Need to plan a train journey in the UK? - You need the Rail Tickets app for BlackBerry Smartphones

By James Richardson on 14 Sep 2012 04:48 am EDT

This app will only apply to you if you are in the UK I'm afraid. However, if you are here in Great Britain and you use the train from time to time the Rail Tickets app will come in rather handy. I have been into London twice this week and used the app to plan my journey from start to finish. As you will see in the video you can not only select your start and finish destinations but also view all the available prices for the train tickets. The app will show you numerous train options and you can't really go wrong with it. Even better news is that the app is free to download from BlackBerry App World.

In addition if you set up an account you can even purchase your tickets through the application. My description of the app doesn't really do it justice so if you can't view the video now I would recommend checking it out at a later date. It's a beauty of an app, for us BlackBerry people who need to get stuff done.

Features of the app include:
• No booking fees
• Quick, simple and secure to use
• Plan any train journey in the UK
• Check train times and buy tickets for any rail journey in the UK
• Find your nearest station based on current location
• Quickly find train times based on recent searches
• Repeat purchase quickly without registering or signing in
• Further features will be added soon

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Reader comments

Need to plan a train journey in the UK? - You need the Rail Tickets app for BlackBerry Smartphones


Excellent! I remember pestering this some train company a couple of years back for this. At the time they said there was not development in the BlackBerry for this app. Glad someone has seen sense.

I use The Trainline app and am fed up of the £1 booking fee for no reason and now that i have tried the app its the same app with a different colour scheme!!!!

Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

The author probably doesn't live in the UK or he would know that there are different train companies operating different routes.
AFAIK, this app only works for one company: FCC.

The only alternative is the TheTrainLine app which has booking fees :(
The Nationalrail app doesn't let you order tickets and is not available on BlackBerry...


Would have been useful had the reviewer known about the UK train franchises however having looked at booking a ticket from Trowbridge to Gloucester I can see that the ticket is displayed as "Any Permitted Route" which is exactly the same as the Trainline app. Means u can catch any train on the route so not First specific.
Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

This one is for FCC but there are other options if you search for them. I've got the FGW app installed and its exactly the same as this, just different branding.

I'm sure I've also seen CrossCountry and Virgin Trains apps too. It just happens that FCC seem to have got the app that's simply called "Rail Tickets"

All UK train companies have to sell the tickets of all other train companies. Therefore all of the apps mentioned sell exactly the same tickets.