Re-Introducing the BlackBerry by Choice T-Shirt... 20 Freebies up for Grabs!

BlackBerry By Choice!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2012 06:58 pm EDT

Contest: Leave a comment to this post saying whether you want the "CrackBerry Thumbs" (pictured) or "Hardcore" version of this t-shirt and tell us why you're BlackBerry By Choice for your chance to win!

OK folks, it's time for Take 2. We're happy to re-introduce the BlackBerry By Choice t-shirt. Our initial version was hardcore. Some of you loved it, some of you hated it (like really, really, really hated it...I get it). So just as BlackBerry will release both a full touchscreen and physical keyboard version of BlackBerry 10 phone to please the masses, we are doing up a second BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt design. There's power in choice!

The new and improved BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt is family friendly and plays to that historical characteristic of BlackBerry users... WE ARE TWO THUMB TYPERS! Now you can tell the world you're a two thumb typer and show your two thumbs up of support for BlackBerry at the same time with this sexy shirt. It will be available next week from our friends at in a variety of colors and styles (and yes, you can still buy the hardcore version right now from them). And while we're waiting for the new ones to become available... we're going to give some BlackBerry By Choice shirts away for free!

BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirt Contest: Leave a comment to this post telling us TWO things: 1) Whether you want to win the family friendly CrackBerry Thumbs Up t-shirt (as seen above) or the more controversial hardcore version (see it here) and 2) Tell us why you're BlackBerry By Choice! Contest ends this Tuesday at Midnight PST. Good Luck!

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Re-Introducing the BlackBerry by Choice T-Shirt... 20 Freebies up for Grabs!



Example Contest Entry

1) I want the Hardcore Version... because I'm hardcore.

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because I put a priority on getting stuff done! I want a phone that can do everything, but I want it to do business and community and productivity first -- where every second of time saved counts -- and then when the work is done I want to be able to play. BlackBerry keeps their priorities straight!

I want the hard core version because our backs are against the wall and it's time to ngaf! An animal fights best when cornered. We're cornered. Let's f isht up and set things straight! A middle finger to the naysayers.
Btw I'm not asking. Straight outta LoCash!

Want CrackBerry Thumbs one.

Because i like functionality and ease over bueaty...!!!

"When you're going through hell, keep going."

I'd like to have the Thumbs Up T-shirt.

I'm Blackberry by choice because this platform does everything exceptionally well for what I need in my business and personal life.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

I want the thumbs up version. I love and really need the keyboards on BlackBerry so I will always stay BlackBerry.

1) Thumbs-Up version... I'd like to be able to wear it to work and around certain family members that might not appreciate the finger version

2) I'm BlackBerry by Choice because it is still the ultimate communications platform

1. Give me the "Hardcore". Sometimes, in order to express the conviction in one's message, an F-Bomb needs to be dropped.

2. It's more than just the fixation on the products. It's more than the appeal of design. BlackBerry is a way of life for me.

1. I'll take the "Hardcore" Shirt...So instead of giving them a speech on why i have a blackberry, my shirt will shut them down

2. I'm Blackberry by choice because it's a great communications hub for me...i'm connected worldwide baby!!


1.) I would like the "hardcore" version so I can stick it to all my friends with iPhones!!!

2.) I'm Blackberry by choice because, in my opinion, Blackberry is the mecca of smartphones. It all started with Blackberry. All of this new stuff is just a duplicate. I love Blackberry!

1.) The two thumbs up version as we are a Blackberry usage company and I want to be able to wear it to work.

2.) Having been a Blackberry user since the 7000 series days, migrated to Pearl, and then to two different Curves, and now a Torch, I can't imagine using any other device on the market.

1) I want and NEED the hardcore shirt because I represent BB all day and everyday to those who have stupid little iSheeple and Poopdroid phones who argue with me to why I use my BB and PlayBook.

2) I would love the BlackBerry By Choice shirt because I prefer to have BB and use my PlayBook then any other phone/tablet. Fits my needs and the quality of both phone and tablet are GREAT. Fits my NEEDS just fine. Ya dig?!

Team BlackBerry FOR LIVE!!! BB10 FTW!!! BOOM!

PS.. I would look pretty darn good wearing one =). Bye bye!

1, i want the fam friendly version cause i'm gonna wear the hell out of that shirt lol. don't wanna offend anyone.

2, blackberry since the pearl 8100. tried many phones and not one of them can do what my bb can . blackberry4life is where it's at for me. am happy with my 9900. got it running mad fast cause of the engineering screens ;) and it's the only phone i want. plus am super excited bout the excitement over here at the crackberry. it's infectious. love it!

3, and i promise to do a photoshoot in the shirt. :)

thank you.

1. Thumbs Up please...two thumbs up!

2. I stay with BlackBerry for device security...that's my #1 thing. There are so many more reasons though. I've tried the other 2 major OS's and always come back to the Crack. BlackBerry gets it done for me!!!!!

1) Thumbs up please
2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because 1) they are the most effective mobile communications tool available, 2) they are the prettiest phone out there, 3) the keyboards rock, and 4) they are Canadian.

I want the hardcore version because I'm with RIM for the long haul ffffff errrbody! Lol

I'm BlackBerry by choice because I choose to get shit done everyday with no play!

1) Blackberry, is a business power house phone, keep it classy with the two thumbs up in business.
2) I'm a Kitchener native going to school at uWaterloo so anything else than Blackberry would be against my religion. But I am happy I am from Kitchener and not California, I use my Berry to COMMUNICATE like a phone should and this is by far the best way of doing so.

1. I want the Thumbs up Shirt

2. Because i love (and need) the BlackBerry Keyboard, and because it's the best Smartphone.

I want the two thumbs up shirt because I want to be able to wear it at work on Casual Friday's to go along with my other BlackBerry Shirts (One Says My BlackBerry Is Smarter Than Your iPhone) and the other says (Berries Taste Better Than Apples) and it will drive my work (I work with the federal government and many are switching to iPhone and Android Devices) crazy. Please let me win one :)


Al Kuqo

I would want the more controversial shirt. Always thought the best way was to fight fire with fire :)

I'm blackberry by choice because I choose to stay connected, choose to be productive and because i choose inovation. It's all there, inside my slick blackberry.

1. Definitely the family friendly version.
2. Have you tried typing a response to "one thousand" (lol) emails on a touchscreen or one of those square slide-out android keyboards? Not gonna happen. That's why I'm BlackBerry by choice.

1) thumbs up version, better for when I'm around my young impressionable children.
2) I'm blackberry by choice because I need a phone that works for me, although I can use the competitors phones, none of them work for me like a blackberry

1. Thumbs up version please!
2. I'm BlackBerry by choice because BlackBerry's are for leaders, and iPhones are for followers!!

1) Can I have the 'family friendly Thumbs Up t-shirt' please.. It's just looks cooler!

2) I'm a long-time blackberry user as there's no better communication device. I have my phone out all the time (much to the annoyance of my friends.. They joke about it now), BBM, texting, whatsapp, E-mails (manage 5 accounts), and the phone keeps going without a hitch. I love the feel of the keyboard and how integrated the phone is out of the box. Skipping to the different messaging apps is quick and easy.. It's great and hassle free. I'd be lost without a BB.

(Sending this on my playbook 64GB.. Typed from my bridged Bold 9780 :p)

I'm BlackBerry By Choice but I don't f* the haters with my fingers up(I'm talkin' 'bout them thumbs, but I'd take a Hardcore T too) to all you BB haters from A**le to A**roid and even you BlackBerry users that are losing faith and coming down on yourself and your own kind!!! BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE

1.) Which shirt do I want...Hell just give me both, that way I can wear the finger one 5 days a week and the thumbs up version on Sundays.

2.) I'm Blackberry by choice because Blackberry was the first true smart phone and just like Elvis, there is only one king and everyone that came after were just followers.

BlackBerry is the only platform that suits me. It gets the job done and that's enough for me. I want the thumbs up t-shirt!

1. Thumbs Up
2. The BB Curve 8330 was my very first smart phone. I've loved BlackBerry ever since. There is something about being loyal (with my wife, job, Church, etc) that is inherent in me. My Bold 9930 and my Playbook are like extensions of myself and a very important part of my every day life.

Also, I just ordered the hardcore version yesterday and would like to have a "friendlier" version. :)

1) family friendly thumbs up version
2) I'm Blackberry by choice because I like to be efficient and stylish. I feel like an adult and independent instead of just following the pack. And nobody tells me what to do let alone what phone I use!!!

The thumbs up one for me...and i am by choice for i am the only one of my group of friends that actually tried a bb and iphone prior to buying my bbm list may be short because of it but my smile is bigger :)

1. Thumbs up!

2. I'm BlackBerry by choice because that is my every day tool that helps me get stuff done. Simple as that. Plus...the addiction to that keyboard is unmatched.

1) I would like the thumbs version

2) ever since i got my first blackberry 4.5 years ago, its been all about staying connected and available all the time and no other device connects me to family friends and coworkers around the world like my BlackBerry. The iconic keyboard helps me stay in touch and the email experience is awesome.

BB all the way.

1) Thumbs up version!
2) BlackBerry by choice 'cause I love the physical keyboard. There's no better phone to use as a communication device.

Of course I like both of them. But, because there's a controversy I would have to choose the hardcore version.

I want the THUMBS UP!.. cause i txt with my thumbs :-)

Next!, Because Im the only person out of my friends with a blackberry, and they keep saying why? BB is going out of business. they say im out f date psh! #blackberryforlife

1. Hardcore version because I'm Hardcore and I often drop bombs(f bombs) on my iphone toting friends.

2. My BB let's me get my shit done in an efficient manner.

3. The crackberry blog and forums help all users of berries.....

Yes I want the family safe version, black or dark blue. I perfer to be less obnoxious :)

Simple simple 9900 has the worlds best mobile keyboard, I can email, text, BBM!, etc, faster and more efficiently than anyone I know with Androids or Iphone. And yes I stand behind that statement with both guns blazing!

1) I want to win the family friendly Thumbs Up t-shirt please..

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because of the keyboard and because my Blackberry always has service in areas where most other phones don't.. Thank you Blackberry and CrackBerry!!!

1) I want the Thumbs Up t-shirt
2) I'm BlackBerry by Choice because it's the only utility that I need, I do everything with my BlackBerry and I have used BlackBerry forever! I never put it down and I stayed connected to friends and work all at once all the time. Couldn't spend a day without my BlackBerry.

1. thumbs up! :)

2. I started with the 8100 pearl and now i am at the bold 9900 (patiently waiting for bb10 with a kb device). also rocking the playbook B-D
I am a proud Canadian and will always support RIM, one of the most successful canadian businesses ever! Their products r just fantastic and cater to almost every market. Kids, teens, adults, business people, professionals...etc.. The most secure devices ever! I dont have to worry about losing my data or some1 else going through my phone if i lose it because i can remotely wipe it. There are sooo many things that blackberrys can do that people dont know about (lack of marketing?) for example, bb protect, NFC, Mobile hotspot, data transfer, change your device and not lose even ONE SINGLE text. now that is amazing! definately tools not toys.

1) I want the controversial "Blackberry by Choice" t-shirt.
2) I'm Blackberry by Choice because Blackberries are still the best phones on the market (regardless of what others think) and you get shit done. If I wanted to play games I'd use my laptop but I have a busy life and I'm always on the go. My blackberries have never failed me to this day!

I like the thumbs up version... and I'd love to win a t-shirt, too!! lol

I love my bold 9900 because its the perfect mix of touch screen and keypad.. and I use it quite a bit for my small business, google voice to call Greece, my currency converter to keep updated with the exchange rate...

I live in Detroit, so naturally the hardcore aka real version. Preferably the black hoodie if possible.

And I'm BB by choice because I have to be, its rough out here and I gotta defend my BB all day. Might as well have a shirt that says what I am gonna say, instead of constantly repeating myself.

1) I want the Thumbs Up version....because I like turtles.
2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because I like turtles.

1. Thumbs Up so that I can alternate with my "fins up" Jimmy Buffet t-shirt.
2. I don't need 100 fart apps to choose from.

F*ck all the haters! Specially all the ones that really is a fan, that's the reason why they're here. They just scared to admit it.
I'm BB by choice because I am.
Ill sport my thumbs on my chest and most of all on my BlackBerry!

1) Hardcore
2) Because I went to a baseball game last night and noticed how many BBs are out there (and how many aren't) and want to help push BB sales in my little neck of the woods!

Oh, and my gf just told me she'd never go anywhere with me in that shirt. But that's ok, because she has an iPhone ;)

I'll make a great ambassador for BB as I already have the hardware and stop at nothing to promote Bridge connecting etc.. Everyone that learns about bridging loves it! I'm huge fan of everything BB!

I have to resign myself to the "Thumbs" version, have to keep the peace around here! Thanks

I'd like the friendly thumbs version. I'm BlackBerry by choice to show all the haters that BlackBerry's are the best and will rise to the top again.

1) I would like the "Thumbs Up" version

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because I love how easy it is to "get things done" with the Bold 9900. Can't beat the physical keyboard! One of my first electronic purchases was the original iPod Touch which I though was great. I quickly became bored with it (and anti-Apple;). I moved on to the HTC Desire which I loved, but it only lasted a year and a half. I then moved on to the Bold 9900 and quickly became a BB fan. Bought the Playbook two months later and love it!


I would like the "Thumbs Up" version. I am Blackberry by Choice because my Blackberry does everything efficiently. I started with the Curve 8330....then the Bold 9650 and now the Bold 9930. It keeps me well organized and gets me thru my busy day.

1. I'm a two thumbs jp kind of guy!
2. I just returned from ten days in Europe with extended family, my immediate family carrying three BlackBerrys & two Playbooks between us. While those with droids couldn't connect to data and when they did, rarely 3G, our BlackBerrys just "worked" perfect. And the WiFi-only iPads were a failure compared to our Playbook Bridged email while out and about. BlackBerry by choice!

1) I want the Hardcore Version... because it's time to give the bird to everyone else who has been flipping off us!

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because:

a) Blackberry doesn't require an invasive program to be installed on my computer just so that I can transfer music, files, videos, and other material to their device;

b) Blackberry devices can be used as USB hard drives in which - gasp - drag and drop just simply works;

c) Blackberry, as a corporation does NOT dictate to me what types of website I am allowed to visit on my Phone nor my Playbook;

d) Blackberry does not have a "family first" agenda which has been used to restrict certain reading material such as gay/lesbian literature;

e) Blackberry did not allow for the creation of a so-called conversion app for individuals who are homosexual and then be forced, due to extreme public pressure and human rights complaints, to pull the app;

f) Blackberry's Playbook plays a large number of video codecs including .mkv without requiring the video files to be converted;

g) Blackberry produced a tablet that actually has two speakers placed on opposite ends of the tablet and, wonder of wonders, actually face towards the user producing an uncompromising sound experience;

h) Blackberry produces a phone that can be submerged in a sink filled with water for 15 minutes only to have the phone work perfectly after it's been thoroughly dried - in short, having dropped my phone, without a case on it, repeatedly onto cement only to find that beyond the normal scratches, the phone still works demonstrates the dependable quality that can be found in Blackberry products;

i) Blackberry doesn't require users to purchase extra software to be able to read documents, power point, and excel files for their tablet - unlike Apple's ipad

j) Blackberry isn't tracking you *cough * Apple * cough *

and i) Blackberry isn't Apple. Enough said!

One of the hardcore would be the Bomb.

Why:...because BB is the only logical choice and this is the first site I check everyday.

Good luck to all.

Ill throw my fingers at the BlackBerry haters with that Hardcore T. They want it anyways.

BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE and don't try n tell me otherwise...!

I would love the thumbs up version.

I choose Blackberry because it just works! I don't want a phone for games. I want a phone for information and communication. I want a tablet that makes my work easier and gives me access to information. My Playbook does all of that and more. I am Blackberry by choice.

I would like the "Hardcore" shirt because we need to show the other companies we do not care what they do! Blackberry is here to stay!!

My Blackberry is a full part of my everyday life and I won't sway from a perfect keyboard!! :)

Jamie P

I was all about the hardcore shirt, but the idea of two thumbs as "BlackBerry thumb" as opposed to the "way to go doood" never occured to me. Genuine LOL :) I'd aim for one of those. The reasons I carry a 'Berry are the same as everyone else's; best fit for usage style, superior keyboard, superior security, and she has one h*ll of a personality. Further, I don't abandon my best friends.

1. The two thumbs I can wear it in school

2. I'm a blackberry by choice because when I was 14 I started using sites like craigslist and I got my blackberry (8100) for cheap from there and I needed a better communication tool to talk to the people that call me I'm 18 now and I've used the other platforms but never was able to leave blackberry for longer that 2 weeks (actually 16 days)

i want to win the two thumbs up version by choice!

I love the security of blackberries and bbm. I'll give you two reasons why I am blackberry by choice.
1 - Storm
2 - Storm2

for those of you that have used those devices, you know what i mean. endless days and nights in the crackberry forums hoping for an update. then hoping for the next update.

I want the thumbs up version!! Actually I suggested a thumbs up version in yesterdays post. Do I get royalties? LOL.

People who have Blackberry and Playbooks are mostly business people and I think if you wear the vulgar version of the t shirt:
1: No one is gonna take you seriously and
2: You are gonna look like a loser trying to support RIM.

Can you imagine all the Androids and iPad users who are gonna have a field day with such profanity?
Playbook, the one and only

1) hardcore

2) I've given up 2 contract renewals to family members in order to save for BB10...Android and iPhone cannot compete with BlackBerry for what I need...and that's communication.

1. I would live a thumbs-up version, why?
2. because my brother and I are BB users and abusers (and because I would love to giveit to my BBbro if I won)

1. Hardcore version
2. I am BlackBerry by choice because I am constantly finding myself saying to others, "really, your phone can't do that? My blackberry can." I have yet to meet a phone that does what I need that isn't a blackberry.

1) Two Thumbs Up please, want to be as classy as my playbook.

2) I have the money to buy other devices, but why would I when I can buy a device with a UI I love and hardware to back it up. There are 2 playbooks in my house hold and I've gotten several other people interested in the playbook. Increasing RIM's market share one house hold at a time.

(1) I want the hardcore because I am a hardcore Blackberry user. And I love the hardcore style shirts. Yes!

(2) I use Blackberry by choice because it's reliable, it's fun, it's functional, it's intelligent. And it lets me have the options I want. A keyboard! Yes! And a touchscreen. Awesome - the best of both. And I'm also a Playbook owner. With my Bold and the Playbook and the handy bridge, I'm connected wherever I go.

Call me a diehard or call me harcore. I don't care. Just don't take away my Blackberry.

1) CrackBerry Thumbs!

2) I'm BlackBerry by choice because RIM is a Canadian icon, both the phones and Playbook have exceptional out-of-the-box native functionality, great value, all business, no fluff.

1) I definately want the Hardcore Version... because it's say's EXACTLY how I feel.

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because nothing else meets "my" high standards like a BlackBerry!

#1 hardcore version
#2 because I choose to be efficient

PS: since "currently" we won't get dev alphas for latin america's jam, we (attending the events) are all truly and absolutely BlackBerry by choice down here!!! Go Sao Paulo!!! I'm going to the jam, I'm looking forward to, and I would love to use that hardcore version at the jam... LOL it would be awesome!!!! Can you send me that on time? Please, please, please?!?!?!!

1) Crackberry Thumbs
2) I am BlackBerry by choice because I use my phoneti get things done! Can't live without a phisical keyboard, and need the phone to he me through a day!

1- two thumbs up version please.
2 - Why do I always choose BB? I have had 8 BB devices since 2002 - all for personal use only and I have loved each one more than the last (except maybe the Pearl). I have a Torch 9800 and have been so patiently waiting for BB 10. The qwerty keyboard is the most wonderful way to interact with the digital world. It is wonderful also that RIM is Canadian

1) I'd like to have the Thumbs Up T-shirt. (oh and shouldn't the fingers be pointed inward toward the center of the shirt like they would when typing on the BB?)

2) I'm Blackberry by choice because this platform does everything I need it to do without being the lowest common demnominator device. Oh and it allows my Playbook to access items behind the firewall via BES and Bridge Browser.

1) Thumbs Up T-Shirt Please

2) I'm BlackBerry by choice because I don't need toys, I need something professional AND because I go to the University of Waterloo! Gotta support the local businesses.

1-The two thumbs up version for me!
2- I choose blackberry because I need an actual business tool and not a toy. It just works.

1. Two thumbs version so I could wear it anywhere.
2. From day 1 BB has offered me everything I've needed in a smartphone. I'm definitely staying with BlackBerry.

Family Friendly Version so I can wear it to work

BB is the only tool that I need to conduct my work life and personal life!ps too!
well a PB helps!

I want this t-shirt really badly because when I switched from using my Samsung A720 flip phone to my first smartphone in November 2010, I had a choice between Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile but I chose to support the Canadian company, Research In Motion, and chose to get a BlackBerry. My decision to get a BlackBerry was heavily criticized by my cousins who had Android phones and wanted me to get an Android device. It was a tough decision at the time but at the time, I felt I made the correct decision to pick BlackBerry for my first ever smartphone because I knew I had friends on BBM and also I wanted a smartphone with both a physical keyboard and an on screen keyboard and that's why I got a BlackBerry Torch 9800 which I'm still using until my contract expires next October. Oh by the way, I want the family friendly version of the t-shirt please.

1) I want the hardcore version cause it's just like me.
2) I'm BlackBerry by choice not just to get things done, but to get things done when they happen and BlackBerry is the only smartphone that keep you connected and updated in a very REAL time. No way, even without BB10 I won't never change cause I love to live the present.

1. I'll take the "PC" version aka the Fonz version
2. I choose to continue using my BlackBerry because while my "Friends" ditched their BB's to play "words with friends," I got ish done and am getting my ish done every day, everywhere. And Fast.

To put things as simply as they are... I'm up for the hardcore version of this t-shirt because when everyone adopted blackberry as their phone just because everybody had one, I bought my first one for all the benefits I knew (BBM, fast email, awesome keyboard, etc), but when my friends started to fly out to other platforms for all the apps and "cool stuff", I stayed with BlackBerry because it's perfect for me, not just another "app phone", multitasking on my 9860 being a touchscreen is as easy as it was on any keyboard model, and I can't say that for other phones I tried... Blackberry by choice till BB10 AND BEYOND!!!

1. Hardcore shirt

2. My blackberry does everything i need it to do and more. Why would i want anything else.
Plus i love to support any Canadian Companies!

I NEED a family friendly thumbs up version. I don't think my wife will appreciate my wearing the other on around with our 6 year old at home.

As to why...

I live in Canada.
I think there are really only two companies that make decent hardware and software put together, I just really don't like how other company "sells" their phones by over pricing them and telling people they worth it.

I am a BB man, nice and simple.

I've owned them all; iPhone 4s, Windows 7, just about every Android device out there. I was an original Blackberry user, and I dabbled for a while -- as the rest of the masses have -- in the newer 'I-devices'. I moved back to the Blackberry a while back (I currently use a 9900) and I haven't looked back since.

There's just something to be said for elegance and simplicity. Naturally, my iPhone and Android toting friends all like to poke fun at me, and I'd love to have the family friendly version of this shirt to show them that, "Hey! I use a Blackberry because I CHOOSE THE BEST!" :)

) I want the Hardcore Version... because I'm hardcore.
2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because I put a priority on getting stuff done! I want a phone that can do everything, but I want it to do business and community and productivity first -- where every second of time saved counts -- and then when the work is done I want to be able to play. BlackBerry keeps their priorities straight!

1) While I am highly fluent in the proper use of vulgar communications in several languages. I choose to win the thumbs up version. Not because I dislike the hardcore version, but strictly because I am a parent of young children. Each of whom knows that vulgar language exists and occasionally can be used if the situation is appropriate. However in my parental opinion, which is the only one that counts for my children, at this time, they are not ready to see their dad wearing such a shirt. Check back with me after they become teenagers and I might have a different opinion.

2) I choose BlackBerry because I am an email and phone dialing fiend. I pound my keyboard hard and I treat my BlackBerry exactly like the communications tool that it is. Also just like the marketing slogan of a certain wrist watch maker from many years ago said: "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking."

3) Honestly the fuss some people make over one silly image. Kevin fully disclosed that original item was "hardcore" and not for everyone. If you are really that sensitive and insecure about one image, then keep your opinions to yourself. Those of us who have grown up, get it. There is a line between being polite and being crass. And occasionally in the honest expressing of personal feelings, someone makes a mistake. That is all that happened here. Kevin has admitted his mistake and moved on. Maybe you should do the same.

1) Hardcore version please :)

2) I am blackberry by choice because I chose blackberry over the others to get sh*t done!!!

1) hardcore cause my devices are "#1" and it saves me energy Flippin people off on the subway.
2) it gives me everything I want or need,now. Not in 15 mins, not after having to refresh, not having to reopen or re-log in to everything. I'm a New Yorker....I don't have time to wait.

1) family friendly
2) My friends know that if I am awake, my BlackBerry is on and near by. I power up my BlackBerry before I get out of bed... and check the CrackBerry app and twitter... every day gets me closer to the first Q of 2013.. I choose to wait.

1. Family Friendly Version
2. I have used multiple different phones - there has never been one that has made me more efficient than this device. It truly is one that I say every day "I LOVE this 9930!!!" There isn't one thing that I dislike about this phone!!

1) Hardcore - That's how I roll

2) After 4 BB's, 2 PB's, soon a 4G PB, and a couple BB10 phones (and a QNX infotainment system in my car if I can find someone to install it)... Yea, I love me some BlackBerry... Can't wait for the future of RIM to blossom... And to you pessimists ..I.,

I would like the thumb-up version.

I've tried all the high end phones. Nothing compares to the simplicity and effectiveness of a Blackberry. Thumbs-up!!!

1. Hardcore
2. My playbook crashed twice. Had to send it in for repairs. 1st time it was brand new. Less than one month old and they gave me a refurbished one. Second time the refurbished one was faulty and had to send it in for repairs. Then my 985 crashed beyond repair due to internal memory failure. I was frustrated as he'll. And you know what I did? I kept my refurbished playbook and bought another blackberry cell phone with my friends laughing me. If that isn't blackberry by choice. Then I don't know what is.

1) Hardcore Version
2) As a avid business professional, I need to be connected and up to date at all times. My BlackBerry allows me to be the most productive and efficient.

1) Hardcore please!
2) I'm BB by choice because I use my phone for what's its meant for- communication! Nothing is faster and more efficient than BB, I need to get sh** done and these phones (and tablet- love the pb!) have always allowed me to do so :)

Family friendly one please please please i wanna rock one with my little boy.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.

I would like a "thumbs up" version. It's optimistic and talks about a bright future for BlackBerry. I'm BlackBerry by choice because the Playbook and Bold combo that is my mobile computing has given me a sense of freedom that I have not had before. I am truly connected when I am out and about. People need choices and I choose BlackBerry.

I want the hardcore one!!
I'm BlackBerry by choice simply because my BB is my office when I'm outside the office (like 90% of the time I'm outside my office!!) No other phone let me get things done like my BB paired with my PB!!!

1. Family friendly version.
2. I've been die hard since the 8830, 9630 and now on to my 9930. I love Blackberry for its reliability that it has provided to me as a communication device. It's not a toy. I've dropped it countless times and it keeps on chugging along!

1) thumbs 2) because ever since I got my first blackberry, it has helped me be more efficient... I get sh** done.

1) Give me the finger! (hardcore)

2) I'm BB by choice because it gets the job done without trying to replace every other gadget I have (I'm rocking my original Storm2, never needed a replacement). I use my phone for e-mail, txt and making phone calls and it does it all day without me having to search for somewhere to charge the damn thing every 10min. I need to rely on my phone and my BB performs without question and without fault. I work in a Mac environment and I'm the only guy not sporting an iSuck 4s or an iPoop 3. I carry my Playbook with pride as it usable for more than just lol cat apps.

I would love to have the hardcore version, so I would give the finger to all the haters; AKA iphone users!

And I'm a Blackberry by choice because I'm all about professionalism and getting things done the way they should!!

Blackberry till I die!

1) I would like "thumbs up" t-shirt for the more classy look.
2) I'm BlackBerry by choice because I want the best communication device first and a gaming/entertainment device second. A smartphone should be a communication device first and everything else after.

HARDCORE! I have a few "Pomme" friends who regret their switch. My Bold is by far the best single tool I have eve used for communicating. That hardcore shirt with a picture text from me will definitely add to the bitter taste of Apple in their mouths!! C'mon!!!

1. Hardcore, because it is awesome.
2. My reason is so I can stop explaining to people "why" I have a blackberry and not some "cool iphone". I use my phone for school, and business. If I want to play games and make kitty voices I can use something else. Will never buy a non-bb, and won't let my gf either :) #crackberry4life

2) Blackberry makes my life easier, makes running my company easier, & makes me be able to do all that, you need to be HARDCORE...also, F all the other phones, BLACKBERRY BY CHOICE

1) I want the hardcore...coz I'm in it to win it! 2) I want it coz no one goes harder preaching n telling complete strangers on Twitter every night, all night why they need to hang on for BB10. My work is speaking for itself.......n I'm gonna continue whether I get one or not ^ #TeamBlackberry #Playbook

I would love the CrackBerry thumbs shirt, and well I use a BlackBerry because its simply the best phone in terms of meeting my messaging/communication needs :)

I would like the two thumbs up version (@2XL if possible).
2 I use a blackberry because I happen to think that it is the best device for me. I prefer the qwerty keyboard. My Curve is with me all the time for email, BBM, SMS and Twitter. I also use the calendar a lot. I was given an i-phone and promptly sold it. Wasn't interested in using it. I am also a proud Canadian and the fact that BB is a Canadian product is a real bonus. I am waiting with real anticipation for the release of the BB10.

1) family friendly version svp

2) blackberry by choice because i'm locked into a multi-year contract with rogers...
kidding. bb because it's durable.

I am BlackBerry By Choice because my BlackBerry helps me get things done! Done efficiently and done RIGHT.

I'd love the CrackBerry Thumbs version!

Thanks CB!

1. Hard core cuz it has tells me how i feel about other phones =P

2. Blackberry by choice because the phone is durable, capable of many things and helps me school related stuff everyday single day.

I'd love the Two Thumbs Up version! My first BlackBerry was a Storm 2, then I moved to the 9930 after buying my Playbook AT FULL PRICE a year ago. Can't wait for BB10! I'll never go to iPhone. I'm BlackBerry by Choice!

Definitely the two thumbs up, and I am all about sticking to my physical keyboard,at least on the handset form -factor. People I know are still amazed at how I just whip out my PB from most of my pants. When necessary, I keep it in a Mountain Equipment Coop pouch on my belt - ready to go whatever the situation.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I would like the the Two Thumbs up version.

I have used a Blackberry since I think it was the 8100, and use for my sales rep business. My emails and all of my contacts are on my 9810. Wouldn't want any other phone.

1. HARDCORE (wouldn't mind the family edition for casual day at the office. Alson don't the knuckles point in the wrong direction? When I two thumbs up my knuckles point inwards)

2. 9900 Keyboard (enough said)

Even if I don't win I think I may just have to pick up both of them.

1. Two Thumbs Up version.

2. I need this shirt to wear at my Club where I am in the minority (a BB user among a sea of yuppie Iphone/Ipad users). I receive comments asking me why I stick with BB and although I would love the X rated shirt to show my true opinion, I want to stay a member of my club.

I want the Two Thumbs Up Version. I love my Blackberry,I love the keyboard that is so much easier to use and more dependable than those touchscreen phones. No tap,tap,tap and hope what you want is really what shows up on your screen,and I love all the apps available. Its just a great phone!

1. Two Thumbs Up version (I like the other one better, but want to be able to wear it everywhere!)

2. I am blackberry by choice for many reasons but the main reasons are really quite simple. I have a blinking LED letting me know what's going on, and the keyboard can't be beat. Add in the amount of times I've dropped my phone without any problems and theres no reason to look elsewhere.

1. Hardcore!

2. BlackBerry was my first smartphone and is the ONLY smartphone for me. I'm BlackBerry by choice because to me there is no other choice.

1. Family friendly T-shirt PLEASE ! :)

2. Because many of my friends have left for other platforms, family members are mostly apple cults are all convincing me to change. But i still have my trusty 9700 and still rocking my playbook!

Yeah hook it up! I really would like the finger but give me the thumbs... I gotta be pc if I want to wear it to work.

1) Family friendly version please
2) I'm Blackberry by Choice because I've gone through enough different phones to truly realize my Blackberry is the best communicator out of them all as it best suits my needs.

I started off with a 7210, then upgraded to an 8700 when that came out. When IMate came out with their Jam, I jumped to windows mobile. After a couple of months, I realize Windows Mobile just didn't cut it, so I went back to the 8700. After loving the 8700 so much I upgraded to the 9000 (Best Keyboard EVER). I used that thing till it finally died on me, near the time when Android introduced the Galaxy S1.

When the Galaxy S1 came out, I was truly excited. I jumped ship.. 2 months later I jumped back and got myself a 9800 because the S1 was nice and all, but it didn't do meet my needs.

When the Nexus S came out, I jumped ship again! and well.. same old story.. I went back to my 9800.. they keep upgrading the OS and the features, bigger screen, etc. Still doesn't feel as if it's a great communication device. Soon after I got my hands on the 9900 and I've been using it since.

I thought about going to IPhone, until I got to play with my relative's IPhone and felt the UI very cumbersome to use, so that was not going to be an option.

I kept the Nexus S because I could root it, install roms, kernels, etc. I've been trying custom roms and kernels since Gingerbread to see if it could get me back onto Android. Even when the highly anticipated Jelly bean was announced, I installed CM10 JB, and thought it was great. When the official JB release came out, I quickly installed it.

I used the Nexus S running JB for 2 full days.. I opened the back of the phone, and put my sim card back into my Blackberry 9900.

With all the other smartphones that has to offer, I have yet to find a reason to jump ship. I'm sure when Google announces their next Nexus smartphone, I will again compare to my Blackberry to see if it will match up on a communications level.

As discussed before I've jumped many times, and I keep going back to my blackberry because it does what I need to do the best.. COMMUNICATE with my friends, family, colleagues and clients. All of the games, and apps Android and iOS has to offer are great, but I feel it hinders the fundamentals of a communication device, which something the Blackberry has always performed perfectly for me.

And that my friends.. is why I'm Blackberry By Choice! BRING ON BLACKBERRY 10.

1. Hardcore version to make more of a statement to those have something negative to say about me using my blackberry.

2. I've been a proud blackberry user since '06 starting with my 7100i on Nextel & I'm not trying to jump ship. I'll stick with what works for me. I don't want to be a slave to itunes for my phone to work or have to live life near a power outlet to get through the day. I use my phone to COMMUNICATE (which I always thought was the purpose of a phone) and I feel no other brand does that better than blackberry.

1. Family Friendly for sure.
2. BlackBerry by choice because form factors and OS's suite my requirements.

1. Thumbs up version.

2. I'm Blackberry by choice because it is the best communication device out there. Social feeds makes it easy to communicate across platforms and don't get me started on BBM!

Loving Jesus!

3 reasons...
1) I am Canadian
2) I'm not a sheep - I think different (one of the reasons i drive a Saturn too). :p
3) Security + Privacy go hand in hand... RIM care about security and don't steal my info anonymously

1) I want the Hardcore Version... because I'm a BlackBerry user with an attitude.

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because it just does all the job/task for me.

Give me the hardcore version so I can wear it to my sister-in-law's wedding. Always giving me a hard time because she's jealous of my 9900.

Why Blackberry? Got grown man business to take care of and ain't got time to play little kid games.

1) Family Friendly :)

2) I love the two thumbs one. I'm definitely two thumbs user because I have super big thumbs.

1. Thumbs version for me, just so I can wear it. anywhere
2. BB by choice cuz they do so much for me so easily! N BB is a COMMUNICATION tool which is what I need not a toy

1) Hardcore

2) I will not be forced to become an iSheep and Android is just shit. I've always been Blackberry and always will be, BB till the end.

1) I would like to WIN the thumbs up version, but I will BUY the HARDCORE! I will wear them both when appropriate. :>)

2) I am Blackberry by choice because:
a) BB phones are not made by mistreated people at Foxconn
b) I want to support a Canadian company
c) I get ALL my work done on Torch and PB combo
d) All the work I do is on the most secure platform
e) BB keyboards ROCK
f) BB10 will be my next handset

Mmmm... that's still only 2 right?

1. Family friendly, but doesn't really matter. A "T" shirt is "T" shirt.
2. I'm BB by choice as I scrounged up an old 8130 with missing keys to use while I wait for a BB10 to hit my hands.

1) Family Friendly version, so I can wear it everywhere...
2) Blackberry just works best for me, and nobody makes a physical keyboard like BB. Haven't found a touch keyboard I like yet. Touch screen is fine but not keyboard.....

1) family friendly CrackBerry Thumbs Up t-shirt Please!!
2) I have only and use only BlackBerry devices. with 20 over devices in my arsenal, I am THE hardcore fan!

1. Hardcore!!! Cause I'm a hardcore Bold/PlayBook promoter... ;-)

2. I've used every smartphone there has been, BlackBerry just compliments my life and make my communitcation with my world so much easier. Will forever be BlackBerry by choice!!

1) i would like the thumbs up version!

2) I am BlackBerry by choice because:
Its who i am and what i do. i have no time for little kid games of fancy gizmos because i need to get s!@#t DONE! the unified inbox is where i start my day and where i end it.


1) has to be hardcore just because.

2) I'm blackberry by choice because diversity is a good thing. Without it look at the options. PLUS bebold and get things done, the only way, the blackberry way. Reactions from iPhone/DROID users = priceless. Not to mention it would work with the bb tattoo :)

1) Family Friendly version
2) I chose BlackBerry because it's good both as a workhorse and as a racehorse - fun and it gets things done.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

{1}Family Freindly

{2} I like BlackBerry because typing 10,000 word long memopad stories and stuff is impossible on a touch screen. That and nothing beats a phone you can thrown on the ground to prove that BlackBerry's are tougher than anything else.

1) HARDCORE PLEASE, Cuz I was born to be Bold !!! Oh! Yeah.!!

2) Blackberry by choice, I leave in Cupertino Ca, Close to Apple Head Quarter. And I would wear the shirt with pride and visit their Facility...

I'll take a XL hardcore, you can have my stupid iPhone but you'll have to pry my Blackberry from my cold dead hands and I'll still put up a fight. there's cell service in hell I hope.

1: Hard Core for sure!!
2. Simply the best device. Nothing rank below security when it comes to a personal device like that. No amount of apps or games should cloud the judgement.

Hook me up with that hardcore version. I will ROCK it around waterloo.
I'm blackberry by choice because I need something that is fast and efficient at sending all of the various types of messages (text,email,etc). I need something that won't smash if I drop it. I need something that I can type on while using a treadmill. I need something that offers out of the box data messaging (bbm). I need something that has charging contacts for a bedside cradle. I need something that I can charge with the same charger as my gps (not 30 pin LOL). I need something that WORKS.

1. Two thumbs up

2. The only one still rockin' a playbook here in singapore (where all sorts of tablets are displayed and lit-up, but only the playbook has no power).

*also rockin' a BB9900*

Family friendly please. Then I can wear it everywhere, and show the world RIM is still alive and kicking.

Family friendly please. Then I can wear it everywhere, and show the world RIM is still alive and kicking.

1) I want the Hardcore Version because that's the only finger I use to type.

2) I am BlackBerry By Choice because no matter what bells and whistles other phones have, they can never hold up against the core features of my BlackBerry. Though it isn't the prettiest or the most cutting edge hard ware, it is always there for me, calm, consistent, and capable. I can always depend on my Bb.

1. Hardcore version please. You can't beat an original.

2. I use BlackBerry because it helps me get Stuff done....FAST

1. Hardcore version plz 'coz I'm a diehard Blackberry fans
2. Been using my Blackberry 9810 not only for business but for entertainment also.
And I will faithfully wait for Blackberry 10 to come in spite of other great phones currently out in the market right now :)

1. The fed up side of me would like the vulgar version to send a message to the haters...but the respectable family man in me will take the version with the thumbs.

2. I'd be lost without my 9900 and my PlayBook. They help me get isht done while keeping in touch with my friends and family.

**BlackBerry by Choice**

1. 2 thumbs up in the T version, however hardcore in the tank top & hoodie because there just hardcore ;)

2. BlackBerry by choice because it is the best platform to manage how quickly I can manage tasks day to day, it takes a little learning curve at the beginning however once you get into the groove of the interface it is highly usable and with the many shortcuts I LOVE IT! :)

1) Family friendly
2) I'm blackberry by choice because I need to be. I am a busy student as well as a firefighter. While I'm using my bridge connection to take notes through Evernote on my Playbook which ill later review on my blackberry before quizes or tests, I can fire off emails to/from my department as well as handle my personal email and school emails. Its great. I'd love to see an iphone user be able to manage half of the things I can easily do at one time.

1. I would love a thumbs up shirt!

2. I use my Blackberry Bold 9930 for work and pleasure. It has the best keyboard of all smartphones!!

1) I want the thumbs up version
2)I'm blackberry by choice because it's the only phone that really works for communicating, rather than wasting time with silly games.

I want the hard core, cause it would fit well in my collection of hard core t-shirts. I have another shirt the says, "STFU Please..." PLUS, I love RIM. Nothing gets the job done like a BB. My wife and I have 9810's. Her work phone is I-phone 4. The i-pooh has let her down numerous times. Her BB, not once. It even handles hotspots better than her I-pooh.

I like BB's because it is the only smartphone that is truly secure. It is the only smartphone that will be there for you during a disaster, it is the only true smartphone. Everyone else just needs to accept the fact that they all just wanted to be RIM. The future is bright!!! You just have to much I-pooh in the way to see it.

1. Hardcore version
2. I am Blackberry by Choice because i chose Blackberry to organise my personal and career life efficiently

1) I want the hardcore version because I'm sick and tired of it being "cool" to hate on RIM. That finger goes out to Apple and this media frenzy that they're undoubtedly behind.

2) I choose a BlackBerry because efficiency and productivity come first for me. A BlackBerry helps me get stuff done, and has a bit of flare as a bonus. Those other guys focus on the flare and put productivity at the bottom of the priority list.

I want the Hardcore Version because when I want to show my friends the shirt, it'll be like saying "Screw your iPhone! BlackBerry is better!"

1) I'd love to win the thumbs up version

2) I'm blackberry by choice because I love bbm, and I like being efficient with my typing. I don't like wasting time with fixing autocorrect. I get it done the first time....and fast!

I love my BB because it works. Great communication tool that has never let me down.

I'd love a thumbs up shirt!!!

Go BB10 !

1. While I love the hardcore version more... I'd like the PG version so it can be worn in public in child friendly environments.

2. Because the device works the best as a communication device. The device still works great as a phone (yes, people still talk on the phone). And hands down it is still the best email device out there.

1. Hardcore version.. BE BOLD!!
2. I am Blackberry by choice cos,
a. The PB UI described in one word is "Orgasmic"!!
b. BB phones have been reliable and very usable..

1.) I want the hardcore version. The finger goes out to all the Apple people who constantly downgrade Blackberry. I usually explain to them that my Blackberry can do the things their iTard can do, but they just have never taken the time to check out the newer devices.

2.) I choose Blackberry because it is a easy to use. I constantly check my email. I have never been as happy with other platforms in this area as I am with Blackberry. Also, I have a deep hatred for Apple snobs who have trashed Microsoft for being the devil for years but now find a way to praise Steve Jobs.

1. The family friendly version please

2. I'm "Blackberry by Choice" because I rely on my Blackberry smartphone and tablet to get things done. For school needs, I use my Playbook and my Curve to jot down some important notes or to edit documents. I also use them for my own pleasure, like messaging my friends via BBM on my smartphone and playing awesome games on my tablet. :)

1). Hardcore version, size medium.

2.) I'd rather have the shirt answer the question every iPhone user asks me when I bust out my BB in public spaces. I am Blackberry by choice because it gets the job done plain and simple.

1) I want a XL Hardcore the-shirt

2) I'm blackberry by choice because I'm loyal to a brand that I know will not let me down come Q1 of 2013!!!!

2 thumbs for me. I like BB cause it works well for everything I need in a smart phone and tablet, they work great together. But mostly they are not Apple.

1 hardcore version because i am a first class prick that likes to piss off me apple friends
2 communication, messaging and getting shit done is why i choose blackberry

1. I'd prefer the family friendly crackberry thumps version so I don't have to explain why the finger they see me using in traffic is also on my shirt.(But beggars can't be chooser's, so I'll take what I get)

2. I'm BlackBerry by choice because it simply works better then anything else. We don't have an internet connection in our home, other then our BB's. After two open heart surgeries, I'm now a stay at home dad and nothing else gives me the on demand internet access to email, news, Facebook, twitter, and the like, like a BB.

I like the Hardcore version because it's awesome, but I'd WANT the thumbs up version because
1. It makes sense (two thumbs to type) and;
2. I'd feel comfortable waring it around co-workers or parents!

1, I would love to have the thumbs up version...I have kids so the hardcore version would be just TOO hard to explain at this my son would love to steal it.

2. By choice of course I need a device that will meet both my personal and business needs and that choice has always been Blackberry...I love my Torch and Playbook combo...killer in the boardroom and has helped close a few extra sales (added bonus)

Blackberry & choice.

Crackberry Thumbs please!

CB rocks and no better way to show loyalty to the CB nation and BB!!

I have been using BB for a long time and nothing... i mean NOTHING can make me switch to anything else... because I am BB by CHOICE!!

1) Two-thumbs up, because I can wear it to work (Sadly I don't work at Apple, but you might think so given the new BYOD policy. FROWN).

2) I'm a BlackBerry user by choice because I know RIM has been in this business a long time, and that means something to me: from the easy at which all messaging is unified and integrated to the lightning fast speed of hotkeys + physical keyboard, my phone is not just a fad I picked up at the store but a living, breathing part of me since I first started using BlackBerry in 2007. I don't care what software my phone runs or how big the screen is because I'm not interacting with my phone; I'm interacting with BlackBerry people and getting things done.

I would like the thumbs up version.

I wish i could get this because i am a die hard bb fan. Got 4 phones and 3 tables in just years. Love bb, dont care what anyone says

1) Thumbs-up version "pour moi".

2) Even though I'm BB-bad-to-the-bone, a T-shirt with middle-finger salute just isn't my BB-bag. I view my mobile phone as a BB-business tool, something to BB-boost my proficiency, my efficiency, while reducing any delinquency. My phone is not a personal entertainment device, but rather a convenient replacement to a BB-briefcase. Can't help but feel for those, such as myself, with enough patience to allow RIM the opportunity, we will be BB-blown away with BB10! The slogan "Be Bold" insinuates risk-taking on a certain level and doesn't reflect the confidence this brand delivers. Let's hope for a more BB-bad ass slogan for about "BlackBerry: Bring It" ?

Family friendly version please.
I am BlackBerry by choice because I still believe that it's the best tool for getting shot done

1- i want the hardcore because bb is harcore!

2- i want the bb choice because for 11 years I have choosen blackberry for me!

1. BlackBerry thumbs-up.
2. I read the Canadian Business magazine article on RIM. How sad. Same old, same old. Want to support a superior product from a superior company from my hometown of Kitchener-Waterloo. Time to prove all the naysayers wrong.

I would have the family friendly one and I'm blackberry by choice cause it does all that I want to do on a phone.

1) Hardcore... So people get the message!!
2) By choice... Because keyboards rock, bbm rocks, getting it done rocks and lastly, Canadians rocks!

I'd wear the hardcore version - amongst my Apple user friends or can use the family friendly version- for my lad to wear to school! We're flexible.

BlackBerry - because I want secure practical hardware and not a one source app driven toy which would need to be jail broken to break away (and become useful!).

Thumbs up because everyone says we're not user friendly...
BlackBerry by Choice because it was my first and I loved it...
Because I've tried the rest...
Because QNX is just freaking awesome...
Because BB X will be even more awesome...
Because I believe...

1. The Family Friendly Version. Love the Thumbs!!

2. I work with an small office of iphone users and they all know I'm a DIE HARD Blackberry User so this shirt would be my offical stand in my office that this Blackberry User will never CONVERT!! Blackberry Forever baby!!

1) Family Friendly version - Size XXL (ya that's right).

2) I'm BB By Choice because quite frankly I've tried the iPhone, i've tried the Android, and I've tried BlackBerry.... and BB is the phone that connects me to the people I know quickly efficiently, and securely, while still looking and feeling sleek and comfortable in my hand... I also love that RIM is a Canadian company at heart, and I want to be a part of that family!


1. Hardcore version plz!

2. BlackBerry users are an elite band of smartphone mentality, we do not conform to the "sheep" mentality and go wherever the wind blows, we STICK IT OUT FOR THE LONG HAUL! The RIMpire shall avenge!