Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme Now Available!

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jul 2008 11:54 am EDT

For months now, the Real iBerry Blocks Custom L  Theme by JC Designs/GadgetBean has been a best seller.

With the release of the new 4.5 theme development kit, a new and improved 2.0 version is now available which includes seven bottom icons - Browser, Task, BB Messenger, Media, Options, Manage Connections and Lock. Messages, Calendar and SMS/MMS are displayed on the Today portion of the screen. The Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme sells for $7 and is available for the Curve and 8800. 

More Information & To Purchase:

BlackBerry Curve Series - OS 4.2.2, 4.3 and OS 4.5

BlackBerry 8800 Series - OS 4.2.1, OS 4.2.2 and OS 4.5

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Reader comments

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme Now Available!


All these new 4.5 themes are nice, especially the today+bottom dock themes, but the fixed icons kill the themes, even the free ones, all these stock icons most people never use enough to have them on the home screen or can just press a button/keyboard shortcut and get the app up even faster than scrolling to the icon. Until these icons can be moved or hidden and 3rd party app icons put on the home screen, NO DEAL

If I buy this theme, How do I get the free revision? Because definitely I don't see myself using the lock, manage connections or options icons.

Can somebody explain why you can't move icons with the new 4.5 themes?

This version is different and a much improved built in various ways hence its called 2.0.

For people that purchased the original Custom L and are now on OS 4.5, email me at as I can work out something with you.

I did offer free updates to the Real iBerry Blocks and Real iBerry Blocks Today because the changes arent significant.

I thought the same,but the Bplay version has Missed Calls on the main screen, that's why I don't like that one:(

Dope theme but wtf at the 807 unread messages!

Having your email linked to your phone will do it to you every time..

yeah having 807 emails makes me feel special hahaha... jk well ... I been busy making this theme and updating the many others.. that I didnt delete messages on my phone like I normally do.

Its cool man, you did a great job on this. Ill be purchasing tonight once i get off work. How would be go about trying to get the free vision again? Drop you a line in an email perhaps?

Both the old Custom L Blocks and this current version, the 2.0, do not show the BBMessenger on the home screen. Kinda sucks but I'm still using the theme. Also, the SMS icon in the homescreen is also missing.

I had the same issue, but if you go into your messages> options> General Options> sms and email inboxes> and switch them from "theme controlled" to "separate" it automatically appears on the home screen. Hope this helped. I was excited when I figured it out! Yay me!

I have the iPhone and am very disappointed in it. When I get the Blackberry Bold (my very first Blackberry <3) you won't see me with this theme cuz it'll remind me too much of the iPhone. Sorry iPhone lovers and cheers to Blackberry.

2 problems:

1) the 3rd icon for BB Messenger is invisible on the homescreen, why?? Very irritating.

2) My 8330 uses the right hand key for browswer shortcut (do not need the icon on the homescreen). Do not need manage connection or lock icons at home screen. How does one swap out the icons on the homescreen?!?

Iberry Custom L is a great theme. John at JC Designs/GadgetBean (designer) was very helpful in revising custom buttons for me. Excellent customer service and will buy from again!

but, it is unfortunate about not being able to customize the docked icons anymore like the today+ themes. I have the iberry 2 today+ theme from bplay that I like, but would really like the sms instead of calls. Did I read above that I can get one customization if I buy this theme? But the icons would have to be stock, right? That might clinch it for me if I read that right.

Thanks for the great work

that comment right above mine wasn't there when i started my comment...;) Pretty much answered my question, though.

thanks again

i emailed john right away and received an immediate response with the link for the revision.

Thank you!

As well as a few of the others, I emailed John got an immediate response and my new "custom" icons theme within 24 hrs. I had expected to wait a couple days, (which is hard for someone as impatient as myself) but he exceeded my expectations. I will most def. be purchasing another theme from him. There is nothing cooler than OTA d/l a theme with your name in it lol :-) Amazing! John if your reading this thanks again and keep up the good work! <3

Thanks for the kind comment, it is very encouraging to recieve good feedbacks from customers like yourself. I will continue to provide excellent customer service for all Crackberry customers and be as creative as I can on all my themes to come!

I went to the product page and found no reviews on this. I was disappointed to find the reviews only here in the blog (which I only bothered to visit AFTER purchasing). I would have read what others here have already stated. This I believe is a problem??

i like the square icons, and I believe a lot of work went into it. But the title says custom, and it is anything but that. The vertical and bottom row of the L is locked (I assumed I could turn off the 'today' info, can't change the icons, one of the slots is a program I don't even use, so its an 'empty block'. The theme it applies to the whole device has very large text and is a bit sloppy, the bottom of the text is cut off in 'device messages'. This is visually nice, but it is anything but custom, can't even control text size or the icons in the L, this makes it useless in my opinion, unless you like looking for icons instead of having what you want where you want it. More info could have been given in the description (in the product page, where the purchasing occurs). Also would like to turn off the dancing icon animations, just annoying to some users. If you like things your way, and the option to change you mind later and change it again, look for another theme, one that is indeed 'Custom' (custom should really be removed form the title IMO). I understand I can email the developer and have it customized...once. Not acceptable. My needs and programs change over time. Not sure why you can't just choose the order icons like the built in 'Dimension L' theme.

I am sorry you felt misleaded by the title of this theme, however, the original version was released back in Dec/07 and at that time it was a custom theme. For this theme, I started with the original Custom L theme and made it even better and more exciting with all the features from the new 4.5 builder that Plazmic released. Hence I felt it was only appropriate to call it the Custom L 2.0.

The fact that you cannot change the fonts or icons around on the bottom, I have no control over as the new 4.5 builder didnt give us developer any option to unlock them. If all of us developers were allowed or given the same tools as a certain Vendor(which I will not name) then we will not have this issue. Again I sincerely appologize for you feeling misled, but if I can unlock the icons or the fonts sizes, I wouldve done so already.

Some of the icons in this theme are not the ones included with the iPhone. They were released on the forums. Do the icon designers get any of the money that is generated by selling this theme?

I can assure you that these icons arent from other forums.. I done these icons back in Oct/07. I have all the photoshop source files for all of the icons used. So I would appreciate it if you didnt accuse me of using someone elses' icons. I put in alot of work into this and all my other themes on Crackberry.

I've been waiting for my first revision for a little over a week now. Perhaps there is something with your email server or gmail???

Is this Mark?? If so I been trying to email you like everyday... Please PM me here as your email server is blocking mine or something.

This also goes to anyone that has a problem reaching me via email, if I dont response something is wrong with email, so just PM me.


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