Real BlackBerry OS 6.0 Images and Details Emerge!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2010 10:44 am EDT

BlackBerry OS 6.0BlackBerry OS 6.0

WooHOO!! A first REAL look at BlackBerry OS 6.0. The Boy Genius got some screen captures and a tour of the updated and evolving OS 6.0 from an AT&T connect and has reported back with lots of details. Things are looking very promising for us BlackBerry users who have been waiting patiently (err... impatiently) for both a first real glimpse at OS 6.0 and for its ultimate release. Here are some of the key details:

  • As expected, it's an evolution of the existing BlackBerry OS
  • RIM has implemented kinetic scrolling with rubber banding throughout the OS (more fluid experience)
  • RIM has implemented multitouch throughout the OS - web browser, photos (including pinch to zoom!)
  • Re-vamped inbox - w/ large thumbnails to identify the type of message (facebook, twitter, etc.) and features built-in RSS. BG is loving the experience here...
  • Homescreen changeup: No widget support, but RIM has implemented something called Pages. BG's explanation:
    • "You can have your applications on the main page, then slide left or right to another page with different applications and browse that way. In the homescreen screenshot above, you'll see a sliding field towards the bottom, and you can slide that up, and reveal the first page of applications, and you can then slide that to show the different groups which correspond to the different homescreen page. Favorites, all, home, etc."
  • On touchscreen device, new modal popup with gestures - tap and hold, pops up an icon set (menu) with context menu items (read full explanation at BGR).
  • Updated media player, photos app and of course the WebKit browser!!

All around this is looking like a GREAT update to the BlackBerry operating system. The word is we'll see OS 6.0 launch on a device in June/July (we're hoping this is true). There are MORE DETAILS and MORE IMAGES over at BGR, so click on over at the link below to jump over and get your 6.0 on!

Source: BGR

Reader comments

Real BlackBerry OS 6.0 Images and Details Emerge!!!



Ok RIM, here is your chance to smoke all other devices! First, lets get serious about the hardware:

1)Original Bold 9000 Chassis
2)Infitted with BB 9700 Internals
3)1GHz Processor
4)512MB to 1GB of RAM
5)16GB of internal Storage,..Or 2 Micro SD Slots! WooHoo!
6)4G Capable
7)Minimum 8-10 Day Battery!
8)Slide, Pinch and Grab capable
9)12MB Camera, AF, Flash, etc.
10)Latest BT tech
12)802.11n or better!
13)Unreal Screen Res. (Yes,...make our eyes pop-out!)
14)Audio that'll make our ears pop,..with built-in EQ!
15)Solar Recharger(That trickle charges from available
light when not in use)
16)(Edit!) Voice driven texting.
17)(Edit) Wallpaper Slideshow capable

This thing would smash the competition to tears! C'mon RIM, "bold", this,...we have your back!

Oh! I almost forgot about a new name,..that's easy. The new device would be called the 1)"Blackberry Premiere 9800" or 2)"Blackberry Enigma 9800",...3)"Blackberry MOABBIS 5000",...Mother Of All Blackberry Intergrated Systems", and or last 5) "Blackberry Phantom 545".

Heck with specs like this,...they can call it whatever they like,...I JUST WANT ONE!

...Have Bold Will Travel!

any info on supported devices? or will you have to purchase a totally phone to get all of the features(kinda like with the Iphone4.0 OS... if you don't have an Iphone 3GS you can't get all of the features).

I agree with a couple other comments. Who knows when this thing will be released on ANY units, by any US carrier. Also, what about the new units (like the 9650) coming out over the next few months. They won't be touchscreen capable, but what about the other stuff? So, since I want to upgrade from my 8330, and am looking at the 9650, does that mean I can't put 6 on my new unit? sounds like it. Well, I'm stuck with a BB for work, so I'm gonna upgrade anyway, cause it will probably be mid 2011 before we see this at Sprint or Verizon.

Can't wait for this!
Although, with RIM's history I'll be waiting a long time.. At least we have something to look forward to!

Fellows, this weekend i tried the Nexus one (HTC - Android), and believe me, BB is falling far behind if BB dont improve dramatically the new OS. I´m a BB fan / addict / crazy / etc, but, i will consider the new HTC phones on my future phone migration.

Some of the functionalities i´m looking in a phone is the push mail, and multi task. The nexus one got it for free (also the BB since long time ago). The internet connection is incredible fast (so fast that BB 3g connection is a baby speed compared to what I saw with the Android), the user interface is amazingly different and user friendly from what I have seen in other phones (Nokia, Samsung, BB, etc).

I just wish good luck to RIM developers.

...I'm still waiting on OS 5 for my (Rogers) 8520, so what OS 6 looks like and how it works is a bit of a moot point...

looks like a ton of wasted screen space especially on the browser. i always thought it was odd that the default configuration theme just had a line of icons and then wasted wallpaper space

I've gone thru the 7290, 7055, 8100, 8300 and now have the 8900. Which is my last BB. The smartphone landscape has evolved and changed so much recently and RIM has fallen way behind. RIM is heading down the same path as Netscape (remember them).

WOW!..I'm like the happiest kid right now (teen really because I'm 16..17 tomorrow..)..this makes me look even more forward to my summer..RIM has really stepped it up with this OS..I plan on getting the 9300 or 9800 and its said to have BOTH have 6.0..the screen shoots and browser are out of this world!..hmm I'm just wondering what's the mystery device BoyGenius it talking about in the post?!?!..

I have had the 9530 and while it has problems like the constant battery pull and slow o/s, I am leaving 5/21/10 and moving to the Droid o/s. I'd go to iPhone but AT&T has very crappy coverage here in the heart of Illinois. RIM (Blackberry) was cool but if I load just 3 apps on my phone, the phone slows to a crawl. No real needed apps are available. Big deal my light flashes different colors. Every single theme I have bought, and I have bought many, has had bugs or memory leaks or both. I end up right back to the default app. Now they say 6.0 is coming? Not on Verizon. They will test it to death and then maybe by 2011 I'll see it by then the 9530 is obsolete. It is now as I can't even buy accessories at a Verizon store. They stock nothing for the 9530. The phone, the o/s, and the overall system have been a disappointment. When I play with my simple iTouch, in a WiFi area, it smokes the 9530. Can't wait to leave.

im thinking of going to bb os 5.0 freezes all the time and lags most the time. its ridiculous...

and this os 6.0 looks so outdated and similar to 5.0...booo

they need to get their heads out their ass and get a nice/fast OS

i hope this works with my storm2. Ill be very happy.

For all those going to androids...may the force be with you. Lol, paying all that money for a phone with a whole nother set of issues is a waste. If the incredible is anything like the eris and nexus one that means force closes, random OS updates that dont do anything to fix problems, crapy camera..and low quality display..and horirble email syncing..horrible phone reception--and customization is lie. my friend has a moto droid, and wants a blackberry cause her phone is too bulky. I only had both those phones a month each... was happy to give them back for full refunds and upgrade my storm one to a 2...

something about blackberry's just work, and BBM is grreattt.

So I was digging around and found out that supposedly the term 'crackberry' was coined after the addictive nature it produced in those who owned one. As such, I feel it's only fair to coin the phrase 'ice-phone(s).' I just got my first BB (curve, 8520) and I love it. It's not the same as my previce ice-phone by any means, but I love it none the less and I find myself playing with it more and more. RIM is doing something at least "ok" or they wouldn't still be making phones and in the market.

So as stated above, all the nay-says should move on.

There are just a few of the new changes mentioned above - is there a listing anywhere of all the new features and capabilities in 6.0? What BB will be able to upgrade to it?

So far there is not much new here except to allow BB's to be more like an iPhone and look like a Windows 7 mobile device

Of course I download all the leaked OS's that pop up for the Bold 9000 but this just makes me say, "Hmmm?" What is AT&T's deal? 6.0 is around the corner and they're dragging their feet with an official 5.0. I would love to see a side-by-side comparison of 5.0 and 6.0. If things aren't drastically different, I think I'm jumping the RIM ship for HTC or iPhone HD.

Throughout the years I have tried Symbian, WinMo, Palm OS, and Android. I keep thinking that some new feature will be so cool that I need to switch yet I always come back to my Blackberry. I had the Eris for ten days until the Incredible. Played with the incredible for three days. Took it back. Android is flogged with inconsistancies and even worse, it doesn't feel like a polished OS, like it isn't finished. The first thing the guys at VZW told me to do with Android? Download a suitable sms app. Android's native sms program sucks so much that we need to download one before we do anything! How horrid is that? The fact is that Android is cool with its programs and apps and connectivity but thats nothing a blackberry can't do. It takes menu after menu after menu to navigate Androids tedius little interface whereas on my BB, one click, done. Even email was strange. Calling, texting and email should all be features a smartphone does well, and Android does none of them "well" per se. I took the Incredible back and exchanged it for a new Storm 2 which is free btw and replaced my Tour. This is the second Storm 2 I'll have had (dropped the first into a pool) and I love it. Great service and features all at the simple press of a button, not layers of menus.

I have only been using my BB for about a month. And so far the best phone I have ever owned. I prefer the user interface on the BB than the iphone. I hope my bold 9700 will be able to support the new software the only problem with blackberry is that you cannot install and run apps from the memory card, hopefully this will be sorted with future updates this seems to me as a basic function from any phone I have owned in the past few years. Please rim fix this issue and make BB better still.

I have great news. The Bold 9700 will be receiving the OS 6.0 version along with a few other phones. There are only like 3-5 phone capable of this upgrade and we made the cut. Now to just wait on it, and the OS 6.0 looks good and is better than the previous. What more do you want? and all these driod/iphone users?? stay off RIM's back cause y'all abandoned them with y'all unloyal selves.