RandomTones For BlackBerry Storm!!

By Bla1ze on 30 Mar 2009 08:06 am EDT
Random Tones For BlackBerry Storm!

Here is a great application from the folks at Toysoft that caught my eye the other day mainly because of the fact it allows you to set different ringtones for specific times of the day. So say for example you are at work and you want to just have some nice basic ringtones for the possible business atmosphere you may be in, you can set it so that it will only play those tones. Then let's say you get off of work and you wanna kick some Flo Rida or maybe you'd like to hear some Steve Miller Band while you're away from the office, you can do that too.

Aside from setting "time of day" ringtones you can also have it set to play random ringtones as well. All you need to do is assign a folder with specific ringtones in it and set it to random and away you go. Next time you get a call you never know what's gonna play, unless of course it's a contact that you have assigned a ringtone too, as it does not change those ones. RandomTones is available for the BlackBerry Storm OS 4.7.75+ and comes with a free trial. After the trial it will cost you $4.95 in the Shop CrackBerry App Store.

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RandomTones For BlackBerry Storm!!


Will it allow me to set it to vibe for certain times of day(i.e. when I'm at work) and play ringtones the rest of the time?

That would be killer. Granted, it's not THAT much of a headache to change it now, just saying that would make it worth it a little more to me..

I dont' trust this app. I can picture my ringtones going off during meetings even though they aren't set to. Already, while my phone is on vibrate, it still rings when one of my contacts calls me because I had set a ringtone for him.....arg!

RandomTones only change the sound profile ringtone and NOT your contact ringtones. If you already have a ringtone assigned for a contact then RandomTones will not change it.

Toysoft I love you! I was just thinking about wanting an app like this! :D

Now...where is that free give away?!

I agree with what the person was saying above...this is a great idea but potentially dangerous. I'm lucky enough to have a fairly relaxed office, but I can imagine this thing biting me in the ass in a client meeting or something.

With that disclaimer, I'll probably give this a shot. Off the bat though here's what I'd like to see for a sound profile app...I'd like to see it linked to the GPS/BBMaps/GoogleMaps. So you could set a point (e.g. Work) and have it change the sound profile when the phone gets within certain geographic distance. Maybe I'm dreaming, but this would be badass and I don't think this is something "that other phone" can do.

Here's another example. You could have a preset "meetings" profile, use your nav/maps app to locate and navigate to you meeting site, the sound profile app could then recognize a generic label and change your profile when you get there.

Geez my head's reeling...could this be possible?

RandomTones only changes ringtones.

If you want a profile manager then get one of

Profiler - time base scheduling to switch sound profiles

Location Profiler - cell tower base profile switching

both apps are in the CB appstore or visit our site www.toysoft.ca

I can understand how setting times for a ringtone is beneficial especially to people who don't have the energy to make a profile appropriate for work and then switch back and forth on their own between casual and professional ringtones. You could forget, I understand.

Why would you want random ringtones though? As well as to show your individuality, a ringtone is there to differentiate between your phone and others. If every time I got a phone call I had to recall if that is one of my possible ringtones I might as well just use a generic ringtone and check every time I heard any ring.

If you already have ringtones assigned for the contact then randomTones wont change anything. the Phone app will still use the contact ringtones.

What randomtones does it changes the ringtone for callers NOT in your contact or unknown or private callers.

If you have tones of songs why not make use of it and have fun with it. I for one sick of the midi and boring static ringtone.