RBC Express Mobile app offers fresh business banking functions

RBC Express Mobile
By Simon Sage on 16 Jul 2014 09:44 am EDT

The Royal Bank of Canada released a new dedicated app for business customers today. RBC Express Mobile has all of the bells and whistles of RBC's Express Online website, which includes industry-standard encryption and optional two-factor authentication for added security. Beyond that, it's clearly enjoyed a fresh, polished user interface.

Here's a quick feature breakdown.

  • Approve payments and transfers
  • View account balances, current and historical transactions
  • Fulfill transfers between accounts
  • Find a nearby RBC Royal Bank branch or ATM
  • The same user permissions and limits
  • Optional "two factor" authentication for sign-in and approval
  • Industry-standard encryption

The app is currently supported on the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10, and requires BB 10.2. Any RBC customers around here with a business account? How happy are you with your current mobile bank apps?

Source: RBC via MobileSyrup

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RBC Express Mobile app offers fresh business banking functions


The App is cleaner and easier to use than the website. BlackBerry for business. Thanks RBC.

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Blackberry doesn't write apps for banks (nor does Apple, Samsung etc). That's on your bank to fill this need.

Actually that's not quite true I know that Microsoft have paid to an app developed for one UK bank.

Unfortunately BlackBerry doesn't have the resources to do this. So most UK banks appear to be "making do" with android ports. Some with some ridiculous permission requests so a big no thank you.

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If you mean there aren't any RBC branches in the UK, that's because RBC = Royal Bank of Canada. WRT business apps in general, they won't all come at once.

Are you one of these people that thinks that every single app in BlackBerry World was written by BlackBerry?

Not every app on BlackBerry World is written by BlackBerry... just like how every website on the Internet was not written by the Firefox developers.

Companies have to *voluntarily* decide to write apps for BB10. If a developer or bank refuses to write a version of their app for BB10, then--short of kidnapping the developers and forcing them to code a BB10 app--there is nothing BlackBerry can do, no matter how much they care.

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Just make a Mobile Optimized site RBC! The app has limited functionality compared to the full site which I use anyway by making an on screen shortcut to the sign in page. It's just a bit painful always zooming in and scrolling around once in. What a waste of time building different apps for different platforms vs. Building one mobile optimized site! For all.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I agree but more and more advertising ends with "download our app" at the duopoly of Apple and Android stores. App development is now a big part of marketing and while I agree with you that an all-in-one solution is the best, companies seem to be racing to join the "app frenzy" that dominates mobile devices.

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No NFC integration to provide for paying via your RBC credit or debit card using your phone.


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That's what I'm waiting for too. Love my Tim's app with tap and go pay with NFC from a pre-loaded Tim's card, now I just want my Visa to do the same thing! Stores don't need any new technology, unlike Apple's proposed Scan bar code "solution" since they refuse to put NFC on their devices. The card readers already have NFC in them every store in every country already has them, I just need my Visa available on my phone so I can tap and go with Visa payment. Come on Enstream! Let's go!

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Considering this app is for business, that's one of the main reasons it doesn't have NFC payment lol.

As for the consumer app I've heard it's coming (NFC payments) nobody knows when yet

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Well good! I'll change my tune re: mobile Web site whenever that happens.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

It would be nice if they updated their app for their customers. It's glitchy at times and lacks consistency.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

I told myself that once BlackBerry 10 got an updated RBC app, I would open up an investment account with them. So when I saw this article, I got excited.

I clicked the link leading to BlackBerry World and it's says it's not available. I have an unlocked Z10 in the US. Any thoughts?

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I think it's the app developer that chooses which markets to make their apps available in - and in this case, RBC probably hasn't released their app for US-based customers.

Use a VPN to download the app from the Canadian store. I've done this before to download apps that were not available due to geographical reasons. But you must have a Canadian RBC account for this app to work.

Maybe this is a stupid question but why no NFC functionality, maybe I missed it. Paying with NFC corporate account seems like a (huge?) game changer.

I am waiting for NFC payment option with my debit card. They already built in the functionality for Android devices if you have Bell as your service provider. Hope they release it for BlackBerry 10 soon. Otherwise the mobile app works fine for me.

Posted on my new Z30

RBC does not make their app available to out of Canada users. You must be in Canada to download their app. I know this as I deleted their app when vacationing this spring in Florida. I tried to reinstall it. I called them and they said no access out of the country to download their app and they were not thinking of doing so. I told them I was a Canadian resident and a long time customer and I required the app wile travelling out of the country. Their response was too bad. Wait till you get home to load it.

What vpn works on a BB10 phone? I have tried to find one to use on my z10 other than a complicated setup. There are many available for other makes but not for BB. I tried the Android VPN apps for BB10 and they do not work.

I use the regular app to pay bills, check balances etc. RBC Express is a better option for handling multiple accounts.

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The TD app in BlackBerry World is great. Fast, efficient, with a good UI. I use it a lot.

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30

Well... scuze him Sir... but there are enough people around willing to switch to competitors based on the availability of BB10 apps... should I remind you about the WestJet posts?

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RBC in Jamaica was just bought by Sagicor Bank.

But would love to see an NCB (National Commercial Bank) app for BB10

Regards David

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