ReadItNow updated to v6.0 and goes native

By DJ Reyes on 18 Oct 2013 12:06 pm EDT

There's only so many hours in the day and sometimes that link you get sent just can't be read straight away. So, what do you do? Save it for reading later. For this, I use Pocket. There isn't an official Pocket app for BlackBerry 10 but there are third-party apps floating around BlackBerry World, one of which we've looked at before, ReadItNow. I use this app a lot to save articles for reading later - it just makes left easier. ReadItNow has just gone through a big update to v6.0. Visually, it looks the same but it has now been coded up in Cascades.

Since it has gone native, there are a lot of new options and settings you can choose from. When it comes to article viewing, you can read them just the way you like; you can change the font type, size, even line spacing so you can get the best reading experience for you. There are also new themes you can choose from.

What's new in v6.0:

  • App has been completely re-written as native
  • Full text search
  • Support for Z30
  • ​Built for BlackBerry certified
  • Performance upgrades
  • Smoother user interface
  • New Active Frame layout

One thing to note with this new version is that the developer recommends uninstalling the old version first. This is because the update will sync your articles again to your device. To avoid extra data, deleting the old version removes everything and you can resync your articles again. There is a welcome wizard that will take your through this process when you first launch the updated version. Don't worry, you won't have to repurchase the app when you do this. Once you purchase the app, or any app, you will be able to download it again for free since you have already paid for it (assuming you use the same BBID as you used to make the purchase in the first place).

If you are a Pocket user, I highly recommend the app. If you're not a Pocket user, I recommend the service. It's great for saving articles to read later. ReadItNow is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99.

More information / Download ReadItNow from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

ReadItNow updated to v6.0 and goes native


Goes to show that apps coded in Webworks or adobe air are not considered native :p only cascades is. Hahaha

Posted via CB10

I assumed that looking at the screenshots on the BB World, which apparently have not been updated. My bad ;)

This new version of ReadItNow is coded in c/c++ , and Cascades/QML for UI...
and can now be considered to be - a native app :-)

The use of the word "native" vs non-native however would require a longer debate..
and you also have "native" vs "core native" just to confuse some more

IMHO Javascript is just as "native" as Cascades/qml ...
They are both interpreted during runtime and not pre-compiled

C/C++ is core native and pre-compiled

anyway - let's have fun and continue coding ;-)

Wrong. The old 5.x version was a port from WebOS, since version 6.0 it is a native Cascades app. You should check your facts again. :)

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If you've thought about side loading Pocket, don't. You won't be able to access articles because they won't sync.

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Weird convoluted way of doing it. But Readitnow seems to access your pocket account. So if you save articles on Readitnow it also saves it onto Pocket. You can then launch Pocket and read it. Pocket looks cleaner than Readitnow. I also find Readitnow saves two copies of the same article.

Right now if you sideload Pocket there is no way to save it onto Pocket directly as it doesn't seem to support BB10 browser. Hence why save it using Readitnow.

Does it always save copies for the same article on your device? I've never experienced something like that and I would love to have a look at that bug, but I need more input to analyze it.

This is one of those apps that gets a lot of use from me. I have it both on my PlayBook and Z10. It comes in handy when you want to save an article for later, like instructions, or (in my case, coding samples). My wife uses it to save craft projects she finds online. Nice to see the update!

Is this much better than reddit in motion?

I noticed that sometimes I cant open up the links that some people post under comments, and if I do a search for, I can't open it.

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Jeah, I use this feature at Neatly to store interesting stuff and read it later using this app. Sometimes at the Playbook,sometimes at my Z10. The sync feature is extremely handy. :)

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I've been using this app on my PB initially and then on my z10. I found the previous bb10 version laggy and rather annoying - I basically had to stop using it. But... BUT... this v6 update is fantastic. It finally works the way it should and, as noted, has a bunch of other good improvements. Kudos to the developer!

I must say, this app looks terrific on the Z30, but will it look as good on the Q10 or Q5? Would be really great if you posted a screenshot or video using one of those...

The dev of this app, Sven Ziegler was a famous developer for the fantastic mobile OS called WebOS, his apps there were absolutely terrific. Glad to see that he is using cascades now.

We did review a previous version and it was demo'd in a Q10. The Q10 includes keyboard shortcuts, which is a nice bonus.

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Thanks for your nice words, appreciate that. :)

I've just updated the support thread in the CrackBerry forum and I've added some new screenshots there as well. So you could have a look at the Q-Screenshots to get an first impression. Just look here:

Btw I'm using this app on both of my devices (Z10 and Q5) regulary, so I'm doing my very best to deliver the best user experiences as possible. But as always I'm thankful and interested in any kind of feedback I get.


This App is not made by pocket itself, a free developer created this App on his own effort.
What about creating the App yourself if you want it for free? :-)

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Creating a website takes time and effort. We should all pay for every single website then.

I've paid for apps. I understand the whole thing. But if there's one that is free and does things pretty well, and another for $1.99. Well I'm going to get the free one first. I'm pretty much saying is I'd support the developer if he has it for $0.99. Otherwise, I won't because there's one that's free that does a great job.

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Check your facts, you're paying already for using "free" websites. Mostly with your privacy by delivering tracking informations to the advertising hoster. :-)

If 2 bucks are too much for you it is always up to you to stick with a free software. I'm using myself gimp because Photoshop is way too expensive for my needs. It works for me, but I'm unable to enjoy this way the built quality of the Photoshop software. Sadly...

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It shd be structured that all apps cost, if you use them more than five times in six months. Just or make everyone feel like paying after a while. Noone gets free coffee for life, so why get free service for life. .. One would have a virtual tab or a prepaid account or something like that. The accounting might be fuzzy at first or even almost a joke, but the print principle wd be that everyone pays something at some point if they are still using it.. :-)

I side downloaded Pocket app.
Used to have it on my Nexus4.
Great to see my fav. Android apps working on my Z10.

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You lose a huge amount of the website structure with this. Also, it should sync the page to your phone right after you share a link to it. Finally, there is no option to tag your Web pages that I can see (to allow for easy searching and categorizing).

Good app -- don't get me wrong -- but I was expecting the feature set to be more filled out :(

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

At least there is a setting for the sync after sharing to it. All websites are converted to something like a offline reading mode which is in the most cases very useful. At those where it doesn't work I open the site again at the browser. Thee is somewhere a button. Not sure about the tag thing, does other pocket apps offter this? Sounds useful. :-)

Yeah. My buddy has a Pocket client on Android and uses the tag function.

Note: Bookmarks in the BB10 browser also support tags (adding tags to bookmarks and then sorting by tags).

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!