RBC and Bell to offer clients a secure mobile payments solution

By Alicia Erlich on 13 May 2013 01:48 pm EDT

Bell Mobility and RBC made public their plans to offer their common customers a new way of purchasing goods and services via debit or credit directly from their smartphones with NFC Technology.

The capability will be integrated into the current RBC application as an additional option on the home screen. This service will be rolling out by the end of the year after testing is performed over the summer so that an array of debit and credit activities can be made with Bell NFC enabled devices such as the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Bold 9900, 9790, or Curve 9360 as well as various Android devices. 

For full details, the full press release can be found below.  

Press Release

Canada's largest bank and Canada's largest communications company to offer efficient and secure mobile way to purchase goods and services with credit and debit.

MONTREAL AND TORONTO, May 9, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - RBC and Bell today announced the upcoming availability of an easy, fast and secure way for RBC mobile banking customers to purchase goods and services with debit or credit by simply using their compatible Bell Mobility smartphones.

"RBC is excited to team up with Bell to provide our mutual clients with an integrated mobile solution for debit and credit payments," said Dave McKay, Group Head, Personal and Commercial Banking, RBC Royal Bank. "This is the first piece of a broad RBC mobile commerce solution rolling out to clients this year, all delivering the great, robust user experience and the security that RBC is known for."

The new mobile payments solution will be seamlessly integrated into RBC's existing mobile banking app and will appear as an additional option on the home screen, together with RBC's peer-to-peer solution that offers a simple way for an RBC customer to send money to any person or business in Canada.

By the end of this year, RBC and Bell Mobility customers will be able to securely pay for transactions with their RBC debit or credit cards using the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Bold 9900, Bold 9790 or Curve 9360, and a range of Android devices from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and more.

"Canada's largest banking institution and Canada's largest communications company are working closely together to ensure reliability, security and ease of use in mobile commerce," said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility and Residential Services, and Chief Brand Officer at Bell. "With RBC and Bell, mobile commerce just got better."

The two companies expect to make the service broadly available by the end of the year and will be road testing the solution with consumer and merchant customers over the summer.

In the development of their solution, RBC and Bell are adhering to all major card association regulations, international interoperability standards developed by the mobile GSM Association, as well as established security and interoperability standards ensuring the transaction receives similar safety and customer protection for unauthorized use to a traditional credit card. Data is stored securely on NFC SIM cards certified by major credit card providers to their international security standards. In future, Bell will make NFC SIM cards available to all NFC-capable devices.


Reader comments

RBC and Bell to offer clients a secure mobile payments solution


I tweeted them today to try and find out when the app would be released. They just told me that they were working on it. Same lame response as the last time I asked them.

Posted via CB10

They're working on it is a good sign. I also got the same response. I was to told that we will probably get it by the end of the summer. They are probably trying to integrate the NFC payment with it.

Posted via CB10

It's pretty sad though that PC Financial (A no frills bank) has beaten Canada's Biggest Bank to the punch

I can still use the web site but a mobile app would be easier... and show a bit of love for us BlackBerry 10 abusers

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Rogers teamed up with CIBC (lucky for me as I use both) the primary colour in both their logo's is red.. Bell teams up with RBC, both favor the colour blue... next will be Telus and TD as team green?

Coincidence or marketing genius?

Posted via CB10

It's all according to someone's plan...

I hate all if this though. The fact that they are not all agreeing on one standard, sucks. NFC isn't going to go mainstream for another 7 years... Jesus.

Visa and/or Mastercard will launch their own independent of the carriers or banks.. but yea, it'll likely take longer then we'd like.

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Man I sure hope so as I am a client of both Telus and TD. That would be sweet. But then what does my wife do who uses Telus and RBC?? So how is that going to work you bank with RBC but have Telus you can't use their payment via NFC?? That seems rather restricting. RBC is losing a huge chunk of the market. No?

Posted by my awesome Z10

My thoughts exactly. My wife bought a Z10 this weekend and the first thing she asks me is...where's the RBC app? F*#$k.

Posted by my awesome Z10

Because the NFC chip is carrier dependent. I get that part. What bothers me is the limited partnership.
Nothing bugs me than seeing these pairings in a country where we're usually locked into contracts and can't simply switch. (not that I would switch to Belus)

Like you, I'll just wait for the RBC/Rogers deal.

The press release is odd since bell and Rogers created a company called enstream for this very purpose.

I assume it will be available on both carriers at the same time. Interesting how Bell came out with this release though.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Carrier shouldn't matter, I dunno what the hold up is with this damn technology.

My TD visa debit card has nfc and tap capabilities. So no reason my phone can't. Just create an app and let's rock and roll this.

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Dammit. Can we not just get 1 standard across all carriers and banks and not have Rogers and bell and Telus competing over it.

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Well since RIM got the contract to secure the back end of the technology for carriers I'd be confident that it's secure. And assuming you've got a BlackBerry device, you must already trust the security...

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Has a providers GGSN ever been hacked?? NO!! Has BlackBerry's NOC? NO! Has DIM cards? NO!

CDMA infrastructure is coming to a close - legacy Telus, Bell, and Verizon networks actually duplicate old ESN's which is NIT a good thing.

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October 2012 left for reference.

The BlackBerry maker has been chosen by EnStream, a company set up by Canada's three largest wireless networks, to provide the security infrastructure that would make the substitute for debit and credit cards at checkouts work.

"We think that the Canadian market is uniquely situated to probably be one of the early adopting markets for cashless or contactless payment solutions," RIM's Canadian managing director, Andrew MacLeod, said in an interview.

"We think this is the perfect opportunity for this type of technology to really get a footprint and get traction."

First it was Rogers and CIBC ...now it's Bell and RBC. Damn it, i keep missing the proper combination. Rogers and RBC (or Scotia). Let's rock this.

Keep in mind this is a Bell Press release and RBC's first partnership. I can tell you there are other partnerships with others. It may be just the ink isn't completely dry on the contracts. But no Bank will partner with just one carrier. Also as far as an online banking app I'm sure the delay is more to do with getting it all right. Including NFC. Not an easy task from what I know of the subject. Getting multiple big partners to play nice is no easy task.

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They need to speed up the roll out on this ten fold. Few people are going to switch carriers /banks to make this work. I really hope these aren't exclusive deals, as I'd hate to give either a bank or a cell carrier an extra way to lock me in.

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That's awesome. This might make up for Bell's laughable customer service and internet coverage, and RBC's lack of app and outsourcing Canadian jobs!

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I got a better idea. Make a f****** banking app first. Should a known they would come out with a way to take your money first.

Posted via SEGA Master System

I would just live to do my online banking again with my Z10...kind of surprised that there is no app yet

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I think it's time that all the other big businesses finally admit that Bbry is not only viable, but in fact equivalent to a blue chip company in their corner of the tech world. Down but not near out.

No more excuses or stalling, let's get the apps out cause we aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

A call to action... capitalists let's get going here and capitalize!!

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By the time NFC becomes available for my Z10 I'll be long gone with whatever new technology is out. Sounds like another 4 year wait

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These companies (Rogers/CIBC, Bell/RBC) don't understand that the clients they have are not with the specific alliance they have created. This leaves a large majority unable to use the service, which hinders the growth of the technology. More money would be spent if it was open to everyone.

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RBC should be first and have failed us. We need this app now. Even CBC and Global that are often critical of BlackBerry have apps already.

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NFC payments should be done by the Interac group and standardized where all the interac machines are in North America. They are doing a disservice to themselves by not getting together to make this happen sooner than later.