REA71UW - What upcoming BlackBerry is sporting this model number at the FCC?

By Michelle Haag on 11 Nov 2011 04:06 pm EST
Ironically, following Kevin's latest If I Ran RIM rant on focusing, a new BlackBerry has surfaced at the FCC. Sporting model number REA71UW, we don't really know much about this newbie device other than it has bands that match up with AT&T (850/1900) and is running BlackBerry OS 7 -- Oh, and it has Bluetooth since the Bluetooth SIG also has details on it as of October 5th.  Any guesses on what it may be?

Source: FCC via Engadget; Bluetooth SIG

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REA71UW - What upcoming BlackBerry is sporting this model number at the FCC?


Jeeeeez another one? Heeeey Mike Lazaridis, dont you want to come to Crackberry and let Kevin take your place at RIM headquarters for a while?

Im content with my 9930. A BBX phone is going to have to blow my socks off to get me to switch. Seriously the 9930 is still the best phone out there.

Totally agree. I love my phone, 9930, and it will take a true leap frog for me to get it. When it comes to BBX I'm just looking forward to what the Playbook will be like and forget taking on the Ipad, it just needs to sell period

I remember mike saying 7 OS7 devices to be released. so lets count!
1) 9900/9930
2) 9850/9860
3) 9350/9360
4) 9810
5) 9380
6) 9790
7) ????

And when I said it seems RIM releases a new phone every other week they delete my post. Seems like the are focusing on all the wrong things. My guess is there will be 5 more releases before the year ends.

Its the curve touch or the Bold with the funny looking buttons model number idk cuz I stopped caring after I saw it.

Its either the Bold 9790,the brand new Curve OR........and maybe I'm dreaming could be the Blackberry Colt?

You must be smoking oregano oregano. There is n waythat it is the Style I would love to hear that the Style was being brought back with a touch screen and the current OS. If they made i with the Bold keyboard and screen size I'd be the first crazy guy willing to switch myBold touch. I love my phone so it says alot about how I feel about such a format

According to Bluetooth site, the software is Anyone know about this version and what devices it's for?

"Software Version Number b1755"

A curve touch would be a fiasco, the 9850/60 is just right and anything less would run like the S1 on 5.0. Sheesh, THIS is why PB 2.0 isn't coming till 2/2012, they had to figure out how to scam Indonesia into a watered down torch :(

In a lot of countries they do blackberries on payg tariffs, something like a bold or a torch doesn't fit that market at all so things like the 9360 or 9380 make perfect sense and they are not simply watered down as you wrongly label them, they are specced to the price range they fit.

I am sure that RIM would prefer to be in a strong enough position to ignore millions of lower end sales, but that isn't the case.

Its the new BoldTouch with slide-out landscape keyboard. And built in toaster.

Yours for the low low price of $599.99

But WAIT!!!! Double your fun, get a 2nd BoldTouch with slideout landscape keyboard and built in toaster for FREE,

Just pay additional shipping and handling.