From QWERTY to touch and back again - Why the physical keyboard is for me

From QWERTY to touch-type and back again
By DJ Reyes on 22 Jul 2013 10:53 am EDT

I have been a physical keyboard user for a while now. It's one of the reasons I love BlackBerry and when news of a full touchscreen device was on the way I was excited to see what BlackBerry would bring to the table. Seeing glimpses of the keyboard made me hopeful that I could finally make the step forward to going full touchscreen. Boy was I wrong. Read my journey on why I chose ultimately chose a QWERTY keybord over a touch screen.

After the BlackBerry 10 launch in January 2013, I finally got a Z10 in my hands and welcomed it with open arms. It was nice to have a big screen to browse and view media. While it took a while to get used to the keyboard, it was still far superior to any virtual keyboard I'd used in the past.

From that point, I was certain that it was going to be a full touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone for me going forward, I didn't even think about getting the Q10 when it would launch. But then, a Dev Alpha C arrived at my doorstep. While not exactly a Q10, the internals of the Dev Alpha are exactly like a Q10, it was just in a different shell. I powered on the device to give it a go. It felt weird to type on a physical keyboard after using the Z10 keyboard for sometime. I'd learnt to trust the Z10 keyboard so it felt strange for my thumbs to stretch out to reach the keys and my thumb kept looking for that trackpad. Muscle memory from using legacy BlackBerry devices.

I still kept on with the Z10 but started to carry the Dev Alpha around too and I was slowly being lured by the keyboard and its shortcuts. Eventually, I swapped out my main BBID onto the Dev Alpha to give it a go. I went back and forth between the Z10 and Dev Alpha C for weeks, trying to decide which would be my main device. The bigger screen was something that was keeping me with the Z10 and my beloved keyboard was pulling me towards the Q10 (well DAC). At that point, I could still say I could type just as fast on both, so it was becoming a hard decision to make.

BlackBerry Live 2013 was fast approaching and I had to decide which one I'd use primarily. In the end I went with the Z10, mainly because that was where my main BBID was at the time couldn't be bothered with switching. I don't regret the decision of going with the Z10 for Live. It fully lived up to manage the fast paced experience that was BlackBerry Live. While most of the CrackBerry team were rocking their Q10 devices (Alicia and I rocked the Z10) I still felt the Z10 allowed me to pound out messages quickly, when needed. Mainly because of the killer virtual keyboard.

During BlackBerry Live however, something hit me and I had made the decision that when I got back to the U.K. I was going to get myself a Q10. I still can't pin point exactly what made me come to the decision but it was the culmination of a few things. While the Z10 did no wrong the QWERTY lover inside me came out strong and even the larger screen wasn't going to keep me going forward with the Z10. With keyboard shortcuts and that feeling of being to get tactile feedback when typing gives me the satisfaction like no other smartphone can. There's also the fact that I can just type. Type without having to think about it being autocorrected wrong. I can keep moving with a Q10 a lot more than I can with a Z10.

After using a Q10 for over a month, I still don't regret the decision. The Z10 had a good run and while I still use it occasionally, I don't think I will go back to using it full-time. I can now type so much faster on the Q10, without having to think about it. It's just those extra small things can help move things along more efficiently. Like when deleting a message, I can just hit the 'delete' button. Jump to the top or the bottom with the press of a button. And the experience of Instant Actions is just that much more pleasurable on a Q10. Overall, completing tasks in fewer steps. And you really can't beat the feeling of hitting physical keys while you type out a message.

The combination of the physical keyboard and BlackBerry 10 is even more exciting, especially with Instant Actions. I'll definitely be a hardware keyboard for the foreseeable future. I feel at home and it's slightly smaller size is perfect for my hands. It makes typing and walking a joy.

Right now the CrackBerry team is very split between Q10 and Z10, but what say you CrackBerry Nation? Are you QWERTY Forever or Totally Touchscreen? Let's hear your thoughts.

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From QWERTY to touch and back again - Why the physical keyboard is for me


I am tempted to try a qwerty bb10 but keeping my Z till there is a flip bb10.

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The pearl didn't do bit for me because of the not quite full keyboard but I Loooooved my Style, I miss it so.

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Want the q10 also for the physical keyboard. However going to stick with the z10 for now. Want to see the other devices they come out with first.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Great review. I honestly miss hammering out messages on a physical keyboard. I watch my girlfriend use her 9900 and I get a little jealous. But, I love the Z10 size and screen.

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I had the Z10 for about 5 days and I absolutely loved it! My wife wanted it so I gave it to her and bought a Q10 instead........several weeks later, she wants a Q10!........definitely not mine!:D

And the Z10 predictive text is very good. Would be interesting to see some "showdowns" between users on each device.

BlackBerry will be in great shape if everyone had the same feeling. But the market all touch is the way to go.

I do respect your choice.

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Like me for ever BlackBerry with keyboard. But when I saw the Z it was clear to jump for it.

the future is easy because it doesn't exist

I went a similar route, Z10 for 5 months but finally the lure of the physical keyboard brought me back to true happiness with the Q10 :)

Very good review. The Q10 is the perfect size for me. I type faster on the keyboard, but have fun with the predictive text. If they fix text wrapping in emails and add a Kindle app, it will be perfect!!!

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I went the same from my 9900. I don't regret it. The physical keyboard is not for everyone but for me it's more than perfect!

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My first BlackBerry was a 9550 (Odin). Second is Z10. That sums up what I like. Full touchscreen is the one for me. Getting a Z10 was my dream come true (minus the data plan though, I still prefer the old BIS :p).

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I have a harder time with the gestures on the Q10. My Z10 seems smoother when sliding into the hub and so forth. I'm assuming it is just the screen real estate. But I prefer the Z10 easy.

I agree. Actually in some of the videos I notice a weird swipe up from Q10 keyboard does nothing. Needs a second swipe up. On my Z. Once is enough. Seems like Bezel is more accurate hit on the Z!

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Yeah. Miss my 9810 a bit! Wish it was (much) thinner, bigger screen, and faster... then I might have stuck with it longer.

However, I've gotten super fast and crazy accurate with the Z10. But I admit that correcting and editing text is WAY easier and faster on the 9810.

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I'm using the Z10 and wanting a Q10... i wish I had waited but it's not like I don't love my Z, I just don't love it like I loved my Curve.

Z10 :)

I know this is a terrible example but you can actually still type back and error free sentence while driving and sliding on a gravel road with a physical keyboard and almost in a Z, auto correct helps but you still have to look down at the screen.

But seriously don't text and drive.

that is my biggest gripe about the Z10. Not that I condone TnD but even at a redlight, I have to take my attention off the road/light in order to type. with the 9900, I could touch type 75% of my emails and certainly navigate 100% without having to look at the device. Just the navigation alone, meant that the time I had to actually focus my attention to the screen was 30-40% less.
Without looking: Scroll to top of inbox
Without looking: open message
Without looking: start reply
Without looking: type three words
Look to make sure i typed what I meant to
Without looking: send message
Without looking: go back to inbox
Without looking: lock screen.

All that was done without a great chance to miss the light turning green.

Not to mention I never felt like I had an insecure grip on my device, while accessing any button/command on the device, using it one handed.

I am certainly impressed with the Z10's learning predictive text. And I can probably put more characters on the screen per minute than on my 9900 but I have to look at the screen the entire time.
It is a trade off, which I am still struggling with.

Nice review seems to mirror the path I am on. I went 9900 to Z10 and learnt to like the touch screen keyboard but I'm never as accurate as I was with the 9900. But now I miss the physical keyboard. I had a look at a Q10 in an o2 shop and the seed was sewn. Then when I powered up my 9900 the other day after changing the motherboard I found myself within a minute typing away and realising I had made a mistake in not waiting for the Q10. Just gotta save those pennies now to buy a Q10 off contract.

I'd made a several trips to my local store to try Z10 when it first launched, although I praised the keyboard for its responsiveness and the large screen, I simply missed the tactile feeling of A full physical keyboard, and I finally decided to keep my 9360 and wait for a few more months. That wasn't easy at all, as I've had enough of BB7 and the particular short battery life (never last more than 7 hours with normal use...). But I just wanted to spend my money on the handset I really needed, and that was Q10. Now it's been with me for a month, and I absolutely adore the keyboard and its compactness. I don't really bother with large screen, as I own a PB which whenever I fancy to watch youtube or read emagazines, would fix me an even more comfortable viewing experience. But all in all, it's the physical keyboard that matters to me. The solid click response is just the very factor that makes me feel confident in every single letter I punch in.

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Keen on my Z10 since the keyboard is just awesome though I've been wanting to get a Q5 just to see how it would be like using a qwerty device.

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Just got my Q10 after much contemplation. Used the Z10 for more than 3 months, then went back to older BBOS devices for a short while. I realised how much faster and more natural it feels to type on a physical keyboard again. I'm pumping out messages just looking at what I'm typing, only needing to take ocassional glances at my keyboard. I can walk and touch type with ease.

in my opinion BlackBerry 10 works better on the q10 than the z10. It just feels that little bit more efficient. Launching search without the need to tap an icon first. Instant actions works better too. Overall I'm really enjoying the experience of bb10 on the Q10, more so than I did on the Z10.

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Oh, if BlackBerry can build in customisable keyboard actions alongside speeddial, it would be huge for me.

Like the ability to customise holding the 'c' key to create a new calendar entry. Holding the 'n' key for creating a new note. Holding 'm' allows me to compose a new message, or holding the 'b' key launches Blaq, holding the 'g' key will bring me to my girlfriend's contact profile where I can see her latest social updates as well as means to contact her.

This would allow people to rely on the app drawer a lot lesser than is required, and saves time for users.

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Z10 is better than any other virtual keyboard bar none. Yet at times I miss my 9900 and the QWERTY keyboard. It is satisfying to type on. *sigh* May have to buy it anyway at off-contract price.

I was a 9900 user before BB10. I was going to wait for the Q as my contact expiry would have been nearer, but was offered a deal in Feb to get the Z for nearly nothing to sign up with my provider again. I couldn't resist.

I had reservations about a touch KB, but got used to it very quickly. I DO think the Q is more accurate, first time, and is slightly easier to type on the move, but the screen size, and, yes, sadly, that fact that I think hard keys are likely to be a thing of yore in 5 years time, it's the Z10 for me.

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan

Auto-correct mucks up a lot of things.

For example, 'Potato Sticks' becomes 'Potato Sicks.' There's no spelling error, but it once caused my wife to not buy my son's favorite snack at the grocery because she thought I was saying he's sick of potatoes.

I love my Q10.

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"Free wifi" was auto corrected to "free wife" on a message to my wife from a hotel!!

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Totally touch screen!!! Thank goodness I don't need a physical keyboard otherwise I would have to sacrifice half my screen size bec of that. That would really suck!!!

Plus the virtual keypad on the z10 is just absolutely amazing to type on! The way it corrects your words and of course how it predicts and learns the way you type!!!

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Isn't carrying two phones annoying Kevin?

I'm sure the qwerty is a nice phone to most especially the die hard loyal BB users but touch is the way to go. Glad the z10 has an awesome size screen with an even more awesome virtual keypad! The best in the market no comparisons!

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Yah, touch is the "way to go." All these silly loyalist using qwerty's, who cares about kb shortcuts, accuracy in typing without autocorrect? All you need is a big screen, that's it...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Totally touch screen. My thumbs no longer get sore with all the typing I do on my phone. BlackBerry 10 is best suited for a full touch screen device as well in my opinion. The screen real estate makes navigation easier.

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!

same thoughts here DJ, the Z10 only have the big screen as main advantage but the Q10 has all others: very good battery life, feels more solid, smaller, etc..

I prefer the Q10 over the Z10 hundred times, very nice article indeed.

My first BB was a full touch (storm/ or bad weather) so I think I will always be full touch. I can pound out messages on a QWERTY, but get hung up on punctuation, numbers and stuff. Full touch all the way.

I really fail to see how these types of op-eds actually help BlackBerry. We all know that the keyboard niche is small, and unfortunately a dying breed. Why advertise then that you believe that the Z10 is subpar and that people should gravitate to the Q10? I really don't get it. Keyboards are awesome, no doubt but I also don't think that they are making a comeback anytime soon.

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I don't get it either. Plus that tiny screen would drive me blind. But hey, choice is a good thing...

Although love the Z10 virtual machine......somehow miss the keyboard....still gets my attention...if I had money would get both.........only thing I hate is when people think Z10 is an iPhone.......q10 looks and feels like a blackberry.....and I like that..........wifey will not be happy if I have 2 phones......hmmmmm what excuse can I use to buy a Q10......

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10

tried both. love both. would like to have a BB10 Slider ;-)
will switch from z10 to Q10 as my main device - and as soon as A10 is available use A10 as my 2nd device and also Tablet replacement.
So Q10 + A10 is a perfect combo

I'm still missing my 9810 too, but the Q10 is a good little phone. Now if there were only some apps available for it, I'd be all set.

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Kudos to BlackBerry for trying to satisfy all its customers. Definite strong niche for the keyboard, but an all-touch and bigger screen is what most of the market demands. Do miss the keyboard days though, but I'm willing to sacrifice it for a bigger screen.

I was thinking about going with a Q instead of the Z, but I like having the large screen, and since I wasn't born 40 years ago typing on a touch screen is like second nature for me. Also, the metal between the keys on the 9930 started wearing off and it looked horrible, that help me my decision. Virtual keys don't wear out ;)

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I've been using the Z10 since launch in UK. But I miss my physical keyboard so much that I eventually bought a Q10 from for £355 (unlocked and brand new).

I was considering taking out another contract to get hold of a new Q10 but then found a good deal, even though a friend of mine offered me 40% off a contract from o2.

Just waiting for my new Q10 to arrive now. I've just bought another sim card from OVIVO so that I can have free texts, minutes and data for life for a one off price of £15 and then carry and use both phones.

Yep, I'm not quite ready to give up my Z10 just yet!

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When I went back to a Z, I was like "it's not as bad as I remembered", but it's the little things which get on your nerves in the end. The virtual keyboard getting in the way when you don't want it to, typing is easier on a Q, including with text prediction, etc.
Having said that, the Z is the one to get if you intend to sideload a lot.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

I'm going to stick with QWERTY for the foreseeable future. When switched to a virtual keyboard, it was the HTC OneX. I enjoyed the device but dearly missed the physical keyboard of a BlackBerry.

I feel at home with the physical QWERTY on my Q10! I look forward to the growing BB10 platform.

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Got my Q10 beginning of May 2013 and knew months before that I was gonna get the Q10. Till this day I don't regret my choice 1 second. I hardly use any apps and with the Q10 even less so productivity is even better. The only thing that's hampering my productivity is Crackberry and it's CB10 app. Actually that's the only app I use on a almost daily basis.

CB10 - Q10

This begs the question. Wouldn't it be great if BlackBerry came out with a phone with the same screen size as the z10 with a physical keyboard? It could be done and by the sounds of it, it would sell like crazy.

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Well, I'd like a Galaxy Note-sized slider... I do believe it would sell like crazy AND get a lot (A LOT!) of attention from non-BlackBerry users. A LOT. But... don't hold your breath. BB is a bit too timid right now to try something so daring.

I was talking with other Z10 users the other day and we had all come to an agreement that a Q10 with the screen size of a Z10 would be something we would like to see.

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Z 10 for me! Love how you swipe down to get a question mark. I'm so used to flicking now it's hard to type on my ipad.

Got the Z10 as a developer a few months ago after my previous 2 phones being Bolds (9900, 9780). If I hadn't earned one that way, I was about 60/40 in favour of the Q10. The main reason was not the keyboard, though; it was the battery life. Keyboard would be nice for as I'm walking, which I do alot of, and for keyboard shortcuts, but the battery was the clear tiebreaker. That said, it's not nearly a big enough edge for me to go out and buy one to replace my Z, not when it was free (well, for hours of work) and is a limited edition that I can feel proud carrying around.

My wife got a Q10 two days ago so I got to test it out a little bit. It was a little weird as I used it. The screen gestures don't feel quite as natural and having a physical keyboard again threw me off, but I think I'd still be in a place that if I had to decide today, I would be about 60/40 for the Q. My next phone will most likely go back to QWERTY, unless they bring out a slider to get the best of both worlds.

I realized quick with the Z10 that I will NEVER go back to a full touch as my main phone. I actually use 3 devices. Q10 for everything, the Z10 for Oregon Trail which has me hooked and facebook, and a motorola Aura sticky for voice. Yea I know, I'm a sicko.

QWERTY physical keyboard is it for me!!!!
Full Touch- NEVER again!!!!!!!
Viva BlackBerry for having a physical keyboard and standing apart from all the other full touch crap.

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Us old people need a larger screen! I've learned to swipe better as time goes on. Loved my Bold, but love my Z more!

My teenagers' iPhones are fine for music, etc; but my BlackBerry is more productive for work.

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I actually enjoy both and rock both the z10 and the q10. Both phones offer very addicting and enjoyable typing experiences. I got the z10 first and while it did take time getting used to the keyboard, you eventually come to love the swiping and predictive text (which is not the same at all on the q10). That being said, as others have mentioned, there is something to be said for the experience of tactile feedback when typing and the q10 provides that.

I do find that for media and Web browsing, the hub, etc is more enjoyable for me on the z10 - so much so that it's replaced my playbook for videos.

At the same time as others have said, instant actions, search, the short cuts, etc are very nice on the q10.

I love both and like Kevin, rock both though not at the same time lol. I just pick one for the day.

I will end this by saying, that although I love both, and own both z10 and q10, i would pick the z10 over the q5 hands down. The premium nature of the q10 with its iconic look and glass weave back also played a role in my owning it lol. But if it's strictly qwerty vs z10 then z10 all the way for me.

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I am qwerty for life or as long as some company is making them preferably BB. As of now I'm still rocking my 9930 and still loving it! Bold 9930 + Bridge + PlayBook +unlimited data = The best experience for me for now!

I agree, but make that 9930 a 9810: I can't go back to BBOS7, but I think that was when I was "most satisfied" with my mobile communications platform... in a number of significant ways, "upgrading" to Z10 was a step backwards for me.

I'm a touchscreen guy for the long run. I've been a qwerty guy for a long time and to me it feels outdated. I think BlackBerry has done right with releasing the touch phone first. Ever since the first iPhone my mom and I had always wanted a touchscreen BlackBerry. She didn't want to get the iPhone (at the time we both were on T-Mobile and still are) and she sure didn't want to switch carriers to get the BlackBerry Storm. With my 3 siblings going Android (all Galaxy S1 phones), me and my mom are still diehard BlackBerry fans. Even though there are diehard physical qwerty fans, there are still those who are full diehard touchscreen iPhone and Android fans that consider the qwerty physical keypad as being "outdated" and old school. I would love to see better marketing of the Z10 and not so much on the Q10. No matter what I'm a diehard BlackBerry fan but the full touchscreen is my style.

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I'll be going back to a QWERTY, ideally a slider like my old Torch. I can do just fine on glass, but the keyboard shortcuts are huge as DJ mentionned. The Z10's battery life has also been short for me. It's nice to have a bigger screen, but when 95% of what I do is messaging, I can live with the screen downgrade.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I am also on a z10 but considering getting a q10. For me, the deciding factor is the battery. Basically for me, the screen vs keyboard cancel each other out. The battery is the tie breaker.

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I have the Z10 and I just transferred to the Q10 and I know I won't be going back, the Z10 had me hooked to that amazing on screen keyboard but I'm in love my physical keyboard and can't live with out it. I have to say it's in part to the actions and keyboard shortcuts.

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Was a Torch user before the Z10 and I really miss having both a big screen and a physical keyboard. For me, the slider would be optimal. :(

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I miss my physical keyboard, but now I can type much faster on my Z10. Both are great devices, I'm glad that BlackBerry made phones for the whole CrackBerry nation.

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My fiance has the Z10, I much prefer the tactile feel of my Q10, that and I can type without looking at it ;)

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I don't have enough money to buy both, so, I'll stay on Z10 as long as possible, and after that, I'll give a try to a Q10 -ish device! Peace!

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Great article and I am in complete agreement with you about the physical keyboard. I had to wait for the Q10 release and reading all the Z10 stories was tough but I'm glad I waited. This device is just plain amazing and the keyboard totally seals the deal.

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I totally know just what your talking about. I ultimately chose the Q10 over my Z10. Gave the Z10 to my daughter and have made a future BlackBerry fan out of her. It's funny watching her tease my wife (who owns an iphone 4) can your phone do this mommy? LOL

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I also went a similar way. Tried the Z10 for 3 months but reverted back to the physical keyboard on the Q10. I wasn't unhappy with the Z10, just happier with the Q10

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Own both but prefere the Q10 because I have to do a Lot of writing. And I love classic things.

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Qwerty, qwerty, QWERTY! I'm so fast with my thumbs it takes me back to the blackberry qwerties from all those years ago. And the speed of the device is just crazy fast.

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I tried the Z10 when it first came out as well. Loved the large screen for media and browsing, but could not get used to the virtual keyboard. Finally my carrier released the white Q10 and I jumped at it right away. Instant gratification to have that physical keyboard back in my hand, the form feel of the device fits perfectly for me. Took a day to adjust to the smaller screen, but I am loving it and not looking back at all. I can't see me every getting used to or liking the virtual keyboard. Moving forward all the time, on my fantastic cuTEN

How about a real virtual keyboard. It would optionally stay opened when you unlock and support full Q10 convenience.

I personally love the screen size because I hate scrolling through long emails and the reader feature in the browser makes it really nice to read articles.

My wife still has her 9900 and although I love the solid feel of the keyboard device, I am waaay more productive on my Z10.

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I think z10 rocks,and as bb to survive as a company , they have to make more touch screen devices ,world is
moving towards virtual keys and bb has delivered on that.
Q10 is good, but not better than z10.
Lets keep moving

Tried a friend's Z10. It was impressive, but I missed the tactile feedback of the keys. (I don't think that a completely fair test as I was only playing briefly.) Bought the Q10 and been in love since.

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I played with the Z10 since it's release every chance I got. I decided to wait until the Q10 came out to make a decision. Now after rocking the Q10 for the past month I have to say the Q10 is the phone for me! I gladly switched from my iPhone 5 and I am proud to say that I am cured! No longer an iSheep.

Rocking my Q10

Got a q10 for a week but just returned it today. Can't live without the swipe back to delete, swipe up to insert words.

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

Thanks DJ! Thoughtful analysis as always. I have the Zed 10 and, although happy, miss the key pad of my 9930.

The screen on the Q is 50% larger than the 9930. But my eyes are getting older.

Battery is better too.

But I made a trade off.

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I wish i didn't buy the Z10. Not enough Money now to change it. :-) I dont need such a Multimedia Device with less Battery Power.. QWERTZ is my fav., but only early 2015 i am back.

I'm using the BlackBerry Q10 and I'm loving it! I just switched from android also. The keyboard is great for shortcuts when it comes to maneuvering through the phone.

Posted via CB10

I have the z10 for months now and am trying to trade/sell for a q10. I'm too in love with qwerty.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Q10 QWERTY rules!! :) now bring carriage return to word substitution.

Posted via CB10

I love the Z10 but I keep going back to my 9900 because of the trackpad.I don't think I can switch to the Q10 without the trackpad and large screen.

Long time BB user who loved the physical keyboard. I went ahead and got a Z10 and haven't looked back, Love the Z10 screen and typing experience (surprisingly). While I do miss my short-cuts, the only pull I have towards the Q10 is to have an iconic BB I can plop down on the table during meetings, pull out in airports, etc. BB by Choice!

i had a z10, i will eventually get the q10, but what i really want is the s10. the slider. give me a bb10 torch and i will buy it without hesitation.

I love the Q10 a lot. For me, it's the best computer I've ever purchased. It does everything. Love it.

Posted via CB10

I'm Z10 proud! I would love a month or two trial with the Q10. But I'm to much for the screen real estate to switch. But I do feel the Q deserves a good trial so I can inform others and show off both US options.

Posted From My Amazing Z10 via CB10

I think it's all a matter of preference. I had the Z10 and thought it was great. However, I am not a huge gamer nor do I watch a lot of videos, so I exchanged it for a Q10 and I haven't looked back. I feel a lot more productive and efficient with the Q10 and sending emails is a breeze. Battery life isn't as impressive as my old Bold but I can still get through a full day after heavy usage.

Again both great phones but the Q10 is my clear choice.

Posted via CB10

I love the look and feel of the Q10; it's just about perfect in every respect. What I also like is that it will never be mistaken for an iPhone. Instantly, you know that this is a BlackBerry.

BlackBerry proud. BlackBerry for life.

I love my BlackBerry and u went from z10 to bold 9900 as my z10 made my PlayBook useless. Lost the faith.

Posted via CB10

I thi K this the classic tale of a BlackBerry owner...i am in the same boat but yet to go back to Qwerty, but u foresee it....

Posted via CB10

Also started with a Z10 and ended up with Q10 as the physical keyboard and better battery life were too big a lure for me. I love the way the phone feels, looks and using it is great! I think I'm a QWERTY user for a while!

With the new Moto X supposedly coming with "always ready" voice command, everybody will be walking around in a constant dialog with their phone. Keyboards of any sort may soon be quaint reminders of the past. And yes that is sarcasm.

Remind me to develop an app that doesn't work called "Sesame". People shouting "Open Sesame" at their phones will make my day.

Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I've tried both as well, but not as in depth as yourself, but I suspected that I would go back to the Q10. It's great that you pointed out the saving in steps to do something, even if it is a single click. It really does matter, and for die hard crackberries, these can be major annoyances just knowing it can be done more efficiently on the other device. You are also right about Instant Action, that is a huge advantage that I am so surprised does not get more mention. I actually feel that some of the CrackBerry Z10 loyal editors are being biased about this - and yes, I am pointing at you Kevin! You cannot deny the power of Instant Action, and how it is SO much better on the Q10. It is such a powerful feature.

It's certainly nicer to use on the q10, but I guess it comes down to personal preferences. I enjoy the benefits of instant actions on my z10, even though it requires me to hit the search key first. That doesn't annoy me at all, it's just a different way of doing the same thing and in the end, having the extra small step is trivial, at least to me.

I agree instant actions is powerful, but in comparison to other OSs. It's not as if the instant actions on the q10 is so much more powerful than the z10.

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I really like the Z10, but I do miss my physical keyboard. I think the Z10 would be much improved if you could two thumb swipe up to pull up the keyboard and then use the instant actions and programmable shortcuts. Are these features in 10.1 or in the works for 10.2? I'm with Verizon, so I'm still rockin 10.0.

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Very nice Review DJ / I like that Soo much / same BlackBerry Q10 owner! We have same experience with real keyboard

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Z10, other than the volume keys and power keys, there are no other physical parts that can break down. The Q10 has a physical keyboard and with continual use will eventually wear out. Just like the Bolds and Curves that came before, replacements after replacements of devices with keys falling out or keys that don't physically respond. That is the reason why I LOVE MY Z10, what's not to love with a +4" screen (landscape) vs a +3" square screen anyway? I don't have to squint and my Z10 is great for GPS maps. How can anyone use a 3" screen to see their GPS while driving? My next upgrade would be naturally the A10, can't go wrong here.

I was in a dilemma too as I had my fair share of touch screen phones (iphone) to the phones sporting a physical keyboard (BB9900). I found the Z10 beautiful but can't seem to shake away the security blanket of having a keyboard. Caved in a bought a Q10 in the end.

Proud owner of a Q10 (White)

...2 months on the Z but headed back for the Q.
Tactile feel
Battery life
Better in hand feel
A real Agenda view.

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I too used the Z10 from the day it was available on Verizon. I was excited to learn the gestures and see how the virtual keyboard would learn my terminology and phrases I commonly use.

I did like the Z10 and the keyboard spooky knack for accurate predictions and the bigger screen was nice for my poor eyesight. I have my Playbook for video and surfing and playing games.

I got frustrated with constantly having to two-finger swipe or tap in an input field to get the keyboard up. I missed the shortcut keys like N and P for Next & Previous. Also, I use the "&" a lot and got tired of having to swipe twice to get it.

Mostly what was the final straw was the way it's too easy to type errant characters when I rest my fingers in thought when composing something.

A couple of weeks after the Q10 became available on Verizon, I was eligible to upgrade & I have been so much happier since I got it, even without my much loved trackpad.

Posted by CB10 on my VZW Q10

I got the Z10 first day at launch, to be honest i missed my 9900. I would much rather a keyboard than a bigger screen, this is why i use a blackberry!

I think that people get confusion wife typing fast and having words entered quickly. I can type much more accurately on the Z10 than on my Torch or Tour. Because I have big hands the keyboard adjustment works well for when I hit the wrong key, which I do lot of.

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Damn post button too close to my correction. Anyways, as I have said a lot. It's not about typing fast, it's about getting words in quickly. The predictive keyboard allows me to put words up on the screen faster even though I'm not hitting keys as fast. But if I want to try and blast through the keyboard, I can do that too.

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My first BlackBerry was BlackBerry Torch n now Z10.always touchscreen BlackBerry. I am not interested with IPhones..& samsung..maybe because I don't like game !

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I got to use the Z10 for a couple of months but then decided to give the Q10 a test spin and I just knew it was the phone for me. I came previously from the Storm and Storm II and I really regret not using my upgrade way back when to get the 9930. Looking back now, I realize I probably would have loved it (maybe even more than my Q10! Lol!) Instant actions and key board shortcuts are just amazing. I feel bad for all the legacy device owners who feel like the keyboard shortcuts were nerfed to the point where the phone no longer offers a good experience. I'm excited for 10.2 and and the new shortcuts and instant actions that will be possible then. I hope the experience improves enough to win back some of the disappointed legacy device owners. This phone is so sweet!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I sometimes do miss my keyboard shortcuts from Bold 9900.. if somehow shortcuts can come to Z10 in someway, I'll be so much more happy.. my Z10 even without them is so much satisfying.. I am keeping my Z10..

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I have always been a BlackBerry fan, & until I get a reason to, i'm not going anywhere. The keyboard has always been the biggest attraction for me. It give me what I want / when I want it.. (apps that is). The only question that I have is, how can I use the dual business / personal capabilities with out being on the enterprise server, network. Being as though I work for my self, from home.

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Z10! I'm coming From a 9900! And this is the best blackberry experience I've ever had! Responding to emails! While playing mass effects! Searching two websites at once! My Z10 does soon much I forget to talk on it!!!!

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Anybody have this experience? I prefer keys because I can rest my thumbs on the keyboard rather than having to 'hover' just above it, and I can slide them from key to key rather than pick them up to move over without touching the glass . . . Probably sounds dorky or picky to some, but imo its much more comfortable.

Exactly how I feel about it.
With the Z, you have to be much more "careful" about how and where to touch it.
The Q can get touched almost everywhere, and it will do no harm. Way more productive.
After a while on my Z, my thumbs feel "sore" from hovering over the glass surface, trying carefully to avoid touching anything that shouldn't be touched.

However, I think the Z is a great phone, and my typing improved a lot in the last couple of days, but in the long run, I think the Q10 is my way to go.

Definitely the Z10...
I love the keyboard, it's very reactive and the prediction is by far the best... to me it's the best keyboard I ever have...
I was a hard user of keyboard and the reason why I came from Sony Ericsson to BlackBerry, back in 2007, was the keyboard.
BlackBerry is by far the best on physical keyboard and it seems like they are becoming the best on touch screen also. BBRY Team has done a very great job on this full touch screen keyboard... I won't go back to the physical, unless the next generation BB11 fail on this!!!

Posted from my Z10 OS CB10

Before BB10 came out I said to myself, self....we're holding out for a physical keyboard model.

I'm glad I didn't because the Z10's screen real estate is were it's at! I write emails for work all day long, 5 days a week and although it's true I have to proof read my notes more then I'd care to using a virtual keyboard rather then a physical one, it doesn't detract from the awesome visual experience I'm currently having with my Z10.

I'm sure the Q10 is nice from a communications stand point but in my experience with all the BlackBerry phones I've ever owned, the communication experience was never the issue.
The issue was catching up to other platforms that could do communications as well as multimedia aspects, this is where I believe the future of BlackBerry products needs to be and the Z10 is the perfect form factor (size) to combine the best of both worlds.

There will always be a market need for a traditional physical keyboard BlackBerries, that's just common sense. But moving forward, Z10 is the blueprint to which all other BB10 device should mimic.

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QWERTY Forever! After using my 9900 for 1.5 years, I decided to give a full touch screen (iPhone) a good chance (6 months). I can say I see the pros of having the full screen but typing has been a task now instead of something I looked forward to. I'll be getting the Q10 within the next two weeks and can't wait!

I was a keyboard guy for a long time, then had the best of both worlds with the Torch, loved the big screen for video. Now I have the Z10 and with predictive text I don't miss the physical keyboard.

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Had to go back to my 9900 for a couple of weeks and found it difficult to readjust to. When I first got my Z10 it took me a day or two to get used to the OS and gesturing but my biggest concern was the virtual KB. I had previously had an S3 and an iPhone4 while helping test for BYOD and found typing on them clumsy compared to BB's physical KB, but the Z10 I took to almost immediately. It took me a few days to find the right method of "flicking" but typing was a cinch. When I had to live without my Z10 for a while the adjustment back to a PK took far longer and much more of an effort than I ever would have expected. When I got my Z10 back it was just like seeing an old friend again and I had no trouble readapting. The impossible has happened, I have become a VK fanboy! I NEVER thought this would happen to me after sterling service from the 9000, 9700, 9780, 9790 and the 9900. I guess it boils down to the individual user at the end of the day, but I would have no trouble recommending the Z10 VK to anyone.

I've long accepted that real keyboards, and the people who loved them were a dying breed. Indeed over the last 2 of my 6 yrs w/ RIM, I became more and more despondent, watching the touchscreen systems advance. Even more bitter was the pill, as the attractions really seemed trivial, shallow and flippant. I mean, an app that uses the touchscreen so you can blow some lady's skirt up? Really? Or a gyroscopic sensore so you can "drive" Need For Speed? Seriously?

January this year, all that changed. I have waited since then, eager to the point where my wife got mad everytime my sentence started w "Q". I was on the phone w Customer Service at 8:30am the day VZW started the pre-order program. Loved the bandwith + cloud functions so much, I returned it within 5 days to by another at full retail to keep my unlimited data plan.

Been on the Q10 for almost 7 weeks now, and am feeling completely justified. Sure, there's a bazillion issues w/ the brand new OS, but I'm on the Beta Zone, and am confident that they'll be addressed. After all, it's not like they've not got any market precident to gauge what's needed.

And yes, I know they'd like to be called BlackBerry but really, that's just some marketing 'brain surgeon' at work.

But to answer OP's question: yes, I'd like more screen real estate, but I'm not sacrificing true functionality of purpose for that. The only reason I need cite for case of a physical keyboard over a larger screen is the oft-quoted paradigm - IT'S A TOOL, NOT A TOY. Sums it all up for me, really.

autocorrect's for the birds -- SQN100-2. V10.1.0.4651

Keyboard all the way! It would be nice to have a bigger screen, but the Q10 is an awesome piece of hardware and does everything I consider important -- emailing, texting, and when I need to look/see something up it has a very fast browser. Good job Blackberry, but keep improving.

I waited for the Q10. I'm familiar with the keyboard on this Playbook, but for the phone wanted the keyboard. And since I know the swipe commands on the Playbook, the Q10 makes perfect sense to me.

I had the 9900 and switched to Iphone after the delay to release BB10. Got the z10 as a 2nd phone to try and I think I maybe switching to it full time. Ditching my iPhone 5. Have missed BBM and can hardly wait until it is moved to ios and android. Bbm is best im program in my opinion and bb10 takes it to another level. Anyways I was wondering if I did get a q10 could I switch my BlackBerry id between z10 and q10 as often as I wanted to? I read there is a maximum of 5 PIN changes per year on Bb10? Also count me in for a Torch style slider on BB10

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What if we get a 4.5 inch screen with physical keyboard from BlackBerry, I think that'd be a different story. :)

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Q10 takes a few days getting used to, but is one heck of an awesome software.The Hub is very a convienient way to view messages that no other platform has. Love my Q10! , switched from iphone 5.

Q10 all the way for me, the physical keyboard was the attraction, and I did find the switch from a trackpad to touch screen hard at first after 9360 and 9900, but the more I use it the better it seems to get, Q10 is the best phone on the market for me!

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Question for Kevin Michaluk! Do you still use the virtual keyboard on the Z10 as much? It was your and Adam's video comparison of the Q10 and Z10 that led me to try for the first time a Virtual keyboard. There are days I find it frustrating but the pay off is that i am loving the larger screen and consumer experience. I feel like I have a Smartphone at last rather than an extremely good email and texting machine. That said I am much better than I ever thought possible (for me) on a virtual keyboard though I recognise I have to concentrate more on what I am typing and check it more before I hit the send key.

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Q10 is great. LOVE the qwerty keyboard. Nothing beats physical keys for speed and accuracy. I do wish I could turn off the search and go back to keyboard shortcuts for apps from the homescreen. You remember, t for task, b for browser, n for BBM, u for calculator, d for memo, etc

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