Rate Your Day - A simple way to keep track of your days

By Michelle Haag on 20 Oct 2010 08:16 am EDT
Rate Your Day

Did you ever wish you had a simple way to keep track of your good days and bad days? Almoko has created a simple application called Rate Your Day just for this purpose. This app not only lets you rate your day up to 5 stars, but it also lets you add a short comment for each day. You can share your daily ratings with your friends via Twitter for BlackBerry and/or FaceBook for BlackBerry with the click of a button. You can even compare your daily ratings with other users based on your Zodiac sign.

Rate Your Day is really a cute app and a fun idea. It can also have a practical use, for example if you need to keep track of your moods over a period of time. And because all of your data is stored on the web, you don't have to worry about your history being lost if you need to delete the application from your device. When you reinstall it, all of your indormation is right there. On top of all this, Rate Your Day is completely free, and has no ads.

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Rate Your Day - A simple way to keep track of your days


Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz etc. are for sharing information with your friends.

Rate Your Day is for keeping track of your days. Not all what you feel, you want or can to write on social networks, you know. Twitter is full of your friends, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, colleagues, partners. Rate Your Day is anonymous. With Rate Your Day you can disburden your heart without worrying about all this. We think this is the main difference.

Sounds like a good tool, especially if you want to get the most out of each day. Being more productive, being a better person, achieving goals... all can be gauged by this one lil tool. Plus its fee. I think I will give it a go. I wonder how long your comments can be.

I often find the need to "keep track of my moods over a period of time". Does the app come with a free mood ring as well?

Simple and cute. Reading other folks remarks of little things can make a good day can cheer You up :)

At first glance, it sounded fun. And, hey, free. However, somewhere this just doesn't ring right for me. Just where is the info being stored online? Who has access? Is my birthdate and PIN # enough to do anything with my account? Information can accrue from people giving their information out (much like a twitter). Just what could be done with this info?

Good question, buckken!

First of all, internet connection is not required if you just want to rate your days and view your previous records. You can use it as a simple microblogging app with disabled Internet permission. Internet is required if you want to a) backup your data on the server in case of application deinstallation/reinstallation, b) view comments and statistics like average day rate.

Secondly, we don't send BlackBerry PINs from our server in response to application requests. All comments and rates are anonymous. App doesn't know anything about other users except zodiac sign. Malefactors need to hack our Almoko's server database to get PINs of other users. Of course, we do our best to avoid this.

Not for me, but I think this app would be helpful for people with unfortunate illnesses like PTSD, bipolar disorder, etc, where moods are monitored. I have 2 friends who worked at the WTC and developed PTSD after 9/11. They kept daily tabs on how they felt as a part of their therapy. The app is free and not based on flatulence so that's already a good start.

Hey I really like this app.
Its an original and great idea.
I have trouble though where I cannot change my mind to update a new rating for the day...

Should we be able to update as much as you can?

Please PM me...

i cant update anydate that I've already rated, I have already installed and uninstalled, but it always apear my old day rated which I can not edit, and my first day rated totally dissapeared. I dont know what to do, Im going to uninstalled again. Can someone help me please?


We can remove your data from the online database. Please email to support@almoko.com your BlackBerry PIN (Options -> Status) and put this subject: "Reset my data in Rate Your Day".

We will look into other issues you mentioned. BTW, there is a scheduled update at the end of this week.

I actually realized that now is fixed I can edit my mini post of rate my day, My actual problem is that I resetted my device blackberry curve 9300 and umm I didnt get back all my date some post got lost, so I dont know what can I do to get all my data back?

Another problem, Yesterday I posta mini note rating my day but it actually appears with today's date
so I can edit todays post
but I have already lost my yesterday post

Can someone help me please?