Video Walk Through: Reading and composing messages on the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 3 Mar 2012 01:16 pm EST

With the great new features in PlayBook 2.0 software, my favorite is the native email client. I think we can agree that we got more than expected with the new Messages application.

The new Messages application not only lets us compose and respond to our emails in both plain and rich text, we also have the option of checking and responding to messages from our social network sites' (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) in the unified inbox. Messages in your inbox can be sorted by accounts and are easily identifiable by the social network icon or standard envelope (email) icon. Compose multiple emails and easily switch between them by swiping down from the top. This feature makes copying a selection from one email and pasting into another quick and easy. With a few taps, you can attach pictures, documents and more from files stored on your PlayBook. Another great feature is the option to view your messages in a Single Message view or the popular Conversation (threaded) view. Watch the video above to see just how easy it is to read and compose messages on the BlackBerry PlayBook or read Gary's great step-by-step guide, including instructions on setting up the notification alert here.

From the new notification options to the integrated social networking sites, the new native Message application is a fantastic (and most welcome) addition to our PlayBooks. When you add the new BlackBerry Remote feature that allows you to use your BlackBerry device's physical (or onscreen) keyboard, creating and responding to your messages is a snap! You can click on any of the links within this post or the link below for a look at all the other things you can do with the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software features and the new Messages application. Lots of other tips and tricks coming soon so keep it locked to CrackBerry for all the latest and greatest of the new PlayBook OS 2.0 software features.

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Video Walk Through: Reading and composing messages on the BlackBerry PlayBook


I'm getting a little tired of all these playbook posts -- i just counted and all but one post today on the crackberry homepage is about the playbook. Can we please get more posts on phones? I couldn't care less about the playbook (and based off sales numbers, I don't think i'm alone).

What you've got to keep in mind is that there's actually news about the PlayBook. Also, the PlayBook OS is coming to the phones by the end of the year, so this does have to do with the phones.
If CrackBerry were to only post about phones, they'd either be repeating themselves constantly or only getting in 3-4 posts per week...

Those are valid points. I'm just frustrated with the lack of phone-centric coverage. Can't wait for the new phones to release and I guess i'll just have to sit tight for more interesting posts.

Better check those sales numbers again...although I agree there is more to talk about than the Playbook. Still, it represents with QNX the future of the Blackberry phone itself (BB10).

I used to feel the same way..then I got a Playbook and really don't care much for the phone other than to talk on. Go figure right? Bring me more PlayBook goodness!!!

have both phone and Playbook .. but i love the Playbook 2.0 and am keep to know how to use all the cool features .. so these "how to " posts are very useful!!!

Also, what you see on playbook will get to the new phones!!! so very relevant!!!

I would be much more enthusiastic about the new messaging application if:
1 - I was more into social media
2 - I could use it together with my contacts, calendar, tasks and notes all syncing with Outlook, as I do now through bridged mode. As things are, I have drug the icon into a "junk" folder and never use it!

That is exactly the problem. I am not willing to maintain email on phone and PlayBook separately. That would be a waste of time. There is also erratic behavior from the PlayBook native email as it sometimes deletes messages on the server and sometimes not. Anyone else with this delete-issue?

I use both the BB phone and Playbook, since the Playbook can do a lot more than the phone. I wouldn't mind seeing more discussion on the Playbook until the new BB10 phone arrive.

Now I know there is the function of BB bridge remote for easier typing... but has anyone noticed that in Messages on the PB, you cannot rotate to portrait mode?? (I find typing in portrait mode on the PB easier than landscape mode.)

Is this intentional or a clitch??

Can someone or members @ Crackberry confirm??

Let’s start with; I'm a huge fan of BlackBerry and the PlayBook and have been for quite some time. However, I’m not experiencing the wins Kerri and others have expressed about native email. After hours and numerous attempts, including speaking with both the RR and BB Support Centers and of course, coming here to CB for the advice, I’m unable to get the Playbook to "play nice" and maintain a stable connection with the Road Runner POP 3 server. Please, don’t respond with hate or troll comments as this is not a meant as a slam, I’m simply stating the facts of what’s happening here for me and that I’m not able to enjoy a feature that was 10 months in coming.