ReadItNow gets updated for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Z10 and Q10

By James Richardson on 27 Apr 2013 06:06 pm EDT

We reviewed ReadOnTouch Pro for the PlayBook some time ago and the developer took onboard some of your comments regarding the user interface and has now re-launched the application as ReadItNow with full BlackBerry 10 support as well as the PlayBook.

ReadItNow is a simple application that allows you to save articles from your browser to view later - even offline. To be honest I haven't tried the app myself as it isn't one I would use but I know that millions of you would love to save stuff from the web to catch up with later. Maybe perfect for heading to work on the underground/metro?

Priced at £1.50/$1.99 ReadItNow looks great value to me. If you use it please let us have your thoughts in the comments.

New improvements include:

  • New: switched to BB10 native look & feel!
  • Improved: performance of user interface
  • Bugfix: adding links from inside app
  • Several other bugfixes and improvements

More information/Download ReadItNow from BlackBerry World

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ReadItNow gets updated for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Z10 and Q10


First (if every post from here-on-out just has like 30 people saying first, then maybe people will finally realize how pointless it is, and it will stop)

Now to comment on the actual content, its a nice app, I have been looking into it, will probably buy it now that it's finally on the Z10 :)

Is this similar to that app Backpack that was recently reviewed here too?

This is how you CB10, son!

I talked to the developer, who answered really quickly by the way. There's a (now known) issue with special characters in the password. Will be fixed in an update!

الأحمر إصدار خاص للمطورين.

تلقاه موجود في أي بأي ب 1000$.

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Updates for playbook is a great thing to see. Excited for the software update as well. Xmas comes early.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

LOL - Commodore VIC-20

I love it. I wonder how many people read your signature and thought "What's a Commodore VIC-20."

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Wish print to go was by Web service / email and passed content through the same filter as gets applied by the Reader option in the browser. That would be killer.

Perfect for those who put their sim card into either their Z10 or their Dev Alpha C, but not both, so only one has the data and the other is stuck on just wifi, tragically due to the cellular companies telling you that duplicating your sim card so both phones could share the same unlimited phone number and data plan is IMPOSSIBLE, even though I've seen it in the movies DOZENS of times...


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Love this app on the PB; I use all the time to load articles and keep up to speed while waiting in "no wifi" airports.

Check Todo:Read too, first version but I hope Radek will make it to match awesome N9 one!

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