Rad.io brings over 10,000 radio stations and podcasts to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone

By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2013 09:14 pm EDT

If you go looking through BlackBerry World you'll find there is no shortage of radio apps available. You can find them for specific radio stations, specific regions and even specific genres. What's less common though is one app that combines all those radio stations allowing you to pick whatever stations you want to listen to whenever you want to listen to them. That's where the new app Rad.io comes in.

Rad.io offers over 10,000 stations including podcasts to choose from, local stations from your region, Categorical search: genre, topic, city, country and the developers also thought enough ahead to put in a sleep timer into the app. Additionally, it also includes basic features such as saving your favorites, a top 100 list and links to similar channels that you might also be interested in based on your listening history. All in all, it's feature packed.

Overall, it's a pretty nice app and best of all, it's available for free and if you wish, you can also sign up for a account and Rad.io to make the app experience better. A few things I should mention though, a lot of the stuff you'll see when you initially load it is German, don't let the dissuade you from using the app if you're not German. There is a ton of global content available, you just have to search for it. Also, that search is a bit slow but the more you use the app and the more content it caches, the faster the app will get.

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Rad.io brings over 10,000 radio stations and podcasts to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone


Can't find scanner stations. However it's got all my favorite stations without the bloat of tunein.
I have a homepage browser bookmark for broadcastify.com for scanners anyways
Great app!

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TuneIn was great when it first released. Now, it's UI and integration are horribly ineffective. They also messed up their widget to not scale properly.

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Amazing, sounds crisps. It's like listening to a real radio. Lol!

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Weird, why didn't they make a separate app for every station?.. they'd have 10,000 apps and be on their way to S4BB-uber-developer status!

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Awesome app. Can never have too much content. Streaming some country from Australia now. Cool!

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How is this different from Nobex Radio & Podcasts which is a built for BlackBerry App and seems to have all the same features? Just genuinely curious.

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If you want to listen to foreign stations with Nobex you have to pay for a premium account. Radio is totally free it seems. It doesn't offer Hub notifications for new new podcast episodes like Nobex, though.

Rad.io displays Now playing for Digitally Imported stations not only in the app but in Active Frame also. This single feature is enough for me to move from Nobex to this one.

Pretty awesome. Doesn't have much local for me, home of blackberry. Not a big deal as there is so many stations to choose from. Almost a replacement for 8tracks or songza kind of.

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Great app, I have it connected through my laptop via Bluetooth, then through the computer speakers great sound quality , better then Nobex and other's

Nice app. But I couldn't find many stations from different countries. Also, local radio stations were not there, instead was showing local stations in neighbouring countries.
Couldn't find a radio app (nobex, rad.io, etc) that could beat Tuneln Radio app with its over 160.000 stations. With this one I was able to find radios from all over the world.

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I'll be sticking with Nobex especially for my podcasts, it has been a quality native app right from the outset that I was happy to pay for and in the event that it didn't have a particular station I have TuneIn as a backup.

Useless. Searched for about 5 stations I listen to here in Ontario and found nothing. Tried call letters, City search, genre and got nothing.

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Fast search and decent selection, but not as complete as tunein and sorely missing sorting options after a search.

Not worth it for podcast due to the limited selection

Thanks for showing us this great apps. I love it! The sound quality is excellent. I connected to my external speakers and I "am having a party"!

WOW - one of the best apps for BB10! Glad to see this cool app on my Z10. The service on radio.de is very good, I am using the website to play my favourite radio stations since years. Now to have this in my native language German with a very nice interface as native is a great thing. Compliments!!!

Tunein doesn't want to give us an update. I have waited too much for it so I'll give a chance to Rad.io to see what's going on...

Proudly Z10 owner...

This sounds like a decent app however comments appearing in this post suggest that finding Ontario stations is near impossible. I live in Ontario so I'll stick with TuneIn Radio which hasn't let me down yet.

Cheers. :)

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I installed it, reviewed it and deleted it.

No good for Montreal.

Thank you for this thread. Now I feel like buying Nobex.

It may have over 10,000 stations, but it didn't find a single one of the 15 or so that I tried to find, large USA stations I listen to on a daily basis.