Re-Introducing the BlackBerry by Choice T-Shirt... 20 Freebies up for Grabs!

BlackBerry By Choice!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2012 06:58 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post saying whether you want the "CrackBerry Thumbs" (pictured) or "Hardcore" version of this t-shirt and tell us why you're BlackBerry By Choice for your chance to win!

OK folks, it's time for Take 2. We're happy to re-introduce the BlackBerry By Choice t-shirt. Our initial version was hardcore. Some of you loved it, some of you hated it (like really, really, really hated it...I get it). So just as BlackBerry will release both a full touchscreen and physical keyboard version of BlackBerry 10 phone to please the masses, we are doing up a second BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt design. There's power in choice!

The new and improved BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt is family friendly and plays to that historical characteristic of BlackBerry users... WE ARE TWO THUMB TYPERS! Now you can tell the world you're a two thumb typer and show your two thumbs up of support for BlackBerry at the same time with this sexy shirt. It will be available next week from our friends at in a variety of colors and styles (and yes, you can still buy the hardcore version right now from them). And while we're waiting for the new ones to become available... we're going to give some BlackBerry By Choice shirts away for free!

BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt Contest: Leave a comment to this post telling us TWO things: 1) Whether you want to win the family friendly CrackBerry Thumbs Up t-shirt (as seen above) or the more controversial hardcore version (see it here) and 2) Tell us why you're BlackBerry By Choice! Contest ends this Tuesday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!

Reader comments

Re-Introducing the BlackBerry by Choice T-Shirt... 20 Freebies up for Grabs!


1) Thumbs up, please!
2) BlackBerrys make better sorbet than Apples, and Androids just lead to being in a creepy alien move with some kid called "Newt".


Two thumbs up would be great as I could wear it at work.

RIM is the ONLY cell phone manufacturer in Canada and I would hate to see them fail. Canadian companies have developed so many great things over the years and we continue to see other countries and companies take credit for our innovation. Things like fly-by-wire (AVRO), Sea-Doo (Bombardier), heck even Basketball!!!

I want the Hardcore BB by Choice , not only bcuz im Hardcore BB... i've had Almost 65 different smartphones over the last 6.5yrs..... & i've ALWAYS kept a Blackberry !!! its the ONLY phone i fully like !!!! #TeamBLACKBERRY !!!!

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1) Thumbs baby thumbs!
2)You run a business, use real tools, not toys! BlackBerry no-brainer here!

Blackberry Bold 9900
Blackberry Playbook 2.1

1) Hardcore... To let everyone know that BB is #1 & that it is my #1 choice for a smartphone
2) Why? Screw all the other brands! BlackBerry since i was born, BlackBerry til i die! I will never leave my beloved physical keyboard :) size medium please :)

A) I want the hardcore edition!
B) I want to be able to give the blackberry finger to all of the haters out there :D

1) would love a hardcore one!

2) I'm BlackBerry FOR LIFE because it does whatever I need it to do, whenever I need it done!
...and - of course - the keyboard kicks ass!!!

I would love to have the hardcore version....

I choose BB coz its best phone in the market that allows me to get the sh!t done... The best communication phone that allows me to keep in touch with my friends, the social network (helping me stay abreast with all the news and the happenings with the people in my life) and the keeps me on top of my work.. No other phone allows me to do all that with the ease that a BB provides me.

1) family version
2) we can not leave the wrold to Apple.. (and Android).. BB lets get things done, efficiently. love BB

The hardcore version would be awesome. A great shirt to wear around my friends who all think I'm crazy for still believing in Blackberry!

I would also like the Thumbs Up version, so I can support my friends and family members that work at RIM, and let my other "friends" (??) know they should be dong the same.

Hardcore version, please! I'm bad-ass and that would complete my awesomeness
I'm BlackBerry by choice because I've never been fond of touchscreens. Granted that I had the Bold 9930, I rarely used the touchsreen. And I'm BB-B-C guy because I fell in love with the keyboard.

1. I'd like the family version (although I prefer the hard core one), but I have a 7-year old son.

2. I am a BlackBerry by choice because I am a doer and leader (definitely not a follower). Therefore, I like to get down to business in every aspect of my life. I have tried other OSs and none of them allowed me to be efficient while accomplishing the task I set out for myself like the BlackBerry does! So, no matter what people say about BlackBerry, I am not changing it. At the end I will be the one laughing harder one BB10 roles out. =0)

1. I would prefer the clean version, I don't support profanity on t-shirts.
2. BlackBerry By Choice: I love the integration BlackBerry provides, the amount of customization you can do with your device and the overall feel and navigation of the operating system. Not to mention my keyboard. :P

1 Hardcore
2 To show my preference and proudly so! My Bold 9900 is the absolute best for ME and everybody who thinks that they're helping me by telling me what phone to take can get the frakkin finger!

i want to win the family freindly version, i work in a mall that has 99% apple products and when i made the move to blackberry i stood tall and proud to know that the few that had blackberrys knew they had good phones!! And every day i let people from the apple store know my phones better. Be bold and throw it in apples face!

Just get me bvoth types, just to have one depending oin the mood of the day and have the hardcore to wear if someone critizise the thumbsup one. 4 Blackberries 2 Playbooks in my family, they all just work. 9700 9800 9810 9900

1. family friendly CrackBerry Thumbs Up t-shirt
2. I have been up for a phone upgrade for a few months already but will be waiting for the BB10s to land. My choice!

1. Ill enter for the "Hardcore" t-shirt
2. I am BlackBerry by choice because it is so simple to multitask on both my BlackBerry Storm2 and BlackBerry PlayBook. Everyone always ends up amazed!

1) I would love to get the "Thumbs up" Version
2) BB is by far the best communication device and nothing beats it's Keyboard

1)I want the Hardcore version
2) I want to get things done instead of playing with fart apps and the keyboard rules!!

1. Hardcore version.

2. I'm BlackBerry By Choice because it is my way of showing the world that the world isn't just about Apple or Android. I don't need to camp out in front of a retailer so I can get the latest version of the iPhone or iPad. I don't need to line up outside of an Apple store at the crack of dawn in the hopes that they have enough of their new item come in that morning so I can get it. I guess I'm BlackBerry because I'm too damn impatient to wait in line.

I would love the non-family friendly version! Size L.

I have been a Crackberry user since they were basically pagers and switched to the first model that came out for Nextel. I am seriously addicted to them. Pick me please.

Hardcore T all the way!

I am a BB user for life because I love the functionally of the devices and the bridge function between my phone and PB.

1. Thumbs up please

2. Ever since I got my 1st email and could calendar sync without a cable I was hooked
. It just works and I trust it like a brother.

Please ya gotta let me win this one.. I need one of these!!

1. Hardcore Version- Because I'm one of the most hardcore BlackBerry users out there(Besides you Kev)

2 I am definitely BlackBerry By Chhoice! I'm currently outta work & my BlackBerry has been a great tool in helping me find & land a job!

would love the family friendly version and wear it to school! Show all those iphone people what a good product is.. XL please

1) Thumbs up T-shirt (:
2) I'm a BlackBerry user by choice because I could text and email stuff fast and clear. I LOVE BlackBerry keyboard. BB Keyboard = Perfection. Plus their OS is easy to use.

Thank you very much!

1) I want the hardcore version because we need to BE BOLD

2) I am BlackBerry by choice because I am pro communication. Nothing does that like a BlackBerry no matter how fucking awesome Infinity Blade is.


1. Please the THUMBS UP T SHIRT (I'm a family man)

2. I am Blackberry by choice, because Blackberry does what I need it to do. I don't want to watch movies and play games on my phone. I'm all about BUSINESS!!

Hardcore please.

I chose Blackberry, because everyone else didn't. I do things my way, not someone else's.

I would like the 'two thumbs up' version, so i could wear it anywhere ! and I had a choice btwn gift cards for gas or gcs to purchase a BB playbook . . of course I went for the Blackberry (64gb) Pb which is the more tangile item that goes 'further' .... longer :)


p.s. colour: red/white of course !

1) I want the "softcore" the design

2) I am a Blackberry Developer by choice...have always believed in RIM and I plan to support BB10 to the max...I am Blackberry by Choice

1) Two thumbs up

2) my thumbs thank me for it. They haven't looked this good since the SNES days.

i would love the unrated or the hardcore version.

i have been a bb user for years now, i love RIM

if someday get a chance i would love to work there too.


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Would be awesome to be rawking the softcore t-shirt!
Gotta show the faith to the naysayers who keep saying RIM is dead/dying/bankrupt. Ain't happening - just a 'small' bump in the road going on right now. (We all hope)

I'd love me a CrackBerry thumbs up shirt. I'm all about BlackBerry by choice as it's the perfect device for me, offering what no other device can offer me such as the notification light, in-holster settings, and the list goes on :-D There's definitely no other device out there that's better for getting things done either.

I'd like the 2 thumbs up version please!

Came back to BB from Android because I need a communication device first. It's the most reliable phone and messaging device around. Also, don't forget that there is no other keyboard that comes close!

I'm all in for the non-hardcore version. Unfortunately if I want to wear anything around it must be family friendly.

However, that doesn't mean I don't get stuff done. I'm Blackberry by Choice because it its the best tool to help me get stuff done quicker than anybody else. I can check email, weather, and everything just from the homescreen and type out an email on my 9800 faster than anyone else can on their phones. Too bad there isn't an Addicted to Crackberry shirt!

I want the Hardcore version because im sick of my friends rubbing in there new apps on their iphones and androids while belittling my Blackberry

Im a true blackberry fan for life i like having a tool not a toy size XL please pick me Kevin!

I would like a two thumbs up version please.

Simply, I love my Blackberry. After my Pearl died (my first smartphone), I could have switched to an iPhone, but I held out for a Torch (I couldn't give up that keyboard!). It does everything I need it to do and it does it well. Blackberry may be a little down right now, but when the new BB 10 phones are released, I want it to show the world that we are definitely NOT out!

1) Thumbs up version so I can wear it to work
( you should add the CB logo on the sleeve or on the back )

2) Because I am an Adult !
I dont need all the "apps + games"
Like they said "I want TOOLs not TOYs"

BlackBerry by Choice !!!

1) Two Thumbs Up !!
2) Bold 9900 and Playbook 64GB ( early adopter April 2011 w/ no regrets ) By Choice !!

Best keyboard bar none. Whether 2 or 1 thumbs or hands. Awesome single handed usage.

Best email experience bar none. I need to communicate fast and efficiently. Time is of the esscence.

Best notifications and alerts bar none. Laugh at my friends who don't know who and why an alert occurs. I need to not waste time constantly looking at my phone for unimportant messages.

Great App selection and always getting better. Other than Skype, I have 100 additional apps on my 9900 and everyone that friends have on their iPhones that are useful and meaningful applications. I have my Playbook for enteretainment and play value.

Awesome battery life. Heavy usage and always have had enough juice to get through a hectic day. My iPhone friends can rarely say that. Plus having an easily replaceable battery along with a spare is great for those longer days.

Priceless!! Best integration of phone and tablet and love that my Playbook has no data plan. Who needs a 4G when paired with a 9900. With the recent iPhome rumour, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even Apple may finally see and acknowledge the real benefits of this level of integration.

Blackberry THUMBS UP! I love blackberry products because they are reliable on the net, easy to be ALL CHARGED UP, plenty of games and business apps... I love showing off my playbook and my BB phones..size XL please!

I would take either shirt if I won, whatever you decide. Personally I want the hardcore version because I am a hardcore BlackBerry user and developer and stockholder, and I don't care about all these negative rumors and people who are trying to bury RIM... They can read my shirt! But if I am going out with it, may not want to stir up any trouble if I am in family friendly situations. I would decide when it is appropriate to wear the shirt!

I am BlackBerry by choice because their products, both phone and tablet, offer me productive and affordable tools which I have used for both business and play. They also offered me with an opportunity to easily develop apps by giving us developer tools freely which run on many types of computers. They are also headquartered only 1 hour away from me, support local charities and the community. The blackberry platform is secure and reliable and energy and data efficient.

1. I'd like the hardcovers finger shirt

2. I'm awesome and I need a phone that's as awesome as me. I don't need to throw birds at pigs but I do need to segregate 8 different email accounts with instant accessories all of them. PLUS having a menu button and true multi-tasking is where it's at.

I want a thumbs up shirt because I think that RIM is still a winner and will come through with BB10.

I chose a Blackberry after having a Nokia the next best phone, because the Blackberry is the most durable in quality and the most reliable device out there. They have the best signal reception of any mobile device in the market today. I know a former Vice President of RIM that changed over to Apple products and admits that he is returning to Blackberry devices because they are better made,more secure and reliable.

Family Friendly please :)

It has always been Blackberry by Choice since i got my first Blackberry, a Pearl 8100 :)

Simply put, all that I need are in one -- apps for family, personal, work, and others are in my device.

Wifey and my daughter rock their own Blackberry devices, too. Wifey's got a Storm 2, and daughter's got the 8520.

It's Blackberry or bust for us :)

The shirt would help me express in the most polite manner why I keep my Storm 2, and why i'm not willing to jump over to the dark side :D

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

1) SFW version please
2) Using and abusing since I unboxed my 8700 on launch day
3) Because it makes me sick everytime I see an iPhone

1) The Hardcore Version

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because my BB is my life tool!
Its used to communicate, get s&*t done & keep my chaotic life in check. Apps & games be damned. And once work is done, it also helps unwind, be social & click the odd snap or two.

3) (Someone else has posted this on here but its so true) Cause i cant stand people telling me to get an iPhone...This shirt is just whats needed to keep them shut.

1) I want the Hardcore Version... because I want to see the whole world Blackberry is not an option but a choice!!!

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because its for elite mobile users and not for masses!

1. Hardcore without a doubt, no other way to show off my new found love for BB other then sticking it to the competition.

2. BB By Choice because in market where everyone jumps at the next greatest thing on a day-to-day basis, I found that BB suits my needs where others fall short. All I need is to be able to call, text, stream music and FB.

1--Hardcore version plz!
2--Blackberry by choice because I love the reliability of my phone, as well as the platform! & it's only getting better. It's safe to say I'll die with a Blackberry in my hand!

Definitely the family friendly version for me! Ping me baby one more time I want shirt to be mine mine mine!

Thumbs up! in a small.

I get ragged on all the time by the other two major OS's cause of my blackberry. Then they ask me how come they never see me charge my phone or they scream about it resetting itself. I tell them to buy blackberry. I have no where near as many problems as they do. Why do you think people buy mac computers? Because it's one company over the entire process. One person to complain to.

I like the Hardcore version, but I would ware the two thumbs up one. I do use a Blackberry by choice. Even if it's not a popular one with most people.

1) the non hardcore version so you can wear it out in public without issue

2) I am RIM by choice as - I carried around a Nextel 7250 unit with antenna for over 7 years and only finally got rid of it when I had to get something new to do the BB Bridge for my Playbook tablet. I am a rim supporter since 2000 when I was deploying hundreds of the 850 pager units. Love my RIM phone and network.

1) I want the Hardcore Version... because I'm going to the apple store wearing it.

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because Im a student and i like to get things done quickly and effeciently while being organized.

Blackberry Curve 8520
Blackberry Playbook

I would love to win this 'CrackBerry Thumbs Up' T-Shirt!

I am a Blackberry by choice because of the security of the OS, and the 'works like a horse' always on.

I can always count on my blackberry, even when other platforms can not get messages out to family and friends, by using the BBM program.

Two thumbs up i can wear it to work. Out of the 80+ people i work with i am the only one that rocks a Blackberry, it's sad! Also, no other phone lets me text with my dad across the ocean for free, lots of love for BBM. Thanks Blackberry!

1) Gotta go with the softcore because my 2 and 6 year old children don't need to see me like that...yet.

2) BlackBerry by choice because there really isn't any other choice. BB doesn't feel like a toy (because it isn't), and combines the ease of use of the iPhone with the customization of Android except that it did so before they were around and do it better. I don't even find the iPhone that easy to use. Things are more intuitive with BB and make more sense. I'm really at a loss why more people don't understand this.

1. Two thumbs up.. Just think it's more reflective of who and what I am as a person and user..

2. I choose (and the term 'choose' is important as I DO have options for other devices) to use and stay with the Blackberry platform is that is does what I need it to do, does so reliably, consistently and with a UI that is- for me- friendly, easy to use and intuitive.
I think that all the added "bells & whistles" are great.. but for me, in the end, if it does do and cover my basics in a reliable and consistent manner, then it's of no value.
and for me, the Blackberry platform is just that-- stable, reliable and consistent.

I am blackberry by choice because my cingular/at&t blackberry plan is still unlimited everything. I wouldn't change it for the world

1.) I would love a BlackBerry Thumbs up t-shirt because it gets the message across in style without offending anyone (larger target market).

2.). I love BlackBerry for the same reason that I've loved it for the last 10 years; no other device provides the same level of enterprise integration as the BlackBerry does, and still versatile and fun. And let's face it, gotta love the 2 thumb typing on the great variety of BlackBerry keyboards. Common BlackBerry 10, show them what you're made of.

1) I would love the Crackberry Thumbs Up Shirt!

2) I own a Bold 9930 and a PlayBook. I am constantly defending my ownership of both of these devices while correcting misconceptions about the brand or Research in Motion. My BlackBerry is a necessity in my daily life. It does everything I need it to do, and I love it! I think it is way better than any android or ios device. I use my PlayBook in class to take notes and research information. Bridge with my 9930 is a lifesaver because of my university's slow wifi. Plus the 9930 has the best keyboard of any phone and makes typing my notes way faster and easier. I believe in the future of Research in Motion and cannot wait for BB10 to be release. I am BlackBerry by choice.

I would like the thumbs up version....because i have been looking everywhere for it, to buy for my soon to be husband. He is mad about blackberry i think he has bought every single blackberry that has come out, not to mention the playbook and to be honest i dont really know much about them although i should, as the computer is connected to the tv in the bedroom and everyday without fail he is on it looking at crackberry sometimes for up to 6 hours at a time. Entering every compitition, reading up on the lastest thing that crackberry has to say,sometimes i feel like i'm going mad staring at crackberry, so for my sanity PLEASE let me win one. He is always telling people that he is crackberry by choice not a follower of the one who cannot be named.(a##le).SHHHH!!!

1.) Hardcore
2.) Because I need to spend as little time communicating as effectively as possible. Toasts, hub, etc. on BB10 make it happen. Give me some time back from lif.... errr, work!