ReadItNow! and Magic4Square both updated with bug fixes and more

ReadItNow! and Magic4Square both update with bug fixes and more
By DJ Reyes on 4 Dec 2013 08:03 am

Two apps created by the same developer have recently had an update pushed to them - one of which is on my list of top used apps, although both apps have proven themselves to be very useful for me. ReadItNow! just makes life so much easier when it comes to saving articles and websites that I don't have time to check out straight away and Magic4Square makes checking in quite a breeze.

The updates are small ones but updates are coming in fast, showing how much the developer is putting in to making sure the app runs to the best of its ability for users. So, my props to the developer for that. If you haven't checked them out before - ReadItNow! is a third party Pocket client, allowing you to save articles to read later. You need a Pocket account to use it. Magic4Square allows you to auto-checkin to your favorite venues.

ReadItNow! update changelog

  • FIXED: increasing / decreasing of font-size in article view now works again
  • FIXED: fixed article view mode
  • FIXED: possible syncing issue
  • FIXED: displaying issues with empty articles

Magic4Square update changelog

  • NEW: added location update frequencies (30 minutes, 1 hour)
  • NEW: automatically showing the changelog after installing an update
  • CHANGED: adaptions to Foursquare API changes
  • Some minor improvements and bugfixes
  • FIXED: finding venues when adding check-ins works again

Magic4Square is free, while ReadItNow! will cost you $1.99 but is free to update. Both are available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. We've looked at both of these apps before. If you want to check them out first, watch our Magic4Square initial sneak peek here and our ReadItNow review here. ReadItNow! has had a significant update since the review, mainly being re-coded in Cascades to offer a smoother experience but visually it looks pretty much the same as in the review.

Learn more / Download ReadItNow! from BlackBerry World
Learn more / Download Magic4Square from BlackBerry World



I have Foursquare! Do I need Magic4square too?

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

DJ Reyes

What Magic4Square does it auto-checkin to places you go to. You have to set it up after that it will auto-checkin.

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Good improvement in read it. Good job


The Remember integration in BB10 can do the same as ReadItNow...

I'm MongezaurioBerry


Really? The remember app stores an article for offline usage, and just the article and the image, without website navigation, ads and other disturbing stuff? I don't think so. :)


WOW!!! I'm all for Developer interaction on the forums, and usually it persuades me to purchase their apps if for no reason other than to support the devs that spend the time to come and interact with the public, but not like this. Your snarky response "Really? ... I don't think so." even with the added ":)" to TRY and make it seem like its a light hearted response, just completely turned me off of your app. I'm sure that one person's opinion and lost revenue may not mean much to you as a developer but it does mean something to me.


I'm sorry to read this, but it's kind of frustrating when people judge on your app (= work) without even knowing the facts. I don't want to blame anybody, but I really want to prevent people to start thinking that ReadItNow! does nothing new compared with Remember. In my humble opinion you can't even compare that two apps.

For that reason I really disliked the original comment, because it suggest that ReadItNow! could be a waste. Maybe I could have given a more pleasant response, but sorry, I'm human too and not without failure. :)


Also the big value is sending articles to Pocket from your desktop / tablet then having them available in the app on your phone.


When it's gonna be headless, it's gonna be magic

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I will start thinking of that, as soon as 90% of the devices have BlackBerry OS 10.2.1+ running. Before that, won't built my apps based on features that lower operating systems would not support.


I have your ReadItNow app; thanks for a good app.

I think you should reconsider your stance on headless apps. At 90% saturation, you will have list the early adopters and will end up playing catch up for market share.

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90% saturation would be good enough to go, for sure. But I don't think that's currently in reach. And even if it would be in reach, I would need to completely re-write the app and start testing from the very beginning. Thats a lot of work, for sure.

Btw glad that you like ReadItNow! :)