The 80s are back with R-Type for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 Aug 2013 02:08 pm EDT

If you fancy an awesome, retro, space, shoot 'em up then you can't get much more of a classic than R-Type that has made it's way to BlackBerry 10. If you are as old as me you'll remember playing this one as a teenager, however it's a great game still and well worthy of checking out. 

Quite simply - you control a spaceship and it's just a case of destroying the vast array of enemies that will try to shoot you down. There are two options for controlling your spacecraft - either touch or a virtual joy pad, although touch is the much easier option. Over on the right of the display you have a two weapons tabs. One sends out a powerful blast if you hold it down and the second will control the orb like bonus that you can pick up. 

All the original features from the 1980's have been left in the BlackBerry 10 version. There are loads of weapons, power-ups and attachments you can collect along the way. That is if you master the game - it's blooming hard! I was clearly a much better gamer as a teenager - oh the good old days. 

If you like a fast paced, action packed game then this one is a well worthy download. R-Type will set you back £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets. 

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The 80s are back with R-Type for BlackBerry 10


FIRSTly I would like to say it looks like a Sweet game.
I have to make a list of these things for when I FINALLY get my BB10 device.

I don't remember this one when I was younger, but remember very similar games

really? Do you really have to start with a "FIRSTly"?? That is so lame, and clearly not very old if you don't remember R-type! Turbo Grafix 16 all the way baby!!

Yes I did! you not understand humour?

I do hate the "FIRST" comments..when the commenter nothing else to say.

And I apologize for not knowing this particular game...I did have Pong/Tennis/Hockey/Squash console though with the knobs as controllers...and was on the bleeding edge with my (NABU) , but I don't think it had R-Type.

Someone remembers the NABU!
Wow, that takes me back. Who would have imagined an "online" console with downloadable content back in the early 80's...way ahead of its time.

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I had the TurboGrafx-16 console. Games like Bonk's Adventure and Legendary Axe...who can forget. Played R-type for days.
TurboGrafx-16 is much like BlackBerry today. It was the best console of it's time (tech wise) and very few knew of it.

I guess I have always been with the "Underdog" TG 16, Neo Geo, BlackBerry lol

All great systems and you are right, best of the best, but never caught on to the main stream. I still have Bonks Adventure and a Turbo Express (way better than the game boy and in colour too) sitting in a box

Brought back good memories!

Personally I had the original R*Type game, the portable landscape console. If u recall the games like pac man or donkey Kong in mini arcade game consoles built solely for 1 game then you'll remember R*Types debut this way.

Hard to consider purchasing this when sector strike is free. Bah who am I kidding I'll be buying this within 24hrs. Time to goto work.

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Yes yes indeed do that. That's what I've been doing since BB10 first came out keeping a list in a draft email and a link to Crackberry for the the app review or once I get the BB10 I can hit the ground running with things and apps that are of interest to me vs. trying to remember and search for things that have come around.

So always glad to get app reviews here whether on games or weather or photo editors etc.

Just about fell out of my chair when I saw this. I was an R-Type Junkie on my Sega Master System.

Now if we could just get Sinistar...

I actually did fall off my chair! If I had invested all the quarters I pumped into R-type at the arcade when I was young, I might be looking at buying BBRY.

Yea I too had a Turbo Graphic 16 snd R Type was a "must have" game. All the game magazines gave it 5 stars. The graphics were awesome, controls were tight. Simply a perfect game!!

Loved it then, and less than 2 bucks is well worth the nostalgia trip, especially considering I never clocked it first time round.

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R-Type is a great game. I loved the original TurboGrafix-16/PC-Engine version. Glad to see this gem available on BB

I remember playing this game on my Amiga as well, will probably download it as well.

Now if we could only get Golden Axe, with multi player and all of the cheats... ;)

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Ok, for once I wish I had a bigger screen, because I really loved this game back in the day. Had it on my Super NES... Anyone have this for the Q10? How does it play on it?? Hard to see what's going on?

Awesome game back in the day. Always remember putting quarters into the coin op. Back when arcades were awesome. Memories..

Definitely turn off auto fire option, and it all came back to me even after like 30 years, great game, a little harder when your thumb using up part of the screen to control the ship.

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