Radio Shack BlackBerry PlayBook launch details

Radio Shack BlackBerry PlayBook launch details
By Bla1ze on 6 Apr 2011 09:07 pm EDT

Radio Shack is listed as one of the BlackBerry PlayBook launch partners and as such, reps have started their training for the launch today. The above image outlines the launch day plans -- nothing really out of the oridinary is listed here but the info does show the insurance that will be available to those picking one up. Also if you happen to feel the need to return your BlackBerry PlayBook you'll also want to take note of the 15% restocking fee that will be charged. Oh, the other thing to note here -- it looks like Radio Shack is keeping these bad boys locked up until release time and only very few PlayBook specific accessories will be available. There goes my hope of scooping one up early.

Thanks, for sending this in -- you know who. ;)

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Radio Shack BlackBerry PlayBook launch details


This is great, so many places to have this on launch day. I will be at the closest retailer as they open the doors.

I am pleased to see that stores will be getting their stock days before launch, gives me hope they will ship developer PlayBooks early too!

According to the Radio Shack I tried to order the 32GB version from, this is correct. No 32GB or 64GB, just the 16GB model.

Nice to know that there will be another solid outlet for me to buy my PB, just in case Staples or BB fail me, for some reason.

locked up until lunch time is a good idea,costumers go temporarily insane if they seen the device out in the open, "customer" (it spoke to me,it said i didn't half to pay for it)

There's a line in the ad that says, "The Playbook will be unsellable in the POS until April 19"

Hmmm...I hope the POS their talking about is different that than my understanding of POS.


It seems slightly daft that they can't even put the demo units out in advance, you would think having them there over the preceding weekend would be useful instore advertising.

RIM needs to set their date and keep it set. Anyway, I was going to get a Playbook on reserve, but I think I'll wait until there's more fun stuff available for it.