RadioShack and Best Buy offering gift cards with BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders

BlackBerry Z10
By Michelle Haag on 12 Mar 2013 06:59 pm EDT

Hey future BlackBerry Z10 owners in the US, if you haven't already ordered your new device from AT&T, you may want to check a few options that popped up today. Both RadioShack and Best Buy are offering gift cards as incentive for pre-ordering the AT&T BlackBerry Z10.

As posted yesterday, AT&T customers can get the BlackBerry Z10 for $199 on contract, with RadioShack throwing in a $30 gift card and Best Buy $50 gift cards. The gift cards will be available at the time of purchase, so you should be able use them either on the cost of the phone or for accessories (though everyone knows the best place for BlackBerry accessories is!). At this time, both retailers are only doing pre-orders for AT&T, though rumor has it they may have details on other carriers available next week.

Unfortunately, neither offer seems to be available online, so you'll have to stop in one of the stores to take advantage of the deal. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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RadioShack and Best Buy offering gift cards with BlackBerry Z10 pre-orders


Good move, tying one thing with another is usually a great way to "reel" people in. Hopefully this helps with USA sales.

Question: you have to pay the whole $199 up front when pre-ordering, right? I was going to trade my current phone in and use that giftcard to buy my Z10. Guess I can't take advantage of this?

You asked a question and maybe answered the question too. lol

Where are you trading your phone through?

Lol Abrante :P
Best Buy trade in buys Galaxy S III's for $300. But if what CrimsonKing said is true, I can still do this then. Thanks!

i think im tempted to just buy the phone off contract since me and wife are on the prepaid plan anyway, but nevertheless good incentives for future owners

I'm sick of Z10 this and that I can't wait for the Q10's time to shine!!! Unless I change my mind after finally getting to see and hold these two phones,I'm all in for a Q10! It looks like an absolutely AMAZING device!!!

Just got off the phone with a BB associate. They said you have to purchase a $50 gift card (like a deposit) in order to preorder, then apply it to the phone when it is available? So...maybe there was a misinterpretation?

The rep I spoke with today from my local Best Buy Mobile in LA told me that the $50 coupon is seperate from the $50 deposit (Which will be used toward the phone purchase). So i don't know anymore, I will when I'll get there Tomorrow.

This would be correct. The way BBY does mobile pre-orders is that you put down a $50 deposit in the form of a gift card. That gift card is then used for the purchase of the phone when available. You aren't actually receiving a bonus $50 by preordering the Z10. There WAS a BBY promo a while back where you received a free $50 gift card if you committed to doing a cell phone upgrade through BBY, but you had to opt in to that promo and the opt in window was only a week long.

"Get a $50 gift card when you reserve yours, in store only." "Get", not Buy ... and yes, the other promo you mentioned is a different story.

yea too bad premier customers cant pre-order, just because i get a discount on my phone cuz i work for the city of new york means I am a business and not an individual, thanks for the 10 day non-sensical discrepancy, AT&T

I am being told the same thing about being a Premier Acct. member. So I am essentially being punished for having a Business Acct. & not being an individual. Doesn't matter that much have been a customer for many years. Doesn't matter that I have 5 phone lines. Doesn't matter that I have had 7 BlackBerry devices. And lastly it doesn't matter that At&t's press release states that BlackBerry Z10's pre-order was available to both Business &Personal Accts.

At&t Customer service drops the ball once again!!!

I'm a premier customer as well and with at&t's Web Site and according to the store I've had the same problem but I was able to pre-order through Best Buy. It's worth the drive in to check anyway.

Just called Best Buy.
They require a pre-order deposit of $50 and they will give you a $50 gift card that you can use towards the purchase of the phone, so in other words you get nothing thank you. Worse yet you will get stuck with a $50 card if you don't buy it.
Offer is valid through March 22nd. when the phones are supposed to arrive @bestbuy.
Kind of a dumb promotion or total deceipt if you asked me....
I would fire the pricing guy who came up with that scheme on the spot!

At RadioShack it works like this: buy a $50 gift card which reserves you a Z10 that will be held for you for 3 days. When you come back to buy the phone you can use the $50 gift card towards the phone and you will be issued a $30 gift card. The $30 gift card promo is valid on Z10 purchases March 22-28.

The unactivated price is $649 and you can pre-order a Z10 to buy for this price at launch. I'm not sure if you still get the $30 gift card. If you buy unactivated I think the associate needs to put it onto your plan before you leave. Also no guarantee it will be unlocked if you buy unactivated.

I just got my Z10 3 weeks ago, must say that I love it, I learn something new about it every day. I'm also one of them who dumped Apple and moved to BB, my best decision yet. Apple is much too greedy. And like someone else here said my BlackBerry is also in my hand all the time, haha. Not only that, everyone I have talked to that got the new BlackBerry love it. And for those who love apps, well they will come as the phone grows in popularity.

Posted via CB10

Best buy mobile is the best place to shop for me. And if they do fuck up (or dont) life lol. I am with ATT and the customer service over the the phone late night 9pm nyc standard time. There way nice( well to me ) I all ways got what I wanted from them.

I am still drinking Ole Smoky Tennessee moonshine apple pie. Everyone got to go out and buy a z10 and some Ole Smoky Tennessee moonshine apple pie. Go out and got some moonshine now. Then go get the z10 for tmobile Now and got to best buy mobile on th the best 22nd for att

I did it! I went to Best Buy and reserved my Z10. I had to put down $50 cash and received a $50 gift card with my reservation confirmation.

The $50 deposit goes towards the $199 full price so now my balance is $149. When I pick up the phone I will use the $50 gift card and then make my balance $99.

The kicker is that I signed up for the contract upgrade promotion about a month ago that sas if I renew my contract any time this year with any phone I get ANOTHER $50 gift card. Which I will use on an invisible shield or something. Technically my net price for the Z10 is $99 (half off)

When do you get the $50 from the earlier promotion? (the kicker part) ... I'm in the same boat, I signed for that too.

Went to BB last night. I had previously signed up for the$50 Gift Card promotion. The one salesperson who knew how to do the Z10 preorder had left for the day, so it took two guys to do it. They have you buy a $50 BB Gift Card which you can then use for anything, including paying for the phone when you pick it up. Then you also get the pre-order receipt that gives you 72 hours to pick up the phone after you receive notification. The first sales guy didn't know how to find the Z10 pre-order. He found a guy, who had been selling toasters, to show him how to do it. It was a long, painful, process and the whole time you're sitting there being bombarded by the noise that Best Buy seems to cherish. If it wasn't for the fact that I will save some money, I would have gone to the ATT store. My recent experience at Radio Shack doing an upgrade for a different line was much better. But I didn't even know they would offer the Z10.

Overall, I spent close to 40 minutes at BB for what should have been a 10 minute transaction at most.

I'm part of a Premier account and tried pre-ordering via Best Buy online. All seemed to work, but then I noticed the delivery date was April 2 at the earliest. If I pay an extra $1.99 for expedited shipping, that actually pushes the delivery date out to April 5. Brilliant! I'm not sure if the April 2 delivery is because of a delay related to the Premier release or if it's because of overwhelming demand. I'll try the ol' brick & mortar and see what they say.

I called Best Buy and they said that this is the way you preorder.
You pay $50 for a $50 gift card which you can use however you like and when you come in to pickup your Z10 you will have to pay the $199 price which you can then decide to pay 50 of it with the gift card. They will hold you a Z10 for 72 hours

I walked into my local Best Buy today, showed them the CrackBerry article, and asked about the $50 gift card. They had no idea what I was talking about and had to look everything up. I had two people helping me and they both thought I was crazy for suggesting such and idea and the physical presence of a CrackBerry article didn't seem to change anything. Finally they found something on it and confirmed that they are in fact giving a $50 gift card for pre-orders. They chacked with the manager and said the offer stands until the 21st, but I don't know if that"s the same for all locations. Last, the guy asked me if I was sure I wanted to buy another BlackBerry and started to push other phones. To me that shows that they never even heard of the new BlackBerry phones until I came in and asked for one, kinda lame seeing that their only job is to sell phones anyway.

I am in the same boat. I just emailed the manager a snapshot I took from google earlier where it states on bestbuy webstie (Get a $50 gift card when you reserve yours, in store only). Not buy a $50 gift card. I was expecting to pay up front and get a $50 gift card. I plan to fight this all the way to the top, I'm getting me a gift card, not paying for a gift card.

Does anyone have the web address to best buy's 50 dollar gift card? I have a feeling when i go in today to preorder it, theyre going to have no clue as to what im talking about.

Good luck. I'm gonna go in and ask tomorrow, but I can't find anything on their website about this deal. It really makes it difficult when some users are posting that its not true and others are posting that it is true....

"with RadioShack throwing in a $30 gift card and Best Buy $50 gift cards. The gift cards will be available at the time of purchase, so you should be able use them either on the cost of the phone or for accessories"

This line is EVERYTHING! $50 to reserve the phone (in the form of a gift card) from Best Buy and you receive a $50 gift card when you purchase the phone..I'm going to hold them to it on the 22nd!

I'm having trouble finding something directly from Best Buy's web site too. I already went in a second time today and pre-orded, but they're saying the $50 gift card I bought is a way of holding my spot in line because they don't know how many Z10's they're going to get. If there was a direct Best Buy link that cleared this up then I'm sure a lot of us would be a lot happier.

I preordered the day of with best buy and had to BUY a $50 gift card which basically holds my z10 for 72h from release and the gc can be used toward the $199 I will pay Friday. The rep asked his manager who wasn't at work when I came in. He also said that this is the method they used with crapple pre orders. He also gave me 2 $25 off coupons (I am upgradfing 2 lines) so I will pay $175 each in an effort to keep mu business.