Real BlackBerry OS 6.0 Images and Details Emerge!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2010 10:44 am EDT

BlackBerry OS 6.0BlackBerry OS 6.0

WooHOO!! A first REAL look at BlackBerry OS 6.0. The Boy Genius got some screen captures and a tour of the updated and evolving OS 6.0 from an AT&T connect and has reported back with lots of details. Things are looking very promising for us BlackBerry users who have been waiting patiently (err... impatiently) for both a first real glimpse at OS 6.0 and for its ultimate release. Here are some of the key details:

  • As expected, it's an evolution of the existing BlackBerry OS
  • RIM has implemented kinetic scrolling with rubber banding throughout the OS (more fluid experience)
  • RIM has implemented multitouch throughout the OS - web browser, photos (including pinch to zoom!)
  • Re-vamped inbox - w/ large thumbnails to identify the type of message (facebook, twitter, etc.) and features built-in RSS. BG is loving the experience here...
  • Homescreen changeup: No widget support, but RIM has implemented something called Pages. BG's explanation:
    • "You can have your applications on the main page, then slide left or right to another page with different applications and browse that way. In the homescreen screenshot above, you'll see a sliding field towards the bottom, and you can slide that up, and reveal the first page of applications, and you can then slide that to show the different groups which correspond to the different homescreen page. Favorites, all, home, etc."
  • On touchscreen device, new modal popup with gestures - tap and hold, pops up an icon set (menu) with context menu items (read full explanation at BGR).
  • Updated media player, photos app and of course the WebKit browser!!

All around this is looking like a GREAT update to the BlackBerry operating system. The word is we'll see OS 6.0 launch on a device in June/July (we're hoping this is true). There are MORE DETAILS and MORE IMAGES over at BGR, so click on over at the link below to jump over and get your 6.0 on!

Source: BGR

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Real BlackBerry OS 6.0 Images and Details Emerge!!!



don't get your hopes up. "The word is we'll see OS 6.0 launch on a device in June/July (we're hoping this is true)."
remember how long it took OS 5.0 to come out? enough said. if this is true, then this will be by far the fastest RIM rumor to reality transition in all history.
my guess: June/July 2011

Sorry RIM... you're about a month too late. Sick and tired of the Storm and BB OS in general. I've moved on to Android, which you will STILL be behind after this release.

My Droid Incredible arrives Thursday :D

I'm sorry but do you own an Android Device or have you at least used one for a day? I have been using mine for two weeks now and my phone easily lasts a day with very heavy usage. And shitty RF? Really? Firstly Android is an operating system it's up to the manufacturer of the phone to provide whatever radio chip they like. Anyway I am happy to say I get signal everywhere my BlackBerry Bold had signal.

... I was eating with a group of friends and at one point we all had our phones out and were comparing each other's. My friend just got an Android-run phone and was showing it off. A few seconds into it, IT FROZE!

I couldn't help but laugh. I still haven't experienced a frozen BlackBerry after owning three myself.

That's funny - I tried out the Droid for a month and it didn't freeze once. Meanwhile my bone-stock Curve with about 2 apps installed pops up the ole hourglass hold for a freaking text message.

Getting my Incredible next Thursday too, can't wait! Peace out Blackberry... OS 6.0 looks like a disappointment too, sadly. I could have been swayed by a revolutionary new OS, but not an evolutionary one.

if you use're gonna hate that droid!!! i have had a droid for two months and i absolutely freakin hate it!! i had to switch back to my's the best. you dont even get notifications on that piece of crap droid!

Hi Buddy!

I had a question. Do you know if this OS 6 will work on "all" Blackberry devices, or will we have to buy a new blackberry that has it on it already? I have an 8900 and would like to use that, but will all the features work, like the touch screen upgrades? Any info would be appreciated! ;o)

Yeah. Thursday the 29th can't come soon enough. HTC Incredible. Although I'm happy to see RIM is still trying.

oh man, I'm jealous. I heard the incredible is going to be sick. Did you pay full retail? or get it with new contract?

My Driod exceeds the battery of life my storm. That problem has been resolved. Now my Storm has poor batter life when using a GPS (VZNav) o yeah Navigation with the Driod is free..

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I'm really getting sick and tired of the BlackBerry bashing and negative comments on here. If you do not like BlackBerry, please go to other sites that are available for the devices you like to use. I have a BlackBerry and no other phone out there comes even close to matching some of the features I use on my BlackBerry so please don't tell me that BlackBerry is inferior.

Thanks for coming out, but please take your negative comments, your iPhones, your Androids, and don't forget chargers with you to another site.

What is the need of touch gestures for messaging device.
Another iPhonesh or androidish type OS.
Rather I was thinking about OS6 port on 9700.

What new things are added in.....

RIM's even walking on same path....

RIM use to make their own ways....

It may not be as dramatic a discovery as the likely iPhone 4.0 prototype…

Perhaps this would make it more exciting: In this new OS, users will be able to Cut and Paste! They will be able to multitask and run more than one app at a time! They will be able to group apps in folders! They will be able to set up multiple sound profiles! (just like they’ve been able to do for the last five years.)

Wake me up if we get anything earth shattering from RIM. I doubt we'll see this in June/July timeframe. If we do, I'll give it a shot on my 9700 if I haven't jumped on the new iPhone.

RIM will still be catching up in the consumer space. This reminds me of what I went through with being a Palm addict. Not again.

Only except the 9700 will be obsolete by then. RIM will probably release another dozen devices to replace the already existing ones, only they won't drastically change any of the features... that way consumers can pay more money for the same things they already own.

Like apple has drastically changed features since the first iPhone came out?????????????????????

What drastic features do you want changed, really, think about it.

I finally junked my iPhone. I like the 9700 Bold much better. At least I don't have Steve Jobs telling me what I can and can't run every day... Especially Google Voice. Then you have to constantly jailbreak to use the phone the way you want to. Bye Bye Apple. Especially the iPad. The device that forces you to go to the computer because it won't do flash.

I have a phone that now works, does my social media, does Google Voice (on AT&T if you remember people blaming them for G voice not working) and I am happy.

Oh. My 9700 outlast the iPhone in battery. I would have to charge my iPhone 3 times a day to make it throughout heavy usage.

Oh. the Bold works with my cars built-in Bluetooth with no problems. The iPhone I had to constantly pick up the phone in the car to hear the conversation. The Bold has been great with that.

Removable battery, expandable memory, flash, all my apps that I use daily. Longer battery life.

Steve Jobs can keep his pretty little phone. Oh wait. OS4, you are going to have your phone pushing ads to you. No thank you!

The browser looks nice... but everything else looks kind of disappointing. It's more of an incremental change and nothing revolutionary. And unfortunately, RIM needs a revolution.

RIM needs an overhaul yes, but not necessarily a revolution, IMO. The biggest change is needed with the Browser, fix that, the bland UI, and make it easier to develop for and things will fall into place. The real issues is application related, if developers don't want to write new apps for BB then RIM is dead in the water.

Are you nuts, or just a whiner? I don't have any data outages on my BB. You picked the right name syco.

We've all seen how it was for 5.0. RIM had it out but some carriers worldwide are still not pushing 5.0 out.

I am afraid we will see 6.0 go through the same process...

Except that it's tied to a device release, so that can't really happen. You're talking about device OS updates, not new device releases.

There's no confirmed device, but the article states that the word is it will launch on a device around June/July. That would mean an actual release, not pre-carrier approval imo.

BS? you can search for the new webkit browser it looks great. It is supposed to be faster and consumer less data than the iPhone or android browsers.

What is an iPhone? and inferior smartphone with a touchscreen and different UI than BB that's about it. you ceertainly can't argue that it has a better underlying OS. Even 4.0 can't do true multitasking.

well they didn't say what year... :-s hopefully it's 2010 that's implied, but who the hell knows really... could be an intentional omission (although I hope not)...

These screenshots appear to be from a touchscreen BB. If they came from an ATT source then is ATT getting a Storm?

It would have to be the Slider right?? I wouldnt think the Storm would be capable of multitouch? How would you click to multitouch?

The Storm2 (and even the original Storm) was capable of multitouch. Just because you didn't decide to use it (or didn't know about it) doesn't mean it's not there...

yes, looks promising but all depends of how many time takes to be official (or at least a leak :P) because the others OS like Android have a lot of advantage.

At least from these pictures, it appears to be running on a touchscreen device. Might we see this for the storm or storm2?

Some of us like the look and feel of the Blackberry OS, we just want more functionality, which is exactly what RIM has done here.

If they did a complete overhaul, they may lose a lot of current customers. People that have been using blackberrys for years don't want big changes, only useful ones.

i love the icons. i dont want the blackberry UI to change too much so this simple change is great in my opinion. but i want to see what it looks like on a Curve, Tour or Bold screen :(

My guess would be for it to be on a new device and not available for updates, at least not for the storm 1, without major changes to the background piece. If they changed the way the OS works to free up more app space, then it might work on the storm 1. Without that I don't think there will be enough available app memory for it to function.

I am hoping to be able to update my storm 1 though.

Att can't even get a official supported 5os out to those of us not on a 9700 and yet they are leaking pictures of 6?

this is like being a little kid and seeing all the Christmas presents, but you know you can't open them for a whole another week, or in our case who knows how long we have to wait..

People who are complaining aren't even reading the information given, only looking at the pictures. There have been a lot of big changes made here that will make current users very happy.

I am not complaining! I just mean that they are finally catching up, yet the others are moving forward. I did read the article and not just looked at the pictures. While I am excited for the new OS, RIM is not bringing anything "earth shattering" to the table, at least not enough to keep most people (except me) sticking with BB over the others.

the easyest thing to do is to complain why dont you come up with an "earth Shattering" idea everything that they do is already done even though they are just catching up, they have things that other platforms DONT does android have push e-mail?? nope

and also

the DROID is the WORST phone out there.
what is the main idea behind a phone? an actual phone that you can call, well the droid is lacking of that. the front buttons are suposed to be the shortcuts of what a person wants to do. and the droid to call you have to go unlock go into the app called PHONE and call someone.

it is terrible i had the storm 2 since it came out lost my phone and got the droid for 2 days and HATED IT! returned it and got a storm 2 hahaha.

what is soooo special about the Android??? slow apps, i compared with my friends DROID and G1. i would never get thtat phone BLACKBERRY RULEZ!! hahaha

what does the Android has that is "earth Shattering" and the iphone the 4.0 didnt do shit small updates and they charge people for it REALLY? imagine blackberry charging people for OS Updates lol

How can an OS look outdated ?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every other device is using an 'icons on a screen' approach to their OS... Maybe if this was a console controlled OS then sure 'outdated' is what that would look like, or perhaps if you have a droid phone that reads your brainwaves or has a 3d holographic OS that you literally walk through ...

Some OS look prettier, but you still click the buttons and things happen. Let them get it released before you say it sucks. What is it with crackberry and people pounding hate on everything RIM does these days ?

great so will we see 6.0 in 2012? cause we all know RIM will not be releasing any beta for 6 in 2010 and probably the earliest would be late 2011.

Nice to see blackberry really taking a hammer to thier outdated UI. Now, we need to hear about hardware that will keep up. 525 mhz processors and 256 mb of RAM, 480x360 screens are specs from two years ago. With all this new eye candy, updated hardware is a must.

Doubtful. The Storm series isnt capable of multitouch as we know it. According to the BGR story, all of these great upgrades involve touch screen. I'd be very shocked if this actually ran on a device we currently have access to. New slider or better to open on this one I think.

The Storm is fully capable of multi-touch. Pinch to zoom works flawlessly in Berry Weather radar maps, it is just being implemented in more places.

its about time RIM!!!! not a complete overhaul like many would want but it will do. at least i got something to look forward to and not jump ship to android so quickly... lets go get a move on and get this out.

all we need now is a leaked OS 6 - in fact they may as well just roll it out as rim still cant seem to release an OS 5 that doesn't require a battery pull several times a week.
I personally love my 9000, but I will be steering away from rim when its upgrade time... unless that can pull a cat out of the bag!

I have a foot out of the door already. My new every 2 expires in less than a year. I am already looking to migrate towards the Droids. Let's see if RIM can keep my business this time next year.

Minimum requirements for me not to defect:
Much better browser with tabbed browsing
Better processors
More frequent useful OS updates on Verizon
More apps on par with what I see from other manufacturers.

Better browsing with tabbed browsing is a definite.

Better processors is also a definite, but better enough? I don't know...

Why would you want more OS updates? I hate updating my OS and only do so because the previous version isn't up to par. In a perfect world, your OS should only have to be updated once a year for improvements, not every couple month for bug fixes. Less upgrades is better than more upgrades, imo.

As for apps, we all agree with that.

If you think your going to get these requirements from a Droid you are mistaken.

You want tabbed browsing? You have it with Opera.

Why would you want frequent OS updates? OS updates are a PITA. If Verizon doesn't push regular updates for BlackBerry's what makes you think they will for a Droid?

You want more apps? Don't look at BlackBerry, go to the App developers who are not writting apps for the blackberry. Would you go to Microsoft for a new program for your PC?

More than a few app makers have said that BB is not a priority because of the difficulty in using the BBOS, and working with RIM as a whole. Sounds to me like we need to be looking at RIM.

most likely this wont be able to run on my bold im still on the curve on whether to jump on the andriod bandwagon or continue this ride on bb. though the new changes is very promising...we will have to see.

Awesome. I'm super stoked. But what's with teh calendar icon being on the 27th? Why change it to such a trivial number when it's not going to match the actual date? I personally don't care, but it just seems odd.

I am very happy and patiently waiting. All the "white jacket black jacket" who claim to be loyalists, as soon as you see something new you a** starts to twitch and you say ignorant things about RIM. BB has always been ahead of their competitors in the important areas. Its nice to have a cute UI, but that won't get the job done. RIM devices have always been function over form unlike many (I will not name) and still have a classy feel and sleek look. RIM will continue to dominate because they know how to make the important things work. All of the critics and haters, please take your hatorade drinking a**** and smug, ignorant comments elsewhere and leave us CB addicts and our always gets the job done in style with ease CB's alone. :)

Two years ago you would have been spot on. But with todays offerings, you're the one who sounds ignorant.

I wish I could agree with this. I love the efficiency of BB with the unified messaging, shortcuts, fast typing, quick navigation, etc. but I do not like the BUGS. Big font on HTML bug in 4.7 (I thought email was their forte?), major OS bugs in VZW Tour 5.0, major bugs in Mac DM. Why patch VZW Tour 5.0 and leave browser click issue? Why does battery and signal vary so much from release to release?

I could hope that 5.0 is a dud because all their good engineers are on 6.0, but I see the same software development problems on Mac DM. Why was a new Mac DM released that does not fix Snow Leopard issues? Why does every DM upgrade break my sync? RIM has a long way to go on the software side and unless something changes soon, I am about fed up. The problem is cultural at RIM; their software development practices are stuck in 1999.

that would ruin the OS 6.0 experience... 9630 can't even run 5.0 properly... forget about 6.0... 9630 is turd sadly... good thing the 9650 is coming in less than 2 weeks...

I along with the rest of the crackberry addicts have been waiting "patiently" for the OS 6.0 to be released for quite some time indeed.
And to be honest, I'm loving the new features and the layout of the new OS's UI has to offer!
The UI is def going to be appealing to the general consumers and brings out the best features that BB has to offer.
What great way to broaden its markets!
For instance take India, which by the way, has one of the largest users of mobile phones (due to its vast population), and so if Blackberry taps into this sector, I'm sure the market would def expand beyond the North America and the European market.
But the biggest question out there is that, will all the users be able to upgrade to the new OS, or is it just limited to the new phones like the Bold 9700/Storm 9550?
So with that being said, just waiting for the OS 6 to be released out here in the UK come what may!

This is quite a good looking OS. The multiple homepages took a bite out of Android. The webkit browser dialog looks nice.

If it runs on a 'new device' it would probably be the slider and/or the Pearl 3G and not the Storm3. This is because of the timeline of Blackberry releases. The Storm3 would just not be on par with the release date of the Storm and Storm2.

Furthermore, I think that RIM wouldn't just drop the Storm2 and/or Bold 9700 as their main device(s). That would be pure marketing hell...

-- PS. Now take over Palm ffs! --

It's great news for RIM and Crackberry future users. But not so much for me, Considering I have a Storm 1 chances of OS6 working on that device, I'm guessing, it's slim to none.

I need to upgrade my phone since it is damaged and I don't know if I will be sticking with BB.


If this came from an AT&T source, hopefully that means AT&T will be getting the next touchscreen BlackBerry.

My guess is that as soon as Apple ends it's exclusivity deal with AT&T, AT&T will get a touchscreen BlackBerry - and this is part of their preparation for that.

Im still waiting for the offical 5.0 I was promised for my 8900. Never got it! Would be nice but im not getting my hopes up.

Well, that interview with Kevin a few months sure suggested that they were showing WebKit (which is part and parcel of 6.0, IIRC) on a Bold 9700. That said, if we get this thing later this year and it doesn't run SMOOTHLY on a 9700, then I'd just assume stay on 5.0 until I get a new device. I know the 9700 has more power than the other BB's out there, but I didn't think it was significantly more such that 6.0 would work on one but not at all on the other.

Also, how are we supposed to install this thing? It'd be nice if they could figure out some way to make it an AppWorld release, but my guess is that we'll end up with some release or leaked version and have to go through the 14-step process or whatever outlined on this site.

I am looking forward to watching this develop. I hope it is available for a few of the older blackberries. I know Storm 1 probably wont get it, if it does it'll be awesome! But I really really hope it's available for Storm2. Awesomeness. :D

Obviously it'd hard to tell from the story how all of these improvements will work. This seems like more than just an minor improvement on the OS, but not the overhaul that I felt RIM needs to get a fresh start. None of it really matters if the app store doesn't get filled with more apps (rather than a handful of apps and a bunch of themes).

Glad to see RIM making progress, but I'm trying to get my hands on an HTC Incredible and give Android a real chance. And honestly, if Verizon had iPhone, I would have already switched.

This better leak soon. I've been seriously thinking about switching to an incredible. The htc phones keep looking better and better while we are still stuck on this crappy OS. All my friends with storms and storm2s have gone to android phones. I'm one out of about 8 people I'm close with still rocking a blackberry. 6.0 leak might hold me off until the storm3 otherwise I might be going android soon. I'm sure there are thousands more that feel the same

The touch screen devices need an update sooner then the keyboard phones. atleast if they wanna do things right

My thoughts exactly. The only reason I didn't preorder the Incredible is because I want to wait for WES to see what RIM says/shows there. I just don't know if I can hold out much longer. Not saying I won't come back to BB if this new OS is good and the S3 comes out with some sweetass hardware. Love my S2, but just get frustrated with the slowness of it.

That's what I'm doing I'm waiting to see what's rim up 2 in WES after that its the incredible! Although my real love is the evo

EVO is too big IMO. Wish the Incredible had a front facing camera. The way I see it, is I want a phone to hold me over until LTE comes out full bore. The S2 just doesn't have the speed I want after seeing the new phones. I figure I'll use my GF's NE2 for the Incredible, then use my NE2 later this Fall or Spring for the next Gen of phones that pack LTE, Front cameras, etc. She gets my cast offs :)

That is terrible advice.

If they drop an unfinished or unrefined product requiring tons of updates or minute fixes, that will turn people away. Look at the fiasco with getting all Android users to 2.1? And this is the device/OS/line that everyone is jumping ship to?

People cry so much about 5.0 needing improvements that not dropping a pretty complete or nearly perfect 6.0 is going to cause people to leave.

But lastly, this is a LEAK. We have a few screenies and some light info. We know NOTHING about what it requires. NOTHING about what devices CAN'T run it, and NOTHING about ... well, a LOT.

So at least try speculating on what we do know? The actual look we have? The actual info we have? It is different. Personally, I kind of like the rubber band dealie, and man that browser looks hot.

I can understand the need to keep the OS current, but BB has not released OS 5 for the Pearl Flip!! I feel left out of many things with my Pearl Flip (apps etc.), yet I find the Flip to be a great instrument. Are we Flip owners never to see an OS upgrade?

Any update/upgrade to the current OS is welcomed!! I'm just wondering how laggy it would be, if at all . . .

June/July with some devices yet to get 5.0 or barely getting upgrades? OH, PLEASE BE TRUE!!!

I'm still running my trusty 8310 & since I'm eligible for an upgrade in July this news comes at a good time for me. IF this does infact come out in July I guess I'll wait & see if a new device hits AT&T then too. My plan so far has been to get the 9700, but if something better drops & is running 6.0 well that would make my earlier birthday present/upgrade even better!

Will there be an OS 6.0 update for our existing Blackberry phones, specifically, the Storm2???? Hmmmmm????

Am I the only one saying, what else? The UI is still the same... just brushed up I guess, just like what we saw from 4.7 to 5.0, which is disappointing. What about functionality? Will I still need to reboot after installing an app? Will battery pulls still be frequent? Can we install apps to the SD card since space on the device is extremely limited?

The only thing I'm looking forward to now is hardware improvements, MAJOR hardware improvements...

Its really great to see that all the loyal bb users want to jump to droid devices, there great but you complain about battery life on a bb and battery pulls. Hello the droids are notorious on batteries and still have to do battery pulls as they freeze up also, but with 6.0 at least we are close to the droids whos to say not better we dont know, and adobe is coming also, so lets not forget bb is still the number one selling smartphone lets not criticize just yet. Thank You

Anyone else notice the date on the phone says May 21. Any reason to that as well as why does the calendar say 27?

Ok, I'm tired of all the complaining about the calender. Look at your own calender' does it say the actual date?? Today is the 20th, yet my calendar says 30th, just like every other day. The number is just showing that it is a calendar so you can know where to make your plans in. If you want to know what day it is, just look at the home screen.

This looks like they are finally taking a little something from the Android phones that works as well as from the iPhone. Hope it comes out when they are saying it should, that would be SWEET!!!

I'm still waiting for my 5.0 for the 8350. If 6.0 comes out before then that it be goodbye bb and hello iphone

This will make a nice step up from the current storm2 experience - but will not make it (or any RIM device) that much more of a threat to the iPhone. I don't think RIM can afford to go through 2010 without getting this out so I have faith in the timeline...bring it on June/July!

Wow... BB OS 6 looks like... iPhone OS v3. So, when iPhone OS v4 rolls out later this year, RIM will once again be way behind everyone. Bah.

The big things in os v4 are things like multitasking and folders, which sounds more like iphone trying to catch up with rim.

Heres the thing i dont understand...why do people moan the RIM OS??...and wwhat makes me laugh is that these same old moaning whingebags still use a BB...i mean seriously???

If the BB OS is that outdated then heres a thought, dump the BB and go get the iphone or something similar.

For me im BB thru and thru...i dont care much for a revolutionary OS in all honesty...yeh the browser sucks but for me it works pretty damn well. Also for me the BB OS is functional and thats whats so damn good about it.

OS6 looks good..looks nice and i look forward to seeing devices running it and hopefully some leaks for the 9700 which i use quite extensively.

On another note i just picked up the new HTC Desire Android handset here in the UK....awesome little device but for serious stuff i use my BB and the Desire fills the 'iphone' gap for ie brilliant web browser and apps...other than that im not a fan of touchscreen keyboards...i sold my BB Storm2 to get the Desire...mainly because i couldnt get used to the Storm2 but its still a lovely device.

Note to RIM...keep up the good work and dont get ahead of yourselves...i mean id rather have a basic functional OS than something thats too fancy and half the stuff doesnt work properly.

And for all the moaners?? everyone a favour and dump the BB please and move over to the iphone or Android...if you want something really pretty but mark my words you will back to the BB in no time.

I like the "we can't comment on the device" on BGR. Since it was mentioned that it is an at&t contact and the device is obviously a touchscreen device it very well could be the slider. I hope that the 9700 gets the updates if it really does drop this summer.

done! ive moved on... i had issues w email being pushed, texts not working at times, etc. BB ISN'T perfect, so quit pretending like it is. for me, its weaknesses far outweigh its strengths... the latest phones arriving on the android platform crush it. its always about the software. BB is lacking

Great for you isnt it??...for the record i have no issue with push email or texts not working.

And stop kidding OS mobile wise is perfect...even the iphone isnt perfect and my Android Desire handset is far from perfect...i hardly get a days use out of it if i use it to make calls, texts and browse the internet. Not only that the battery gets super hot...sure it uses a 1ghz snapdragon cpu but sadly HTC havent quite made it efficient.

Whereas my BB9700 keeps on going and going...i get a good 2 or more days use out of it even using it hard ie emails, texts and calls along with BBM.

Like i said BB isnt lacking...they are doing a sterling job where they are ie not getting ahead of themselves.

Android is nice, definitely hardware wise but software wise??...well the fact that i cant even mass text my contacts if i change my number...i have to use a 3rd party app...absolutely shocking and doesnt even allow bluetooth file transfer either...again 3rd party app needed.

I think the OS is pretty good as it is...what I would look out for is the min h/w requirements. I want a fast and light OS.

All the updates seem mainly related to adding touch support. I hope the bare version will be supported for non touch devices.

Another thing, is this even real?

The calendar date and the date at the top dont match...

I'm confused....the photos look like they're from the Storm, but the article says the preview was through AT&T???

I think this os beside the new themes (yeah themes, icon change etc, in short appearance change only)
I think this os didn't build for non touch screen device, it will make the non touch screen device only becoming slower than old os.
I will upgrade if RIM forced me to upgrade, if not, I will stick with OS 5

Honestly......I think this is a screen shot of an older build of OS 6 just because every single article that mentions OS 6 says that widgets are supported, but even if this is what OS 6 will look like......then HELL TO THE YES!!!!! I don't think its the upgrade many wanted but I think its a bigger upgrade than OS 4.6/4.7 to 5 was. It definitely looks more modern and BGR says there are many changes under the hood that we can't see.......

Get ready ya'll. RIM has something planned for us.....

This looks like what OS 5 should have been in the first place. I guess OS 5 was like Windows ME and OS 6 is like Windows XP. They really need to work on the development side of things and make it cheaper/easier to developer for BB's.

OS 5.0 is still just coming official for phones, and 6.0 is coming. Then again how can you expect anything else when they released the tour and are discontinuing it already. 6.0 better kick ass and we better be able to get it on the tour

Eh, I'm new to the whole BB scene so 5.0 is pissing me off a little. I'm actually excited for the new one thats coming out.

ive been an avid fan of the bb for a year and a half now, but this in not enough for me – im upgrading my hardware in january and i think im going towards the new iphone or android – i hope rim gets with it so i can come back on the next upgrade cycle

Real talk RIM is outdated like it or not they keep bringing out the same looking blackberry and all they are doing is dressing it up a bit and OS 6.0 LMAO yea right Android, Windows, even the IPhone has step there game up....Like Jay-z say ''On To The Next''.

i love bb but i recently switched to a macbook pro after spending the first half of my life hating on apple i saw the light, and it was wonderful...i think im starting to see the light of there mobile platform as well. it just seems as if rim is still a half a step behind apple and this new slew of devices would be better competion for the current iphone, but will be eaten alive by the new gen

doesnt this just sound like an iphone to you? I use to think apple copied from blackberry now its vice versa and everyone is excited for what is essentially an iphone

Is this coming to the storm 2?! B/c this is awesome and what I've been wanting and waiting for a long time!

my only question will they update the original storm im stuck on the 2 year contract and it ends in september. Will I get this i feel as if RIM has forgotten about the $#!& product they released. I would like to meet their quality assurance team... I need a fix, I love BB but this devise was by far the worst in recent history.

So how different is it going to be on the non touch screen phones? I wanna see those screen shots lol

On to the next one for real if it doesnt come to the storm 1.0 lol, sprint or ATT next Verizon isnt doing it for me

Sweet! Blackberrys can now compete with the top phones of 2008! -_-

RIM is really holding on to "Blackberry" brand and what it used to mean to the general consumer. Blackberrys used to carry an air of class, importance, and be considered one of the elite devices on the market. People just aren't impressed anymore. RIM has watered down their product in a number of ways. They lost touch with what made them so successful and started producing boatloads of "entry-level" smart phones that are inferior in quality in terms of where they used to stand. I can get a blackberry for $29.99 at Walmart.
But price and exclusivity (or in-exclusivity) can't make or break a product alone. Sure, RIM has improved since 4.6, but can we really say 6.0 is leaps and bounds from where it used to be? Now we get pinch-zoon and "rubber band scrolling", it feels great to be where the iphone was in 2007, (THEIR 1ST GEN PHONE).
I own a BB 9000 and its keyboard is BADASS. But really, I think that's the only thing keeping on the BB side of things.
I don't mean to troll, but I really hope RIM has some more up its sleeve in terms of this new OS and their new touchscreen slider device or else I might be staring at myself through the Iphone's new front facing camera.

eeewww!! you want to speak to the front facing camera. That says it all about (potential) iPhone users. Game playing and nothing more. wouldn't you rather do video chat via a laptop so you can sit relax and talk? You'd rather keep holding the phone up to your face???? Yes it'll be fun first 10 maybe even 100 times you do it. They you'll stop doing it. I can just the the d___ on the subway using his video phone to tell the wife he'll be home in 10 min withe the milk. Make sure you blow a kiss

Said it before and I'll say it again. Had an iPhone for a year...never...never again. I'd even stick to OS 4.6 over an iPhone.

This is what should keep me away from buying the next iphone. Finally a nice move by RIM and by the way , SLIDERS are OUT !!! Just bring us new touch screen device with a better processor (1ghz), more app memorry (1gb), better screen resolution and why not a better cam like 5mp!

Just read all 150 comments, for those that keep moaning about Apple being ahead and RIM playing catchup: the Apple OS is very slick, I'm not going to deny that. However, they are also playing catchup, Apple OS4 is bringing a unified inbox, multitasking and folders. Things which Blackberry users have enjoyed for a very long time.

RIM has spent a long time building a good level of functionality into their OS but have neglected the presentation somewhat. Apple seem to have done the opposite. I'm not saying either way is the best, just they are very different companies.

To those that say something along the lines of, the Blackberry OS is obsolete because it's built in Java, this is clearly BS and I'd wager you know very little about software development. For the record Android is a Linux kernel with a Java programming interface, you think Google would have chosen an obsolete technology for their new OS?

Is OS 6.0 related to 4G or LTE as Verizon calls it? A rep at Verizon told me that they plan on rolling LTE out around July in limited areas of course.

cool! not as crappy as those (now fake) 6.0 screens... and sound like some much needed features coming. Hopefully the theme builder gets updated along with the OS!

I'm still going android regardless. I'm just fed up. Can't take it no more with RIM=Research in slow motion

Come on RIM. Give me a reason to not switch to Android and keep my BlackBerry. I love my BlackBerry cause I can BBM w/ my cousins from the UK.

Work on it hard and fast and come out with an OS to convince the masses!!!

am I the only user is satisfied with the GUI I already have with my 9700? You bought a BLACKBERRY!!!, not an iphone, or android device. If you want what Apple and Google have then go get one of THEIRS DEVICE. BB is for business, even tho I am no business man, I love the BB OS. it's media friendly enough, social friendly, school/info and user friendly enough to me.Most of y'all must be Verizon user cause y'all are the biggest baby(no matter what device it is), it's the BB nor Android that is f@cking you in the @ss, it's your very own carrier that is doing it, not putting out the newest updates, selling you a phone then come out with a better version of it weeks later. and the sad thing about it that y'all still support them. So grow the hell up and if you don't like BB or want BB to be Apple or Android, then go to Apple or Android, cause we don't need you in our community!!!!

This sh!t getting really f'in annoying. Android this, Android that, Iphone that. Who gives a sh!t. This is CRACKBERRY. All things Blackberry. Go rant on your own platform forums. I have the newest NexusOne available for ATT's 3G bands and I STILL use my 9700 way more. I like the well familiar current BB OS and features. I could navigate it with my eyes closed. Now don't get me wrong, I've tried em all and will say it over and over I do enjoy Android, but it's still NO Blackberry. Read just about every comment on all I hear is "WAAAAAA" even from ppl that are currently holding BB's as well. Move on then?!
Stop wining, Blackberry will always be around till time's end. Get over it. Go spend your money on the other platforms if BB makes you unhappy. Every other comment is "I'm going to Android" over and over every f'in day. THEN GO!! SEEYA!!! With all the money RIM makes, doubt it will make a dent on them... =P

So I'm really happy you're all goo-goo over your 9700. It's a good phone, no doubt about it. I'm still enjoying my 9000.
But are you seriously trying to stifle others from expressing themselves through these comments? It bothers you THAT much that others don't share the same opinions as you do, that you just want them to shut up? That's some serious censorship, big guy. Yeah, I own a Blackberry and yeah, I'm not satisfied with what I'm hearing about their new software, and yeah, I'm going to write it on As you put it so beautifully, "stop wining."

Big guy? Who the hell are you to me huh? I have a 9000 too, whats your point? They can express their sh!t on the other dedicated (unfortunatly) parts of the forum or a Android/Iphone forum. Not every other damn comment under something related to BB. So nice try with the comeback, but obvious FAIL. Next...

so you're whining about people whining? you're missing the point, the point is these are all blackberry users, and the response here reflects every study that has been done, that over 40% of blackberry users will switch in the next year. i firmly believe this is going to happen, and if you're a blackberry fan i would be concerned about that. maybe it's time you face reality and think, wow, regardless of what everyone else is saying, if RIM doesn't step their game up, people will get other phones. you don't honestly want all bb users to just take whatever RIM offers and pretend they like it do you? people that have a different opinion than you have just as much of a right to express it here as you do with your fanboyism. saying blackberry will always be around is futile. i had palm for years, and their forums said the same b.s.

Your cited study has been debunked about 503,000 times. Great analogy with palm by the way. There is no way that isn't completely relevant. I mean come on, Palm and RIM are both smart phone companies right? How could it not be the same. I think his point is if you're gonna go then go. When I start buying a different product I don't talk about it endlessly on forums. I just buy a different frickin product. I'll put it this way, I don't care if you want a different phone, just go buy it already.

Couldn't say it any better, as katiepea can't comprehend nor read, I obviously support Android as well. I like it, but as I also said it's no BB. Learn to read. If you all want to move, then move and stfu already. Simple fact. So please let me know how I'm "whining", it would be a good laugh. I'm not a fanboy of shit, I just use whats reliable.
Sh!t I would still use my Samsung Rugby if I could just cause its unbreakable. So please let me know newbie...

Hmm...the only literacy skills I would be questioning are your own. Did katepea say she wanted another device? Did I say I wanted to jump ship? No. Like I said earlier, I own a 9000. I'm satisfied with the device. However, I am not satisfied with the directions of 6.0. Where better to express my dissatisfaction with the upcoming OS than on this very blogpost? For a self-proclaimed non-fanboy, you sure do have a big problem with others expressing themselves.

Good job dumbphuck you managed to FAIL once again. ACTUALLY yeah she did, she ordered the N1, if you bothered reading the next page, and second, self proclaimed? Its a fact I'm not if I'm currently using MY N1 to post this. So keep running your f'in mouth without knowing jack. Think I want some just pure fancy BS OS to come onto my 9700. No, I want performance and reliability above all, which has been pretty good so far with the current OS I have now. I just want them to take the time and get this right for once as well since I still do prefer my BB for most of my daily life...

dude you're the biggest moron ever. First you're f'in offensive to everyone, and second, you're an idiot. Its called a forum, meaning people come to write comments and express how they feel. Most of the comments are from people who WANT to switch to a different phone, not people who have switched and come back to crackberry to b|tch about their old phones. If everyone wants to jump ship to a different phone that should say something about how people are reacting to blackberries. So the blackberry is a phone that works for you, clearly you don't bring in 100% of RIMs revenue, so you don't get all the say in RIMs products. By saying they want to switch to a different phone means that they are unhappy with the phones RIM is making. Most people, myself included, gave RIM a chance, and im sure a lot of people have spent a lot of time and money with blackberries (just as the millions who bought a storm 1). The fact is RIM hasn't been developing their phones/OS as well as they should of, and again just because the OS and phone works for you doesn't make it a great phone overall. If RIM makes such a high performance and reliable phones then explain the millions of people who have to do battery pulls on a daily basis, or experience memory leaks, or RIMs data outages, or the sloppy OS found on the storm 1. Ive had over 6 different blackberries (9700, 9000, 8900, 8330 and a few others), and recently switched to iPhone, and the iPhone os is rock solid. Its been 5 months now and ive had to restart it once, and never had a crash. Its a fact that people have been putting money and time into blackberry and have been disappointed (not everyone but a significant amount). Its come time that more and more people are starting to switch from blackberry to other phones, and yes thats directly related to RIM. If people are expressing their want to leave RIM then that means there is an issue where RIM is going and it SHOULD be expressed especially on a blog about a new OS. People like you make me sick...

I can't do this anymore LOL, its been a great laugh and I just did this to prove how much a idiot/moron you are. If I'm so offensive I would of been banned already as well. Ppl on CB on drawn to bad comment/talking sh!t back like fly on a pos. In reality, I'm falling out my chair laughing at how you all try fighting back at my fake BA comments with other comments. And second, basically, RIM if you reading this, I love you guys and all, but if you don't come out with something crazy soon I may jump ship as well. 9700 is probally the last great thing I've seen so far from you. Make a new beast 9xxx with crazy internals or something...

This means more touchscreen devices... ANNNNNDDD.......HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE ON THE RUMORED SLIDER FOR SPRINT! lol the new OS looks sexy too.

My friend has that phone and it sucks...My 9700 is alot faster with much better battery life....Why do people that no longer have BB still pay attention to this site..THIS SITE IS FOR BB users only....Get A Life!!! RIM Still makes the best smartphones and that will never change!!!!

BGR said they cant say what device they saw it on...doesnt that basically tell us it was the slider, because that is the only touch screen device that is releasing soon and that they wouldnt be able to mention at the same time...

This cannot come soon enough as I am ready to bolt for the Incredible, but knowing RIM and Verizon, this will be next year, not this year.

Here is how to read this....."evolution"=repackaged OS 5. Wow. Kind of feel sorry for RIM and its lack of innovation. I would have thought the new OS would be a NOTICEABLE improvement from the current OS. Guess not. Sad day.

.... and here I am , still stuck on OS 4.6 waiting for the official release of the OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry 8520 . Life's great ! :)

This sounds awesome but from what I hear on cb is that it will not work with the majority of our berrys. I hope that's not the case. I don't think everyone on here is gonna buy a new berry just for the os. I sure wish we could all update this.

this is the news i was waiting for, bb os 6.0, and as i suspected it's disappointing. the biggest news is that they added a rubberband effect to scrolling?.... :( like i said i was waiting to see, after i read this, i purchased a nexus one. adios blackberry

As usual RIM, you're a day late and a dollar short. I've already moved on to the iPhone, and I have zero complaints. Maybe one day RIM will step into the 21st century, but it doesn't look like that will happen soon.

As usual RIM, you're a day late and a dollar short. I've already moved on to the iPhone, and I have zero complaints. Maybe one day RIM will step into the 21st century, but it doesn't look like that will happen soon.

are you still sniffing around this site?
Looking for sympathy or are you still confused?
I know that it is indeed one's personal choice to choose any cellular device, but, the audacity to come into this forum and then fuel unnecessary comments about Blackberry (acc to me) isn't smart!
So please spare us the head-ache as we dont need to hear any more cribbing/whining from others about which phone is more superior and yadi .. yada ..
There are tons of site where you can show-off your love for the iPhone, but Crackberry sure isnt one of them.

FYI: just in case you missed the point, this is CrackBerry, the No.1 site for BlackBerry Users (& Abusers), and take your sorry ass back to where it came from!

does anyone else hate the top part of the homescreen?

seriously, why is the clock in an obnoxiously huge font?

you would think they would try to tighten that up so it looks more sleek and professional.

If this new OS doesn't cut it, I'm android bound! This last update for my storm 2 sucked! Freezing screens, BBM works when it wants, screen orientation barely works. This thing was fine before this new OS update, I reverted back to the old OS. Thanks Blackberry, I'm glad my contract expires soon.

Pretty cool but im already bored with the blackberry, ive only had my tour for about 8months, I will be moving over to the EVO 4G, even before the one year mark.

I'm glad that RIM has looked over what people have complaining about and what they felt needed to be updated. Plus I'm ready for some drastic change. This will be great.

Will this open up applications to use the memory on the sd cards or the to the onboard storage memory? Will applications still be hampered by being limited to the 128 or 256 MB of application memory? If we are ever going to get applications on par with other devices we are going to need to allow apps to tap into other memory sources. To give an idea, the OpenGL Need for speed is still hampered by memory limits. The Apple version of the same game is 100MB and runs, appears, plays that much better! Does RIM have a great reason for this or is it just micromanaged control?

Someone please explain!

No deal...RIM has sat on their laurels way too long. Unless they come out with a device that can compete with the newly released Incredible or what I'm getting, the EVO 4G, my 8900 and loyalty to Blackberry will be a fading memory. Sorry RIM.