Real iBerry Blocks Icon Slide Theme From JC Designs

By Bla1ze on 13 May 2009 07:53 am

Looking for a hot new theme for your BlackBerry Storm or Bold? JC Designs has just released a fresh new Real iBerry theme for your devices that is sure to please. With hidden buttons for profiles and clock options and a slide in, slide out interface of 16 crisp icons and plenty of space to show off your own personal wallpaper this is a welcomed revision of the popular iBerry series.

Transitions between screens is nice and fast as John has taken the time to ensure the theme is not to heavy for either device in which they may be running on, especially the Storm where lag is often an issue. If iBerry themes are what tickles your fancy be sure to grab this one up.



What does it look like in landscape mode? That is what I would like to know before paying for an app.


This is one of the best I have seen so far, and just what I was looking for an I-Berry theme without that damn earth slider for the lock screen. LOL Great Job......


i you put this theme on your phone you should not own a blackberry, if you want an iphone buy one and don't act like a poser.


Why don't you just get a freakin iphone? I mean you're trying to copy the icons, the motion etc- it's rediculous.

Why didn't you use the real blackberry icons which are gorgeous- the new ones on the bold etc...

The phone is a blackberry - show some respect sheesh

The theme programming is great and bigtime kudos on that-

It's disappointing that such a good programmer and theme builder would copy the iphone or at least emulate it when the blackberry os is already awesome and the blackberry icons are gorgeous.


7 bucks is a lot for a theme kinda steep i appreciate people making themes but once you past 5 dollars its ridiculous and i know others who wont spend more than 2 dollars lol but nice theme nonetheless


Now if you could only disable surepress on this theme so that menu items would open on the touch of the screen, I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN!!!


Looks like another slow day in Blackberry news.


I was actually an Iphone owner at one time and would never go back after having my storm, but I have to admit (my own personal thought) I do like the icons on the Iphone a little better than the default blackberry icons. That has nothing to do with being a "poser" as crysis63 would think. Everyone likes different things, you have your opinion and I have mine.


If you want it spend it if not why complain about it....really it is only $7 that isnt a lot of money.


$7.00 IS a lot of money if someone believes the value isn't there.
Most themes are priced by as much as 50%lower than that, so why ridicule someone who merely states their opinion?
I think it's a great theme, but it's not worth $7.00 to me either.


Add folder doesn't work! (Storm w/OS .132)

Lunars Edge Design

The fact that it has a slide feature does not take away from the fact that the visual is less than par and not accurate at all to the iPhone. I'd pay a $1.


if you buy this you should have your storm removed from your hands... just buy a damn iphone

what a waste of time and talent put into making this theme

sure it looks nice, but this is a blackberry, not an iphone. stop making it into an iphone. if you want an iphone, buy one!


If verizon made one I would. VZW needs to address the storms issues.


Hardly compelling. All he did was press a lot of screen and nothing happened other than the screen sliding left and right.


this remainds me an old saying

good artists copy
great artists steal


Please explain why you want your BlackBerry to resemble the iPhone???


I have your original Iberry theme and love it! I will test drive this one and probably purchase it.
You do such great works! thanks

The Gift

Most of the comments said it already.. but why?

But tbh I can't judge those who do, because I used to do the same with my old 8310 which is even worse.

at least the storm can pull it off better, but hey...if it makes you happy.


Don't waste your time or money on this. It doesn't work as advertised, you can't customize the screen, the slider function takes 10 tries to get it to work at all.


Ok so this theme's looks is amazing! yet as soon as i installed it slowed my device wayyyy down and so i started checking my mem. and it went from running anywhere between 18 - 30 MB all depending on what ive got open, down to 8-12MB even after reboot. So i ran it for 5 days thinking that it might level out and it never did so i switched back to regular ones and it doesnt leak memory or get so slow that i can even use it. Not telling you not to buy just saying i had problems with the slide ver.


Everyone who is complaining saying that if you put this theme on your blackberry, you should not own it. Or people who put this theme on your blackberry are just posers. You guys are closed minded. It is just a theme. It doesn't turn the blackberry into an Iphone. Maybe people like the vivid colors of the Iphone theme and want it on their blackberry. Plus the icons are fantastic. I love the theme on the Iphone, but I love the functionality of blackberry's. Blackberry phones do much more than an Iphone can do. That is why people want this theme on their blackberry. Because it looks cool and you cannot argue that the regular theme that comes on the storm is pretty bland. It is all black and white and the screen on the storm(All of the new blackberry's also) has a lot of potential but the default theme is boring and ugly.