Real iBerry Blocks Custom L Theme Now Available For Bold!

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2008 02:57 pm EDT

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L Theme For Bold!

Known as one of the Top selling themes in the store the Real iBerry Blocks Custom L theme by JC Designs/GadgetBean has been a long time BlackBerry theme lovers favorite.

JC has taken time to go ahead and update this theme to meet the demands of all the new Bold users out there, who were wishing to have this hot theme to go along with their hot new devices, well that day has come..with user customizable icons on the main screen and rich crisp graphics that show off the Bolds high resolution, this theme is top notch and definetly worth the cost (which is $7), this is a piece of art. 

More Information & To Purchase:

BlackBerry Bold Series - OS 4.6

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Real iBerry Blocks Custom L Theme Now Available For Bold!


iu download the iphone theme...can u send me it with msn...i am from turkey so ı try to download but not...ı have 8320 curve ı ılke thıs cell...but ı want to make somw dıfferences...pls help me frıend...

Just bought this, it truly is impressive! John pays so much attention to detail, and these are truly custom icons. every element of the theme is complete, easy to read and really shows off the device's sexy screen. John has great customer service, and will take care of anything you need! Cheers!

You have just described John and his services too a tee, the man is not happy until you're happy.

Isnt the bold suppose to be the IPHONE rival? what the hell? traitors.. screw IPHONE. Stay true to blackberry.. I like the original BOLD theme a million times better.

I really like the look of it but I find it far less useable than the other today themes I have tried. Scrolling between the dock items and the today screen is clunky and you can only do so by scrolling to the far left icon before scrolling up to the today screen, the other today themes I have allow you to scroll straight up to the today part from anywhere in the dock.

Shame, looks wise the best today theme I have seen but this is showstopper for me. Maybe something they can fix? I hope so as otherwise it is a waste of $7 for me.

Hi John,

I just purchased this theme off of the CB app store and I was really excited about it until I learned that I'm unable to have the icons I would like on my home screen. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but as of now I feel like I just wasted $7. Order # 588423. Any advice? My BBM isn't even showing up on the homescreen (where it should say SMS) Theres a blank slot there but when I click it goes to bbm. Weird. Please help.


Hello Rich,

The BOLD iBerry Blocks Custom L for all BOLDs will allow the user to change up the icons on the homescreen. I just checked your order number and looks like you bought the theme for another device. Please email me back at and i will get you square away. As for the blank slot for sms you need to goto Messages => Options => General Options => SMS & Email Inboxes => Seperate


JC Designs -

Can anyone who bought this tell me if when you're typing a message and press the "sym" button to scroll through your symbols, if it scrolls through super slow? I've tried the iBerry theme on my Pearl in the past and it had that problem. I don't necessarily want my BBRY to look more like an iPhone but I do really want the Today Plus like functionality.

I've paid my order with PayPal an hour and a half ago, but I'm still waiting for a link with download information...
How does this work? I've somewhere that you're supposed to get a link within the hour?