ReadItNow Pocket client updated to v5.1.0 - Improved BlackBerry Q10 support and more!

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2013 11:45 pm EDT

I'm a pretty habitual Pocket user. I have a ton of stuff in there and when I have some free time, I'll open it up and read through some of it. The one app I've been exploring on BlackBerry 10 for accessing all my Pocket stuff is ReadItNow and the developer behind it all, Sven Ziegler, has just released and updated version that includes a ton of enhancements, additions and fixes, some of which are thankfully focused on the BlackBerry Q10 because I was missing them from using the app on my BlackBerry Z10. If you're a ReadItNow user, here's some of what has been addressed in the latest v5.1.0 update.

  • Added: list-view (new default view on Q10)
  • Added: new dark theme (default on Q10)!
  • Added: context menu in list / grid view
  • Added: switch between themes via context menu
  • Added: window cover when app is minimized
  • Added: share to Springpad, Evernote & create pdf via mail!
  • Updated: new filter - updated: welcome dialog / quick start guide
  • Updated: improved UI performance
  • Fixed: special characters in username and password are finally working
  • Fixed: autosync on startup
  • Fixed: some layout issues - and some other bugfixes and improvements!

Needless to say, that's quite a hefty update and the app is now running better than it has ever before. If you're looking to get the update, it should be appearing in BlackBerry World right now for you to download. If you're looking for more details about ReadItNow, click the link below to check it out in the CrackBerry app gallery where it just earned my Editor's recommendation, thanks to the Q10 love.

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ReadItNow Pocket client updated to v5.1.0 - Improved BlackBerry Q10 support and more!


Finally got my first, btw keep up all the good apps articles guys (and other stuff) not only did you guys get me single handedly interested in bb10, but you kept me with bb last november when I was about to switch to a note 2 (my button hating fingers thank you).

The remember the milk article helped me discover wunderlist 2, and that's helped me get my life a lot more organized. I'll check this out too, since I read a lot and vbulletin forums really kill the z10's battery.


Just downloaded Pocket this afternoon for the first time, must have got the update in BW just in time. Seems to work reasonably well but haven't had much time to try it.

Posted via Q10

Awesome. Looks so much better. Been using it for a bit now and it was kind of slow and laggy, but seems to be much more stable, and aesthetically it looks like a BB app should. Thanks!