Re: Forum Slowness - We're Working On It!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2008 01:13 pm EST

Thanks for the Patience!Over these past few months we've constantly been upgrading our servers to keep up with the growth of the site, but every time we get things snappy we take yet another jump in traffic and we need to upgrade again. While we now have the blogs, media galleries and store running smooth, the influx of traffic caused by the launch of the BlackBerry Storm is causing the CrackBerry Forums to slow down when a lot of users are online at once. 

We're working on it! More RAM is going into the forum servers today, which should help speed things up a bit immediately. Additional servers are already ordered and we're working on getting the infrastructure in place so we can continue to grow into the future without these sort of hiccups. It's a bitter sweet problem to have. WE THANK YOU for your patience!!

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Re: Forum Slowness - We're Working On It!!!

22 Comments is exceptionally slow today....understand the RAM issues...I'm trying to access the Storm forums but I keep getting that "ever-so-favorite" "Internet Explorer is experiencing website problem".....Oh well...I'll wait.

So there is nothing wrong with my phone then? Whewww! I was starting to worry, because I usually go to not the wap site. And for the past week or so the forums were not updating on the home screen. Thanks for the heads up! And keep up the good work!

Sincerly, crackberry addict,


I have power cycled my moden a good 100 times in the last few days thinking my internet was going wack lol, but im glad to hear its just this site lol..... any ways looking forward to the expansion.

i was on the phone with bb support and they couldnt figure out why they couldnt access crackberry. lol

You could see this coming to a head the few days B4 the Storm came out. And it just continues.......
Good problem to have Kevin, huh?

You may want to consider a lock on the super-long threads too. No matter what kind of thread interface you use, that kills performance for the long haul. Simply lock the big ones and repost a new thread on the same subject, but without the overhead of hundreds or thousands of responses. Also, an archive of threads that are over a certain age may help too.

Just an idea off the cuff, it may help save a little money too in terms of just throwing more memory at the problem, etc.

Other than that, I could see the difference in performance in the ramp up to the Storm release and then one could almost feel the wall once it was released. ;-P

Throwing more resources at the farm is always a good idea. I am confidant the load will re-balance. Back the to the finest quickly.

Have you looked into Amazon web services for temp/full time hosting? Using their EC2 compute cloud you can add/remove resources on demand and you only pay for what you use.

If anything, during the times where you have giant peak traffic like right now, you could move your site there instead of purchasing new hardware.

Just a thought.

/me wonders if I can even add this reply! jk I know it's the forums it's affecting but glad to see it'll get back up to par.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I can't get my crackberry.... What are you laughing at??? I'm not kidding.. I thought it was on my end. Phew. Git-er-Fixed there Kevin..

Instead of scaling vertically, scale laterally. Deploy more servers and stick a load balancer on there. Something like an F5 box or NetScaler can also offload SSL, compression, caching as well as provide lots of layer 7 goodness.

he forums are completely crushed now at first I couldn't post anything but all day I have hardly even been able to view them ;) booo