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Real Football 2013 rolls into BlackBerry 10

Real Football 2013
By DJ Reyes on 26 Apr 2013 09:09 pm EDT

Love a bit of footie? Then you'll be pleased to hear that Gameloft had dropped Real Soccer 2013 for BlackBerry 10. Pick your favourite team and manage them to reach the top. The game includes a new trading card system where you can trade players, skills, boosters and a whole lot more.

One thing to note is that it is only available in certain regions at the moment. Doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. or Canada right now and probably other areas too. So, if you are interested in downloading Real Football 2013, keep checking back.

Gameloft have been busy releasing games for BlackBerry 10. We've seen there gun-slinging western RPG make its way onto BlackBerry 10 too, with more on the way. What's more Real Football 2013 is free. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading now.

Download Real Football 2013 from BlackBerry World




Posted via CB10


This looks amazing!

Posted via CB10


Says unavailable :(

Posted with mah Z10!


Wanted this game sooo bad!! But unavailable anyone else with this issue?

Posted with mah Z10!


"Doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. or Canada right now and probably other areas too."


Fine print *squints eyes* lol

Posted via CB10


Downloading now...yeahhhh!!!!

Posted via Oreo Z10


Nice... but, when we can put .bar on system, like a android put .apk via root explorer. :|

Posted via CB10

Allan Godden

Won't download for me saying not for this device?? Posted via my zed 10


For Canada & US, I think we're waiting for a version branded as Real Soccer.
One user posted a screenshot showing it already, so probably rolling out soon.

This is how you CB10, son!


Superb game after 10 min played.

Posted via Oreo Z10

Kobe Barksdale

Not available for the Z10 :(

Posted via CB10


Great and free!

Posted via CB10


Ahhhhhh I wanted this so bad but it says unavailable for this device :(

Posted via CB10


Not available for the z10. I don't get it.

Posted via CB10 from my Awesome Z10


Not available for my device apparently! :(

Sacco Z10



Posted via CB10


Says its unavailable to my device. What up with that?

White BlackBerry z10


What do you called it........Football? Oh yeah, oversea is called football. Here we call it soccer. That's what I wanna watch. Life!!!!!!!! I love watching soccer, The app looks like it will be fun. I will try it. Thanks. DID :)


Stop playing Handegg!


Ouch.. the game is there for me to download but my Z10 internal storage space is full. Don't know what else to delete currently to install this kick as game

Posted via CB10 on a sexy black BlackBerry Z10


Not available for Z10???

Posted via CB10

Mohd Rizman

Whoaa! The games is getting better and better!

Posted via CB10


I want it!! Come on make it available in the US

Posted via CB10

saleh maley

I can't download this game!!!!

Posted via CB10


It's free!!!..i also got a message Skype to come soon on the blackberry world...never seen that before...the anticipation must be high

Posted via CB10


so nice

Posted via CB10


Hey crackberry ant chance you guys can find out if fifa is coming soon...loving this by the way

Posted via CB10


Big download, 584MB

Posted via CB10


Great, got a free transfer when the game started and it was Suarez, hope he's not hungry!!

Posted via CB10

Spurs Star 123

Thanks Gameloft..downloading on Z10 now. Please add 2013 to PLAYBOOK....


The American one is called real soccer I just saw it pop up

Posted via CB10

Zahi Ali


Posted via CB10


Free in Germany. Z10. Roundabout 600mb. Great.


Yep ...0 bytes

Posted via CB10


Sweet! Should be worth a try.


Available in Germany, both real soccer and real football 2013

Posted via CB10


Unavailable for my phone? I want it!

Posted via CB10

Bor Navas

Wow, free! Will download it as soon as I come home

Posted via CB10


Yesssss! Free! Thanks Cb!

Posted via CB10


If big companies are going to wait and see what happens with the sales of the Z10 & Q10 to release games Gameloft is going to keep all the money

Posted via CB10


Amazing game works fine on my Z10

Posted via CB10


Can't find it under real soccer in Canada...

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

Love those graphics,unfortunatly I'm in Canada.


Dang was thinking american football...


Odd. Says not available for my z10

Posted via CB10


no pb ._. why gameloft ?why?


Can't be used on z10.... . come on!!!!

Posted via CB10


Please bring to playbook want it so much will pay £3 for it anyone know about it reply to me


Keep it as real football, the most beautiful game

Posted via CB10


If you can't bite people it's not a true Football sim :)


played this over the weekend...good game


DAMN, I wanted this :(

Bor Navas

Ok, downloaded and played it. It's nice, but after a couple of matches, doesn't let you progress... Already deleted.

Posted via CB10

Zam Z10

anyone need help resolving the 'hire trainer issue' ?????

Nedim Karakas

how do you solve the hire trainer issue ?

Sohel Patel1

Did u solve the issue?

If u did help me out


This game has a bug. does not allow you to choose other teams