Mix up your tunes with Radio Shuffle for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 11 Jun 2014 12:10 pm EDT

If you are music lover in general then Radio Shuffle may well be just what you are looking for. As the name suggests, this BlackBerry 10 application is the total opposite of most other radio apps. You can't choose a specific station - you must rely on the shuffle.

That's why I mentioned that you'll need to be a music lover in general. If you only listen to rock or dance etc, then you will be better sticking to one of the other radio apps. But if you don't mind a bit of everything then this one is a beauty - and free!

The main reason I chose to feature Radio Shuffle is its user interface - it's absolutely glorious as you can see from the image gallery above. The neon blue graphics over the dark background look super and the app is also dead simple to use.

With the ability to share what you are listening to with your social apps and also the option to add stations to your favorites it's well worth checking out.

Key Features of Radio Shuffle:

  • Listen to world wide Top 500 radio stations
  • Shuffle through all stations
  • Swipe left or right on the dial or click the shuffle button to shuffle
  • Shuffle while playing
  • Auto-play after shuffle (optional)
  • Ranking and number of people listening
  • Mark your favorite radio station
  • Turn up and down the volume on volume knob
  • Share your favorite radio station with friends via BBM, Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Beautifully designed user interface
  • Unique radio theme
  • View preview in active frame (when app is minimized)
  • Device hard-button integration (press + / - or play / pause at the side of your phone)
  • Low data streaming footprint saves bandwidth
  • Full Z10, Q10 and Q5 support
  • Specifically designed user interface for BlackBerry Z10 and separately for smaller screens like Q10 & Q5

With Radio Shuffle being totally free and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices give it a shot and see what you think?

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Reader comments

Mix up your tunes with Radio Shuffle for BlackBerry 10


Got it via the Beta Zone a last month. When you find a station that you like you can keep it as a favourite ( one only allowed). Beautiful user interface and sound quality on the Z30 is fantastic. When you get bored just shuffle....'Everyday I'm Shuffling!!'

Posted via CB10Zed30

Using this app since several months. Mostly on the weekend. I love it - it's my way to hear other types of music in other countries!

Posted via CB10

Been using it out of beta zone for about a month now, seems pretty cool. Internet radio was never a big thing for me as I have an extremely extensive music collection. (over 300 gb of music and counting) But when I feel like discovering new things from radio, I stick to slacker for a little more control over the music itself.

Posted via CB10

Devil's advocate....

I like to cut to the chase and I apologize if my honesty and candor insults the developer of this app. I used this app in the Beta Zone.

Forcing a user to shuffle through radio stations at random and not allowing them to find what they want is a bad idea . My dislike for the app came after I was unable to find a genre I like listening to until I shuffled 7-8 times. By the time I fins do something I like I'm too frustrated to care.

Sorry but I can't see myself using it. I like to tune to what I like to hear not shuffle and "hope" it stops on something decent.

I do give props to the data usage feature. That's a good idea. However I had disdain for all the app permissions. Why would a radio app ask for permission to access my media files, photos, address book, email accounts, including sending or deleting them? There comes a time when too many application permissions are simply TOO MANY.

In any event I tried to use the app but gave up for reasons already stated. I've deleted it and wish the developers all the best with a sub note that you should never ask a user to essentially give up their device (over the top app permissions). I personally stick to radio apps wherein I can tune directly to what I want.


Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Did you not read the review?? He said that if you listen to a specific genre then you may not like this app!! It's for people who want to hear a variety of music!!!
And don't worry about app permission so much.

Posted via CB10

I recently tried this app in the Beta Zone. It really is graphically gorgeous. But I found that randomly shuffling through radio stations to find something I like isn't the way I prefer to listen to music, especially since I already own so much music I like.

If the devs could find a way to use the GUI on a real music player, with the ability to sort and create your own playlists from files you have already, it would be fantastic.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio