Rapid offers quick sharing to Tumblr with their native BlackBerry 10 app

By Bla1ze on 10 Feb 2014 08:13 pm EST

While I love full featured apps, I always enjoy some simpler apps as well. Rapid is one of those simpler apps. Built using the Cascades framework and offering a native BlackBerry 10 experience Rapid brings quick sharing to Tumblr options to BlackBerry 10. Photos and text can be sent to Tumblr just by using the already built-in sharing options.

Have an image you want to send to Tumblr? No problem, just view it in your library and share it using Rapid. You'll have the option to add any captions you wish as well set whether or not it's a public, private or draft post. Additionally, you can add links, tags and if you have more than one Tumblr blog, choose which you wish to send to. The same applies for text as well. Just highlight it, share it to Rapid and send it off.

As I mentioned, it's a really simple app as it mostly just adds to the sharing menu more than anything else but sometimes that's all you really need. Rapid is available in BlackBerry World right now for only $.99. It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices in all countries according to the BlackBerry World listing.

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Firstly, isn't this app made by the same guys who made Bee? A native tumblr client. So why have this again? Just wondering..

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Because as noted, not everyone needs a full featured app.


Hmm I see. So its more of a plugin then?

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Nice one.

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old volvo

"Unavailable for this device" on my Z10. Dammit, I should have just kept my old Torch! Why can't I get any of these new apps?


It's either because you're not on 10.2.1 or you're trying to load BlackBerry World through CB10 instead of opening the URL in the browser.

old volvo

I'm not on 10.2 yet because my !@#$%^& carrier wont release the update yet! Thanks AT&T


Load up the leak. I did and official release was just 2mb.

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jojo beaconsfield

@old volvo..I feel for you!!!What the hell is holding those clowns back?

Pete The Penguin

Is this better than Trapeze?


Bit of a different beast. Do you want a full app? Or do you just want something that can share images and text quickly? As noted, not really fair to compare a full feature app against a quick sharing method.

Brian Persaud

Can I share on Facebook with this app?

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Not to discourage developers in any way, but ... I have the Tumblr app (Android) installed, and when I share a pic, I have the option to share to Tumblr from my menu. I don't know if I'm missing something here or not??


Awesome stuff :) will check it out

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