Read The Hunger Games on your BlackBerry or BlackBerry PlayBook

Hunger Games
By Michelle Haag on 24 Mar 2012 06:16 pm EDT

The Hunger Games seems to be on everyone's mind right now. The popular book series was made into a movie that was released just this weekend, and from what I've seen it is definitely worth a watch. But you know what they say, the book is usually better than the movie, and for those of you that want to read it before you see it, now is a great time to do so!

Forums member ranchlizard let us know that right now there is a promo code for Kobo that allows you to get the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy for just 83 cents! Simply add the book to your cart and use coupon code HungerGamesDeal when checking out and you should see the discount. Other forums members reported success using HungerGamesDeal2 and HungerGamesDeal3 for savings on the other books in the series. Kobo is available for both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook. For more details on the offer check out the forums link below.

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Read The Hunger Games on your BlackBerry or BlackBerry PlayBook


I've just applied the code successfully in the UK; got the first book for 54p! Haven't tried any of the others yet.

Is it just me or is this the first time that CrackBerry's done a post about anything Kobo other than the app itself? If it is, then Suzanne Collins should be very proud indeed!

Would definately like to see more posts on this topic too, will be downloading the trilogy, thanks for the insight :)

The first book went from $7.49 to $1.27 using the code in Ontario, the second book went from $8.99 to $1.53, and the third book went from $8.99 to $1.53. All in all, $4.33 for all three books beats $26.98 for the collected trilogy.

I must've missed it... Got the first book for 83 cents, second book for $1.17. No bueno on the third book. HungerGamesDeal3 didn't work!

Bought it, great deal and already finished the first book! It's a real page turner. Wonder if I need to see the movie now? Seems odd to spend $10.50 on a ticket after getting the book so inexpensively.

Onto the next one, Catching Fire...

Great tip! ☺ I just downloaded all three to my PlayBook.

First book: $0.83 USD
Second book: $1.16 USD
Third book: $1.07

(I have to add: I'm so glad that w/OS2 you can purchase and download Kobo books through Bridge)

Battle Royale isn't available in ebook format... at least not through traditional outlets. You can find it if you look hard enough though.

Thanks for that....actually found it in .epub format for free. Saw the Japanese film and sequel years ago and I believe its been just released in Blue-Ray format. Perhaps these Hunger Games fans should check both the book and the films - BR was there first.

I saw the movie on thursday. I just bought all three books for my Playbook. I am from Germany and had to buy on Website - kobo app on Playbook didn't show the titles.

1st book = 1.25€
2nd & 3rd book = 1.37€

Thank you Crackberry!
Thank you Michelle!

Thanks for the post, this is a great deal! I had just bought the trilogy at Costco for $34.99 CDN this afternoon. Now I can return the hard cover books as I just got the three books from KOBO for under $5.00.

Dang! I just spent $5.50 on the first one from Kobo 2 days ago. Hopefully I can get the other two at the cheaper price! The first was great! Already finished it!

Thanks for the codes. Just bought all 3 books for less than $4. Saw the movie yesterday and the books are worth it

This is awesome I wished i saw this before buying the 2nd yesterday... At least I bought the third for a buck and a half!

I feel bad for all of you, seeing as I downloaded the set for free on the 10,000 Free eBook Reader app. Sure, you have to sideload it, but I've gotten a couple dozen books with it, all free. The entire Eregon series, Alex Cross, Hunger Games, all 3 Dragon Tattoo books, Narnia, all free. Worth checking out.

One of the best book I've ever read and I haven't picked up a book years cause I hate reading but WOW what an awesome book I bought the second already to avoid a cliff hanger of there is one at the end looking forward to reading that one to.

If you're a Prime member, Amazon lets you "borrow" all three books for free. I believe you can only have one "checked out" at a time though. But this is still a great deal and I went ahead and bought them on Kobo just so I could use the app to read it on my PlayBook (you can do the same by side-loading the Kindle app, but meh.)

Question guys - if i purchase it on the computer using the same account i have on playbook, can i donwload it and read on the playbook later? only reason is i wanna pay using paypal and i cant use paypal if i pay on the playbook.


If you purchase the book from KOBO, it will be in your library. You can access your library from the KOBO website or from any device that has the App on it.

It doesn't seem to be available in Canada.... Am I doing something wrong? Any one else in Canada having trouble? The title doesn't come up when I search, and when I specifically Google kobo hunger games, it takes me to a page that says this title is not available in my region.

I was getting the same thing on Kobo both the app and website that it was not available in my region (canada).
I sideloaded the 10000 free ebooks app and got it that way!!!