Android phone.

It won't stop me from buying it if it performs well, which i'm almost positive it will..

just one of those things where I'd like to see some distinguishing feature(s)...

Motorola Press Release:
http://mediacenter.motorola.com/content/detail.aspx?ReleaseID=12922&News... (Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/8cbbbgk)

"Under the Agreement, Motorola and RIM will benefit from a long-term, intellectual property cross-licensing arrangement involving the parties receiving cross-licenses of various patent rights, including patent rights relating to certain industry standards and certain technologies, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 802.11 and wireless email. In addition, the parties will transfer certain patents to each other."

again, stop reposting old news/articles..

the article u quoted is from June 2010! and is in reference to litigation over patents ONLY.. not a liscensing deal for the OS as is currently being discussed by RIMM.

Move on.

I'm not saying I do not like, but I think I was expecting something more original. The Torch full touch for example, has more sinuous lines, and in some ways more attractive. However, this is a beautiful piece of engineering, but I think I'll wait the version with the physical keyboard.

It looks like $%@<# compared to the new full touch phones from samsung like galaxy note II. My hopes are placed on the new full keyboard BB10, if I'm again disappointed, then #$%&€@ RIM.

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!I like this!!Plus they said before that keyboard version would look very like 9900 and the clarification that the app screen leaked before was not the final version..I am truly getting excited about BB10!

You may calm your tits mate. That picture wasn't taken by any BlackBerry device at all. The reflection you see on the screen is the camera lens and flash of a Samsung Galaxy Note. Stay Faded.

The LED and the camera lens are on the wrong sides to be a Galaxy Note. Also the back of a note has a bezel. No bezel in this picture. Galaxy Note also has a more pronounced side button.

Are they taking the photo with the same phone ? Trying to see what phone they are taking the photo with!?

Are you being paid to promote the Note on this site because it 'clearly' is not a Galaxy Note.

nothing special to be honest. i was hoping for more unique design. this really looks just ok. for the phone that is supposed to save rim it really looks average imo.

Y'know, at first I thought it looked kinda bland. Where was the beautiful aluminum from the 9900/30? Where are the sexy contours of the 9850/60?

But then I realized: I always put my devices in cases anyway! All that really matters is that it works well.

After a couple minutes of Forensic Photoshopping I can tell you it is a camera lens with a silver squared-off bezel around it and a LED flash toward the bottom. The rounding of the top corners also match in perfect proportion from the device to the reflection, so I'm convinced this is a picture of the front and back of the same device.

Is it only me but isn't this suspiciously close to the "iClone5" launch? Wouldn't be surprised if this was leaked to help highlight how the model in question measures up in similarities to the purported pics and video of the iPhone5.Now everyone is buzzing iPhone clone....Let's stop for a minute and think......This pic was leaked since January...Couldn't be an iPhone then...Agree?Especially if the iPhone is launching in September! One thing we can count on Apple to do and that's stick to their regularly schedule marketing strategy.Ok then, if this is indeed the "London" and the ever so "Mighty" iPhone boasts similar characteristics in September...what does that say about RIM?Why would people make an Apple event out of this and not embrace this as the new RIM?

"HOT!" What are you talking about? You can't tell ANYTHING about how this phone will look from that picture! What, just because it's a new BB, it's "HOT!?" Give me a break; I have never seen so many people get so excited about so little. Let's get excited when we can actually tell what this phone looks like. They post a "black object" and everybody goes whacky...sounds like iSheep.
Me, I will really get excited when BB can produce a BIG screen, LTE phone with at least 1.5-2 processor and 2 gigs of RAM.

I LOVE IT! But Kevin did say that with the phones he previewed, you could tell that the new phones were BlackBerry even from afar so I'm going to guess that this might not be a final release.

BTW, the picture is no longer up on Twitter.

Come on. It's cute. Thick bezels suggest lots of gestures. Cool.

The question is, 'Would we still care by next year?'

Hate to say it but i bought a used htc amaze... And i have been more productive on it than on my 9900 + playbook combo :( ... And the worst part is that i actually love the phone. Come on RIM hurry up.

Even a 3GS is more productive than a 9900 at this point and it came out in 2009. A week or 2 from now it gets iOS 6. The 9900 stops at OS7. This holiday season could break RIM.

That comment proves you're a troll. 3Gs is more productive than a 9900? Why? Because you can play Angry Birds and have many fart apps at your disposal? TROLL!

Nice - at first glance. But I have some questions. 1. Why is everything under the glass? Looks like they laid a sheet of glass on top of the entire front of the phone, camera, screen, ear piece and all.

I'm hoping that from another angle it'll look totally black. i.e., you see nothing but black.

I do like the no Chrome, and hopefully no blackberry name on the front. Just all black.

I agree. I have a Palm Pre 3 (masochist) and even the chrome on the buttons is black chrome. I want the BB10 phones to look as much like it as possible.

Earpiece is above the glass. As for the other items, look at your BB7 devices. LED and Camera are both under glass. Playbook has the LED and front camera under the glass.

As for everyone else complaining about the look, their is only so much you can do with an all touch phone without risking upsetting the legal gods on Mount Cupertino! Personally I think this looks nice and I don't want a super flashy phone. Simple elegance!

With the software running with a lit screen a lot of these "I don't like" comments will vanish. Its does look like an android but who cares...RIM has no choice but to leak something now iphone5 around the corner along with a quad core galaxy note. I expect to see more bb10 leaks in the coming weeks/days.

What you might be seeing is the ambient sensor,front facing camera and LED notification. The speaker is definately not under the glass.I'm confident the build quality will be great and solid in the hand!However,this may not be the final device.We don't need the Starship Enterprise fellas.....we need a funtional device that blows your mind with the user experience! Let's not forget there is supposed to be a monster under the hood with a silky smooth transmission.... we would be surprised how appealing this phone becomes with the right ads and marketing leading up to the launch date!GO RIM GO!!!

The phone looks like any other phone out there, just some minor differences. Not sure I like the bezel, but that could be for gesture purposes.

Hopefully we can see it operational one day to provide better feedback.

Love it!!!!!
This will look so nice beside my playbook.
Blackberry by choice! iWho??, ANDwhat?? WinHow?? No no.
Blackberry because it better.

I do wish Kevin would just confirm whether or whether not this is indeed the same model phone that he held in his hands and tested.
Of course then he'd probably wind up missing..

I'm not super in love with it. But oh yeah.. I'm buying that! I would much prefer RIM made an elegeant Bold looking vertical slider phone.. But this will suffice. And besides it does look better than any Android offering.. Even if it does have a Knight Rider/Batman look to it. :)

So nice!!! pre-commercial release! Lets just hope the commercial release is earlier than they are telling us (Q1 2013)...I WANT THIS TOMORROW!

Looks like any other full touch device, hopefully it has that soft back like the Playbook, where is the physical keyboard variant!

And it sounds like you are commenting for the sake of commenting. iPhone's have the cameras to the top left, not to the top middle and it's also square, not circle!!!

No offense meant but if you're really thinking. People do not use their trackpad to take pictures.The image reflected on the screen of the phone is the back of the device taking picture of it. Its a galaxy note.

I think I am partial to the Dev Alpha. But, as long as it is sturdy, feels good in the hand, and runs BB10, I will not be complaining!

I like the Dev Alpha too, but the release model features stuff like a replaceable battery and microSD support.

One burning question: how is microHDMI implemented?

The jack is fairly chunky. The microUSB & microHDMI ports on the Dev Alpha are the most clumsy bits on it from a sheer device design standpoint.

Now, from the vid we saw from that Italian site, we at least have some sense that the sim and SDHC (XC? Please?) slots are buried under the battery hatch, so at least they'll be hidden, but I wonder about the external connectors.

Same! I have no problems with this, But i would have loved the phone to look like the playboook mini, so they could be "brothers". just kind of fits in the family if they all shared similar styling in queues.

if this is the design they're going, Which isn't bad. I would love to see one like the London preview picture we saw, with the top and bottom bezel a different colour than one big black rectangle. Maybe it's juwst me. But i love the Chrome + black look. add some chrome accents and RIM CAN HAVE MY MONEY

Looks cool - just like any full touchscreen phone would look I guess. Really interested to see the querty design.

Well unfortunately they really need to get with the times. They're not gonna survive putting out mediocre phones with low-grade hardware. They need to put out phones that either equal what's out or blow right passed them in performance. There's supposed to be a QWERTY version coming also so if you don't like this one, you might be pleasantly surprised with that one. I personally love this and I hope BB10 helps dig BB outta this grave they've dug.

There is every indication that the new phones will have great hardware. Even the Dev Alpha has a spectacular (better-than-Retina pixel density) screen and a respectable camera.

The most persistent rumor has the handset getting a Snapdragon S4 dual-core SOC, which SHOULD yield excellent battery life and performance.

There's no guarantee this phone will be a wild success, but I don't think anyone will be able to blame the hardware.

RIM has already released the stat's on what screen resolutions will be.
this phone from my understanding will be 768p (1366*768). However, future phones and the keyboard phone will adhere to 720p standard. the next touchscreen phoen will be 1280x720 and the keyboard phone 720x720.

so this should have a 359.99 PPI. and future phones 340ppi. good enough for me!

Not with this they wont compared to whats out there at present and whats to come by december. Looks like an android from 3 years ago. You got to take those rosey Rim glasses off. if you beleive the average consumer is going to line up in droves for this compared to what the sgiii sold up to date for example your kidding yourself and in store for an ugly beat down from the harsh reality of it selling as poorly as the playbook. Only saving grace of Rim will be the qwerty if it looks anything similer to the 9900 or better.

They will be lining up once they see what the unit can do compared to what droid and iOS can't do.
The new BB10s are software powerhouses, the bodies they're in are of little value.

It's all about what it can do

Syrous44- first off, S111 is Android. No security. None. No battery life. Quad core? No battery life. iOS? Copied from QNX. Boring, as well. Snapdragon S4 PRO = huge power, good battery life. BB X = awesome!
They will sell very well, because we're all going to buy one or two.
Then, so will everybody else.

We will see the average consumer is about looks and style, reason why samsung is smoking everyone ins smartphone sales. Look at htc loosing market share amd stock value as their designs are old and bland. I am not trolling or hating. I am realist, conusmers buy on style reason why iphone sells and sells despite os getting old and boring. I understand your a bb fan, but most average consumers will pass over this ugly uninspired design. People buy on first impressions.

Looks like most high end Android devices today...

Not sure you could change it much... a smart phone is a smartphone.


Unfortunately, my understanding is that the next phone will feature the exact same screen size at 4.2" but with a 720p display as opposed to the 1280x768.. so it'll just have a few less pixels.

no the first will have the same resolution the dev alpha has which is 1280x768 and the next run of full touch will be 720

That's what he just said. The screen size won't change though. It will be the same screen size with different resolution on high end devices. The mid range and low end devices will most likely be smaller dimmensions but I will stick with the high end.

I figured this would drop soon. Its about the right time for spy pics to start showing up. lol Looks nice, cant wait to try it out in the store to see if I become a touchscreen guy instead of a physical keyboard guy. Way to go RIM!

Zero character. Bland. No style whatsoever. Hopefully the back (and top/bottom) portion will come in a variety of colors/textures to give it something, anything. This looks like a phone you'd design as a pre-production tool/die model. looks like they never finished it. Like a model airplane/car before the stickers/paint are put on. I digress. Horrible.

I think you need to start paying attention... there are about a half dozen forum threads on this topic... one example of many with the following quote from Bla1ze:

"The hardware itself won't change very much if at all, that's pretty much locked in. The software however is an entirely different story. "


you should just get comfortable with this being the final hardware. they may have color options for the back/top/bottom, but overall this is it.

Nothing like jumping in and running your mouth off without doing any reading beforehand...

I'm liking it.. Nice lookin touchscreen.. Can't wait to see the keyboard version... Anybody think it could be the limited edition devs are getting when they trade in their dev alphas?

Sidenote- btw people its a phone & IMO a pretty damn nice 1 what do you want it to sprout wings & fly?

Great to see, definitely looks more uniqque and not an iphone copy. Looks like swipe gestures will be part of it as well with the screen layout.

Looks good, but I think it would be even hotter if they lost the top and bottom "non-glass" bits. Then it would actually stand out from the rest. Just a perfect rectangle with the full front glass. A little PlayBook-esque, but still. I'll keep wishing I guess.

I think it was on purpose so that you can set it down face down without the screen touching the surface you're laying it down on... so as to not scratch it?

Maybe... But I think a super thin perimeter frame that's slightly raised would have done the job much better than what they have pictured.

That glass would crack from you dropping the phone way before you'd find any scratches on it. If the bezel was raised and the glass recessed then your thumb would bump every time you use it.

It's a solid design.

on the other hand, the dev alpha has an homogenous glass screen that covers the whole surface....

i guess this is the BB london.

The non-glass space above and below could be for antennas, so the back material could be very high end then.

there is too much space from where the screen ends to the bottom of the phone. is that for gestures like with the playbook? dont like it because of this. it does look better than the leaked iphone 5 though.

Looks pretty good to me, I can't wait to see the final bb10 os running. I'll take two please, ASAP! Oh, and I agree color variations would be awesome.

From 10 feet away, it looks like any other full touch phone. Even up close, if you are not familiar with other phones, you might think it's an Iphone or a samsung.
It would have been better if they kept the angular corners like in the earlier leaked prototype photoes and with a choice of colors for the top and bottom edges. Need something to screen blackberry.

What I do like with this design is the glass goes closer to the edge (both top and bottom). It gives the illusion of a bigger screen even with the bezel.

From a design standpoint, it's hard to see how a full-touch handset can be made to look especially distinctive, unfortunately.

Personally, I liked the London concept with its P'9981-esque beveled stainless steel caps at either end, but the general opinion on that one seemed to be universally negative.

What part of this is "distinctly blackberry" like the earlier hands-on post said? This looks like every other phone out there. I'm extremely disappointed. Was looking for something new and innovative. Aren't those the rounded corners Samsung just got sued for? Ha.

It's a big assumption saying this is exactly what team CB saw of actual BB10! The image quality is poor here to start with...

If this is anywhere near the final commercial release. I say thank you but no thanks. Will be looking forward to the n series. As for my full touch screen phones I will stick with samsungs line of androids. Now thats a company that makes sleek exciting phones accounting for their high sales. Even the nokia looks better then this. All Iam seeing is iphone5 clone if its leaks are real to final product. Looks like Rim is leaving its iconic design roots behind and creating cheap looking chinese designed crap phones out their. So freaking bland and uninspiring for me as a consumer and I am afriad the average joe non bb enthusist customer is going to pass on thiss as well in a heartbeat. Not hating or trolling, crackberry team asked us what we thought. I out right hate the look, even the storms had some charm and design to them then this turd. Really really hoping this is a joke by crackberry so we can really be wowed when the full touch really gets shown.

completely agree. I was looking forward to something "innovative" not "me too, but please don't look at me."

I love your dont look at me statment. Sweet short and to the point. And so true in discribing this phone.

From what I can remember, this design was leaked loooonnnggg before those Iphone 5 LEAKS....Why is it okay for the Iphone 5 to have this design, (note that IMORE fans think it's pretty cool over there) which might have been "Cloned" from Blackberry's original leak?...But it's not okay for a Blackberry to have a design which they may have originally created...SMH ...

Excuse me did you even read my entire post. I wasnt saying or impliying if its ok or not to copy. I was stating the fact that it looks generic and uninspired. No orginality. Looks like a very cheap chinese kirf iphone knock off, and imore fans have a right to rave about the iphone as it looks way better then this drap piece of plastic and glass. If Rim thinks this will sell to the average joe consumer they have learned nothing. This has the potential to be another playbook flop piasco thats all. Regardless of how good os will be people like style and this phone has none. My personal opinion. Again not preaching the validity of copying others design. So please stop accusing me of something i am not doing. This is an opinion blog post, asking for opinions, and that was my opinion. But once again I guess because I dont like another stupid mistake by Rim I am a Rim hater and troll, how predictable and old. Maybe if We had more opinion posts like this and Rim actualy listened to their consumers they would not be in this position in the first place.

There is too much bezel, expecially on the top of the device. That should all be screen space!

I'm not sure how I feel about it overall.

Am i the only wants who wants to see the keyboard version more than the touch screen one?I mean it's a touch screen phone there is not an amazing design it's just a big screen..

Hardcore BB user here, gotta be honest not super excited. Nothing makes it stand out, it's ok but it will not draw in new users. Probably not even bring back old users. It's a shame.

Now software wise, this is what makes a smartphone imho, holding off until I see the software before I make a decision.

Twitter user that posted this is now gone FYI.

I like the look of the phone, being a pre sales unit means theres still possible improvments that could happen, I will 100% be buying one as soon as i can.

Im guessing theres a reason behind the whole design they have here and perhaps the "full glass" front is a very glossy screen protector on device to keep it safe from media staff who have been using it, im not sure but it sounds like a good reason

BlackBerry By Choice

No it can't be.. last rumor said it (BB 10) looks nothing like d Dev Alpha... so I'm more than sure d Real thing would be much more Stunning & Sexy than what U guys see here.. it ought to be.. It ought to be Extra ordinary :) :).. Finger Crossed :) :)

In my opinion, what screams BlackBerry about this device is that it's severely understated. When I look at other phones whether is be the RAZR's, GS3, iPhone, they all attempt to be flashy to some extent... "pebble blue," "all-glass front and back," "angular corners and ultra thin"... what I like about this pone is that it looks professional and clean, not gimmicky or toy-ish.

If RIM had chosen to put the Bold's metal band around it, they would have been called for copying Apple. I think the best thing they can do is come out with this in a nice gun-metal colour and offer people a few different options either at launch or quickly afterwards so people can pick what's bet for them.

This looks like RIM. Its clean, its understated, it looks professional. Very Playbook-esque. I like the conservative look of the L-series. Let the N-series, the Bold, have a Bold look, much like the 9900.

I agree about the "understated" idea. I can't believe anyone would make a statement like 'the S3 looks better'?! Because it's so radically different?!?

a leak like this comes out when a product is near its launching. Are we getting this baby earlier than promised? I HOPE SO!! IM SO EFFIN EXCITED!!

Doesn't blow my socks off or curl my toes but It's nice and what's under the hood is what will rock! I want the blade slider in BB10 format....

Stop the INSANITY! Five plus months of leaks, sneak peeks, and speculation is going to be UNBEARABLE. I have a PB so I'm likely waiting for the keyboard version so double the amount of CRAZINESS! I may just have to buy both!

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Looks cheap, hopefully they will come out with something a little more refined like the 9930 looks, or maybe 9900 in white..full touch screen of course but you get the idea....

Sorry Guys.. Jst see d source of this post.. Itz Team Crackberry.. I think this sud b d one as d Team had already taken a sneak of BB 10 few weeks back.. .

It looks like a piece of crap, should look more like the galaxy s3 just a bit smaller to easily fit in your hand. This is BB10, you are supposed to we wowed, this is more like a sigh.

What are you a bloody troll? If it looked like an S3 it wouldn't be BlackBerry and then what follows next...a RIM and Sumsung design patent war. Eff'n trolls!

NOBODY knows design like digitalhomeboy.(gotta say,though, if RIM were litigious like some, the S3 has the shape of a great many 'Berry's! )

Oh G-Bone, thanks, but don't get me wrong while that may be true I would prefer RIM to think on their own two feet. Having a RIM vs Samsung war would only delay better Berry's to come.

"Should look more like the galaxy s3 just a bit smaller to easily fit in your hand"
You must be the biggest dunce or the stupidest troll...
After a comment like that ..in the same breath your saying its not like RIM?

Looks bland to me. Not very inspiring. Hopefully it will look better in real life, turned on with an OS .

Oh ya? Then tell me what you were expecting from a 4.2 inch touch screen phone? Or better yet what would impress you?

I'd love to see something like the Blade concept design that was out featuring the OS7 set up.. Just get rid of the buttons and track pad and there you have a sexy new phone..

+1 (Blade is amazing, but would prefer to wait for Blade + BB10 then get an early Blade + BB7).

not really digging the design, if that is in fact the final version. But honestly couldn't care if the OS is as slick as we're all hoping.
Might be nice in perl white, though

I love it and can't wait to blow a wad on it and another $500 in accessories! Woohoo! And THEN I'm getting the qwerty version!!!!

Sometimes simple could prove well, but when you are in the shit hole I think RIM should have pulled out all the guns on the design aesthetics. The top and bottom should have been scaled down with the active viewing width expanded to edge-to-edge or near edge still leaving a smaller footprint for swiping geatures. This could also give the screen it's 4.3" real estate. The camera should be dead center as it looks off lingering to the right. I wish RIM paid more attention to the finer details of the TK Discovery. Adding some of those changes to the above picture would surely place RIM further up the leadership board.

Do you even have a Dev Alpha?
If yes - Click the image on screen and hold up your Dev Alpha beside it.
If no - Find a picture of the Dev Alpha and compare the two.

Then you will think otherwise grasshopper!

What we really can't tell is how thin it is. If it as impossibly thin as that original leak it'll be pretty hot, but I just can't see that.

Still I'm liking the lack of chrome. It would be nice if it had different colored backs to give it some extra personality.

Please RIM Please Please Keep the balckberry name off the front. The playbook would be so much better without it.

The outer appearance isn't anything "oooo, ahhh" worthy. But, that's okay with me. I care about what the phone can do, functionality and capabilities. Gaining style points is really just a plus.

Here is my take...what makes my old iphone 4 look so awesome is the hardware itself and not the software. I believe what will make this phone so awesome is the opposite...the software. The hardware shouldn't ever be the focal point as you don't look at it most of the time. I never understood why Apple insists on putting so much focus on the hardware since people throw a huge Otterbox case on it anyways typically. Anyways, don't get too bent out of shape over this. :) I personally liked the one with the bezeled edges and the metal top/bottom myself.

Also, Thorsten said this design has been complete for a very long time now. The next renditions could look much different. They aren't going the Apple route with 1 phone to rule them all. You'll see 6 each year I bet.

It looks just like 95% of all full-touch phones out, particulary similar to the iPhone. I won't even say "IMO" because it's a fact. So, if you think it's "hot" or "dope", "sexy" or "cute" then you are very easy to please and I am happy for you.

As I read these posts, I cant help but think that you guys are in denial. I LOVE BB and fully understand why they would take this step but this phone is not the beauty I've come to love of Blackberry. Its too bland, not enough wow factor for a company trying to stay alive. I know the undercarriage will be where all the WOW will be seen. However, upon a first look, you must be able to draw people in. This design, sadly, does not do it for me. I'm really HOPING that this is a prototype to the final version. The Alpha device is a MUCH better design than that. Here's to hoping this is NOT the final product. #Teamblackberry @BBMarnel

I wouldn't care if this phone could grow legs and bring me a cold one from the fridge, I wouldn't buy it. IT"S UGLY....could have more screen real estate, could have made it at least partially stainless steel, white would have been a better choice but I think we all knew they were going for black. If RIM puts this phone out on the market after all of their promoting how awesome BB10 will be; they are done for sure.

How does anyone get an iPhone lookalike out of this? It's clearly different. The droid x on the other hand is pretty much dead on unfortunately

I think they're referring to leaked pics of the iPhone 5. If they aren't, then I agree with you.

The phone looks GREAT!!! The only real issue will be if it supports full SKYPE....
...Has a camera that meets the expectations for the price it's being sold.
...And can open anything a DROID currently can - if those are a yes the public will say YES!

It looks more like a droid phone then a blackberry. the initial leaked photo from January wasn't great but it would be better then this. Looks aren't everything but for a brand new phone/os which is supposed to save a company, it had better look as well as work perfectly

It looks ok. It's not as generally appealing as the competition.
I am in the minority when I say, I don't care as much about what it looks like so much as what it is capable of doing. If BB10 is as great as RIM says then I would be happy with it (the OS) on my current BB phone (impossible I know...just saying).
Unfortunately the majority (not necessarily the well informed) care more about what a phone looks like and the branding on it, than what it can actually do for them.
RIM better do something to make their new device 'sparkle', on the shelf next to Apple and Samsung, to attract the attention of the average buyer.

I hope when it is officially released Thosten Heins has another averaged height person holding the phone because that dude is a giant and his hands must be massive! I'm buying it for sure!

It's BlackBerry....it's Beautiful.
I just wish one of these photographic geniuses would put something next to it for scale.
I mean, this thing could be as ridiculously large as a Galaxy SIII, or a Galaxy Note, or something equally stupid.

Ya, Ya, I know I exaggerate some what, but I would really like to get some sense of its size and I think you know that.

Why can't people take proper pictures...stupid hype...damn it...ITS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT...IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME????????

OMG, Its a rectangle with rounded edges...WE'RE GOING TO GET SUED!!!!

L O L ! ! !

Bring it BB, I want!

Wack!!!! Looks like a Droid. Not impressed. I tell ya...if it weren't for BBM and Global connectivity......

Okay, first off, it's a poor pic, but I like it : understated, elegant.
It's hard to do much with an all-touchscreen device.
We're only seeing the front, not the sides and back.
It's turned off.
Given these factors, it will be just fine.

It looks just like a Motorola phone Droid x2......moto phone's have great build quality ......there isn't much you can do with a black slab .........I'm excited to see the finished product...

Damn i love, i love. i cant wait to own it but i can't help to worry that it looks similar to the new unreleased iphone 5 don't want any lawsuits now RIM.

Trust me -apple does NOT want to sue RIM. iOS is entirely ripped off from QNX. This is well documented.
As for everything else, well, who was there in the beginning?
There isn't much RIM hadn't done long before Jobs even gave a thought to phones. It could be argued that he wouldn't have given a thought to phones if not for BlackBerry.
Who had rounded corners first? Who had the first metal bezel?
Take a a Bold, compress and lengthen it and take away the keyboard and what do you get? The first iphone.
You can go on and on with this...
Jobs vendetta was against Google, and it could be apples downfall.
BlackBerry ain't got nothin' to worry about there...still the sweetest fruit in the orchard.

Well. Eeeuuuuh..... Looks damn much like the TK discovery concept phone. Fcourse this is just the frontside...I'm sure,if this hits the market i'll be @ the shop as fast as i can !

And well , to some people! RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK ! :D

I really, really hope the BB10 devices are more proportionate. The iPhone 4 is top heavy, and with the new one growing in height, it will likely be even more top heavy. BlackBerry devices are known to feel good in the hands...NOT like the top is going to tumble over. I do like the what I'm seeing however, and can't wait.

i wonder if this is the upgrade for the dev's. if it is, then im assuming that the consumer device might look a bit more different.

This phone/design is good enough for something presumed unfinished until released...it needs a more polished look, yes, but dat image quality is poor! Not much to a glass slab, is there? If this device was booted up we probably wouldn't fussy much what d outside looked like...d point: impressions will change once it's on n we know the functionalities/capabilities..

Slightly OT, but I wonder if these leaks are being allowed because RIM is getting more confident as it looks as if Apple is going to tie up a lot of Android devices in patent wars. This could rebound on Apple too. I wonder how much of the preproduction development is just to make sure that the industrial and software design is sue-proof, thus making BB 10 a safe corporate option again, and getting back the geek crowd (like me) who have gone right off Apple for its behaviour, and yet won't buy Android because of the risk of features being disabled as a result of patent wars. (Windows Phone, of course, is doomed, I tell you, doomed.)