RDM+ from Shape Services gets approved for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Available now

By Jared DiPane on 4 Aug 2011 09:15 am EDT

As we know Shape Services has had quite a run around going on with IM+ for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but that has not stopped them from continuing their development for other applications. Another of their popular applications, RDM+ has just been approved for sales through AppWorld. RDM+ is a remote desktop application which has been available for BlackBerry devices for quite some time now, and it will be officially available in AppWorld for your PlayBook shortly. If you have been waiting to be able to manage your computer via your PlayBook, be sure to hop into AppWorld and grab a copy for yourself today for the introductory price of $9.99!

More information / purchase of RDM+ for BlackBerry PlayBook

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RDM+ from Shape Services gets approved for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Available now


shut!, you won me by 36!

Good news but we are still waiting for TSMobiles or any other real RDP client, thats and a citrix connector are the only things missing for me to really consider the PlayBook a Business tool...

Can we maybe get a little more information on how it works? Capabilities? Limits? Maybe a review!!!!!!

Great concept and price, but I need a little more...

They literally posted the link the minute after our post. I am sure that we will be putting it through the paces, and bringing you a full review, just give us a bit :)

Thanks Jared! I did jump the gun a bit. Checked it in app world and realized this. When I saw this I was expecting a price tag of $30+! Look forward to your review!


We're still to see the Playbook here in Brasil. I would buy that app in half a heart beat. :(

Now what will people say about apps? As I see it, the PlayBook is really showing us all what it came for.

Cool! This was one of the reasons I returned my PlayBook because it was one feature I really needed if I was going to replace my netbook usage with a PlayBook. Still don't know if I can't justify a PlayBook again for my needs, but this will make it more tempting to try again.

IMT VNC still works better but I believe Shape also makes TSMobiles for BlackBerry which works great on my bold. Hope they release it for the Playbook soon since it doesn't require an install on the client. RDP is still the only way to go (if you know how to configure a firewall).

That is exactly his point, Shape Services also makes an app for blackberries calles TSMobiles which is an RDP client, it works extremely well and we would love to see it ported to the playbook, I would preffer that 100 time over RDM+

It's up on app world but the purchase button doesn't seem to work! Web app world doesn't register it properly either. C'mon! Trying to throw money at you people!

description from App World

Item Description
Easy-to-setup and reliable application providing fast and secure remote access to your Mac or Windows computers from BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Connect to as many remote computers as you want at no additional cost!
You can send and receive emails, edit text documents, surf web, manage files and basically do everything you usually do sitting in front of your home or office computer.
No need to adjust firewall settings or configure your wireless router, the application is extremely easy to setup. With clean and simple interface, you will be ready to start using the application in a few seconds!
Direct mouse control and quick commands allow swift and efficient remote control.

Free RDM+ Desktop application should be installed on each computer you want to have access to.
RDM+ Desktop is available as free download at www.rdmplus.com.
Application price is a one-time fee with all further updates included. SHAPE Services offer free technical support for all of our products.

*** Quick setup guide: ***
1. Install RDM+ from BlackBerry® App World™ and launch it on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™
2. Download free RDM+ Desktop and install it on the computers you would like to have access to.
3. Add RDM+ Desktop IDs into RDM+ Playbook and you’re all set.

The best remote experience so far was installing the android app and then running an RDP client, its pretty close to using your computer, alot more instant than VNC, I wonder if RDM+ provides this experience

I have not had time to experiment with the android playe and was kind of waiting to see if either RIM releases the official one or someone comes up with a real RDP client (TSMobiles being the most promissing one) but I somehow think they will not be able to do it unless they have the Native SDK which gets us back to square one: waiting for RIM...

RDM+ is not a real solution as we already have aVNC, it may work a little better (I have not tested it), but I would not spend the money on a temporary patch to the problem. This is a good app for home users though.

Hearing you have had good success makes me think I may have to start messing with that Android player...

Hmmm, one more thing people can no longer complain that the playbook doesn't do. This should cut down on some of the daily "how come my playbook cant..." threads.

They keep getting knocked down, one by one. :-). (Disclamer: I love my playbook, as is. Every time a new capability gets added is a bonus...but I bought it for what it can do out of the box)

This is more like VNC than remote desktop, you have to install the RDM+ desktop client on each computer you want to access.

*** Quick setup guide: ***
1. Install RDM+ from BlackBerry® App World™ and launch it on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™
2. Download free RDM+ Desktop and install it on the computers you would like to have access to.
3. Add RDM+ Desktop IDs into RDM+ Playbook and you’re all set.

The fact that you have to install a client on the computer/server that you need to access make this a "fail" for corporate users.. Back to waiting for regular RDP client that doesn't require additional software for the host.

damn, I totally missed that. For some reason I thought this was an RDP client. total bummer.

How does this fail for corporate users? My global corporate network is locked down tight. Unless I VPN into the network I can access nothing. Since the VPN on the playbook is crap VPN never works. I need to have something with a client back end that will go through firewall and allow me to connect. This is perfect. I tried to buy it but getting paypal error:3000. Can purchase other apps without issue.

Installing "new" client software on servers/desktops to specifically allow remote access for Playbook users will be a shop stopper for many corporate users. The security analysis, software deployment and support will simply be a showstopper.

Maybe I skimmed over the article too fast but can I use the RDM app to stream media from my home PC to PB?

I told me after I had entered all of my credit card info that it was being updated. (my did they wait until then?) Why did they not tell me before?

Horrible, horrible, horrible app for the price. I bit the bullet and bought it and boy does it suck. I was expecting smooth transitions, no lag time between remote desktop and the Playbook, clean graphics. Unfortunately, none of this was present. The aVNC client for $1.99 is much better. Rather disappointed in being ripped off.