Race day for Team BlackBerry at the British Formula 1

By James Richardson on 30 Jun 2013 05:43 am EDT

The Mercedes AMD Petronas (A.K.A. Team BlackBerry) team are off to a flying start prior to the race today. In the qualifying round Lewis Hamilton took 1st. place followed by Nico Rosberg to ensure the team will be at the front of the grid - so fingers crossed we are in with a fighting chance of getting on the podium once again.

You've probably noticed the above Story Maker video. I was lucky enough to attend Silverstone on Friday courtesy of Mercedes AMG Petronas and BlackBerry and what an experience it was. In addition to spending the day in their hospitality suite, I had full access to the garage and pit lane (when safe to do so). Exciting is a polite word I can use for the time spent there!

One of the highlights for me was spending some time in the garage gallery. Here I sat behind a one way mirror as Lewis got ready to start his practice laps. He stood about a meter from me and put on his protective hood and helmet before heading off onto the track. Just as exciting was that I also had a pair of 'BlackBerry branded' headphones so I could hear the team talking to Lewis and vice versa as he sped around the track.

Here in the UK the race kicks off 13.00 so you guys on the other side of the pond had better get straight up and get your TV's on!


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Race day for Team BlackBerry at the British Formula 1


On Nico Rossi's chest on the winner's podium. 5min of "BlackBerry " prominently displayed across the winner's body with international TV coverage. Worth every penny!!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I think Vettel may win this one. But hoping that Alonso and Raikonnen, as well as the Mercedes drivers can make life difficult for Vettel.

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What an experience it must have been for you, to literally be on the inside track, not many people have been so entitled,you deserve it,keep up the good work,and let's hope team Mercedes wins.

I hear ya. F1 is a big deal all over the world - except in the US. So it is a good move worldwide. Sponsoring racing is a good idea for 2 reasons: 1) a lot of car control systems (engine, transmission, brakes, etc.) actually run QNX, 2) communications (telemetry and voice). BlackBerry should sponsor a good NASCAR Team and focus on how it helps those teams succeed. They also have to focus on the blood line of BB 10 in this area. It comes from the pure blood OS of QNX.

Thus is long term visibility internationally with a lot of tie ins as the previous responder brought up. 5min of "BlackBerry " front and center on the winner during the post race interviews is a lot of visibility internationally.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Again #teamblackberry nailed it. Well done Mercedes AMG Petronas!

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My friend just got tweeted by Boris Becker who complimented him on his commentary of the F1. He happens to be called David Coulthard but Boris got bit confused.

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Why can't I edit comments. I didn't intend to post that.

But anyways, great race it was, the tyres going crazy made it interesting.

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Big problems for Pirelli come Monday. It looks like all of the teams are banding together to demand an explanation and a solution from Pirelli. And both Rosberg and Vettel had tire changes that took tires off their cars just before they both had explosive failures. Just pure luck on their part. This tire situation will be addressed as a massive safety issue.

James you didn't take those pictures with a bb10 device and incorporate them into storyteller? If so.. they are awesome pictures!