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ReadItNow updated to v6.5 bringing navigation tabs and more

ReadItNow updated to v6.5 bringing navigation tabs and more
By DJ Reyes on 3 Jan 2014 07:49 am EST

A big favorite app of mine, ReadItNow, just got another update. I find it great when apps get love and attention and when the developer is responsive to their users. ReadItNow is one of those apps and the developer gives a lot of attention to his users. This latest update brings a small UI change to make navigation a lot easier. Welcome tabbed navigation - the tabs make filtering a lot easier and I really like it. Tabbed navigation with these types of apps in general always makes things easier. A few other things have been moved around too, but all in all it's nice wee update that is most welcome.

ReadItNow v6.5.0 changelog

  • ADDED: completely new navigation tabs!
  • ADDED: moved grid/list toggle to context menu of list
  • ADDED: new sort orders (shortest / longest articles first)
  • ADDED: correct BBM channel information
  • ADDED: browser button to article view
  • FIXED: displaying issues with articles with more than 10 images inside

I have said it before but I'll say it again, ReadItNow is one of my favorite apps. If you don't know what ReadItNow is, it's a third party Pocket client. It is a service that allows you to save articles to read later. Extremely useful when you come across a post but can't read it straight away. ReadItNow costs $1.99 but the update is free to those who already have it. It really is a useful app and I use it everyday. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and it is also available for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Learn more / Download ReadItNow from BlackBerry World



This developer has been absolute aces in terms of constant improvements to this app. He deserves many thanks, kudos, and PAID downloads!

Posted via CB10


Cool app! Love it.

Posted via my beloved Z10

Dave XII

nice one by a very talented dev. Wish 'Read it Now' would support 'Readability' (next to Pocket)....

Posted via CB10


Why not give Pocket a (new) chance? :) Just import your articles from Readability to Pocket and give it a try. Maybe the most used service for "read it later" isn't as bad as you think. :)

You should have a look here:


Dave XII

pushed rss feeds to pocket. -All incomplete. While Readability shows full content. I have contacted pocket support several times -but all I receive is like bla, bla...

Posted via CB10


Can you send me some sample urls to reproduce the issue by myself? Would really appreciate that. :)

Posted via CB10


Would be very nice if they could add the possibility to add tags.

Posted via CB10


Do you want to filter by existing tags or want to add tags on your own?



This sounds like a brilliant app for those on limited data plans, download everything on wifi's and away you go.

Posted via CB10


I'm never out of data plan, but I like the ability to read every article the same way. The source of the article simple does not matter, every articles looks like I want it to look. That makes (power) reading a lot easier! :) I like to read very much and especially on the small phone screen it's a pleasure for myself to use all available space with the content instead of site navigation, ads and other (for me) disturbing stuff. :)


Has anyone been able to get the TTS feature to work? When I click on it, SayIt opens but doesn't do anything...

Posted via CB10


Absolutely love this app. Hats off to the developer. I use it daily.


I use it daily too. Bought it on Playbook and developer allowed a free download when I upgraded to Q10.

Really nice app!


Posted via CB10


Would love to be able to add tags to articles so you could search through articles based on how you have tagged them.

e.g.: tag a CB article with "news" and "blackberry". Tag a cascades programming tutorial with "programming" and "blackberry". Then if I search on "blackberry" : both articles appear. If I search on "programming": only the cascades tutorial appears. If I search on "news": only the cracberry article appears.

This is how Pocket apps on Android work.

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