Leaked photos show off QWERTY BlackBerry 10 prototype

By Adam Zeis on 19 Feb 2014 12:52 pm EST

So ... we're not sure just what this little guy is or where it came from, but here it is. It's a funny looking BlackBerry 10-ish device with somewhat of a QWERTY keyboard (notice there are no numbers or symbols). It kind of looks like a super early BlackBerry Q5, but the word on the street is that it may actually be a developer device for an upcoming BlackBerry 10 phone — possibly the Windermere device we've heard about previously.

Aside from these two images there isn't much to go along with it however. We'll continue to do some more digging and see if we can come up with anything, but don't expect to see much come from this one. It's just a prototype / developer device that most people will never see, and we're not even sure where this one came from in the first place. Bottom line — don't worry about this becoming a production device for the public. 

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts — if we find out more we'll let you know!

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Leaked photos show off QWERTY BlackBerry 10 prototype



Even prototypes aren't this ugly... gotta be a fake..... PLEASE be a fake...

Even if it's real, it still sports a 1:1 aspect ratio like the Q10... I care not for it.

Looks like they took an iPad and turned it into a BlackBerry.

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I think the day this phone if at all is launched, BlackBerry would actually become history! It would be a self detonated Nuke bomb!

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I agree!!! Yuck.

Assuming this rumour is true, I am very disappointed. I thought Chen had a guy who "knew what was 'cool'" when it came to phone design??

Mr. Chen: No one on planet Earth thinks this is anywhere even CLOSE to cool. It's the phone equivalent of a pocket protector.

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I love it

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Oh.....and this "prototype".......what the hell?! Super, duper, ugly fugly!!

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First things first...what is flST?

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It looks like it might include an electric razor adapter.

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The Back reminds me of a Note 3, specifically the camera set up. The front design reminds me of an early prototype of the Q series. Could be a scrapped device, or maybe an early test for the "Q30"

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Hmm, I suppose the number keys can just be on screen, weird not having shift keys but I guess just long hold a letter to capitalize?

Will that plug into my commodore 64? Anyway, this is obviously a developers tool.

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Thanks but no thanks, that is pure ugly! Surely not even worthy of a BlackBerry logo at all.

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How dumb are you? It's a dev phone... it's not for consumers
.. it's not the end result...

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How do you know it's a dev phone? I'm pretty sure this is the rumored Windermere with a 5" square screen.

Uhmm its missing some "key" keys on its keybord (LOL).. which is the trademark for blackberry devices.. so i think this is fake or under heavy development

I wonder if TYPO went into this great length in QWERTY keyboard development & design with their typo keyboard ...LOL Book'em Chen !

The keyboard is a mess! Where's the alt, caps.. etc keys?

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That cannot be the finished design... . maybe the picture is distorted or something....

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That thing got beat upside the head with an ugly stick. I hope they're testing new internals and not actually considering making this.

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OMG! So the microUSB hole FINALLY placed on bottom of the phone?
And are those bezels almost non existent?
I love it!..

Crackberry can you please make sure the headline specifies dev prototype phone because people don't read the post not knowing it's a dev alpha phone and not the real thing lol jeez people do not read at all

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They really need to ditch the physical KBs...(sorry Q owners). The world has moved on and it's only perpetuates BlackBerry's stale, out-dated image. Besides, they have the best virtual KB on the planet!!

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This just your opinion.

Many Q owners would disagree strongly.

If they took your advice, BlackBerry would die.

They may have made (may have) the worlds best virtual kb. But BlackBerry DOES make the worlds best "get things done" physical kb.


This better be a free BlackBerry you get, in your box of cereal as part of a partnership with Kellogs Cornflakes. Otherwise, this will be a huge flop.

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THANK YOU. You can tell by he keyboard letters for example. Someone didn't even get those pics right that people are getting worked up about.

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I thought that at first too, but the blackberry logo both on the screen and near the ear piece seems to be normal (not squished)... also the words 'not for sale' appear to be ok too... hard to say..?

Exactly. Some dumbo made those pics off and everyone and their mother thinks that's seriously the form factor.

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Doubt this is anything near final, but whatever it is they better get it out in the next 3-4 months.
The market is slowly but steadily getting bored with galaxies and ithingies.

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Although it's looks can be forgiven because it's a Dev/Prototype, it still doesn't explain the 1:1 aspect ratio of the screen. Really really hope BlackBerry goes bigger for future QWERTY device screens. 3 inches on the Q10 was a misstep, in my opinion.

Yep, but the last rumor I heard, said that Q30 will have just 3.5in so not much bigger?
I hope for 4in.. but don't know if there is room for 3.5 plus inch screen..

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3.5 inches?? Haven't heard that rumor myself but even that won't cut it. I really think that if BlackBerry just took the size of the Z10 device and threw a physical keyboard on it, it would be perfect. 4.2 inches, same screen resolution as the Z10, one resolution for developers, large battery. Would be great.

The Q series suffers from developers only supporting the Z series so I am glad, to a degree, that the aspect ratio is maintained. I personally don't mind.

Please let the octo-core monster due (hopefully) in September be all touch. I love my predictive text keyboard.

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Dev phone or not the negative press this turd would bring wouldn't help matters lol

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I really hope they make the next qwerty device portrait and not 1:1. I would love to see a thinner profile Torch style device too. Oh man I would pay for that!

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Wow I can't believe people comment on an article they don't even read first! Can anyone name a good looking prototype or developer device, not just BlackBerry devices either? Adam even said this will not see the light of day. Just wow

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Even though its not very attractive right now i have to say i like where it might be headed.
Also if there's one thing I've always loved about my BlackBerry is the understated look and feel and this seems to be heading in that direction.

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Must be a knock-off/anticipation of what they expect to be the next qwerty BB by some (bad) Chinese manufacturer specialised in fake devices...
Never saw such an ugly phone, it looks like they decided to make a mock-up of what mustn't be the next Q10 !
Even under 100$ it would be a disaster!... even free, people would rather pay just to get away from it !

If DoD wanted a rugged, secure device for tactical and field ops why would lower case even be needed. Numbers would be helpful?

I will burn down foxcon warehouse if this is what the next q30 is. Looks like an cheap android phone with a keyboard ewwwww

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Looks like one of those old fashioned spell checker/translator/ dictionary devices.

Surely just a development tool and nothing else.


Seriously, do people even read before they post. THIS NOT A PHONE FOR THE MARKET.

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I think this is 80 percent of what the phone is gonna look like minus the distortion.

There are too many similarities in the design language of this device and the leaked Z3 to be completely fake.

So here we have it the "windermere"

1:1 ratio (a bit of a bummer) 1440 x 1440 screen
Snapdragon 800
3000++ battery
And a new simpler keyboard.

All BlackBerry devices will now have the ports at the bottom (thank goodness) and edgy square design.

Im liking it.

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Someone did an analysis of the screen size in the forums. It does look like it's bigger than the Q10 but man.... I'm really trying hard to not believe that they're sticking with the 1:1 ratio again... that would be nuts.

Tragic!!! This style is not blackberry at all...They should work on designs based on q10 or 9900 or 9790...

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Are nokia cameras placed in the middle of the back like that? Just wondering because im gauging the authenticity of this picture.

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I hope BlackBerry quits spending money makind dev units. Use your money wisely BlackBerry! The Z10, Q10, Z30 are your dev alpha units and they are already built. Send them to any serious devs out there and let's gets things rocking!

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It's probably a developer unit people! The finished product wouldn't look like it.

A big-screen Qwerty is fricking great news. This thing is going to be a major crack-berry handset.

When I saw it I thought.. Is this a prototype of Jakarta ? No.. can't be. Maybe ? Pay attention to the screen size, same as Q10. (720x720). I believe this might be a prototype from Foxconn.

This is terrible, even the Q10 prototype looked good, it looked like the Porsche Design, this looks like a squashed android phone, especially the way the camera's are position on the back of the phone, if this is the Q30 prototype then I will be waiting for the Q50 when my contract is up in 2015, this prototype is so short, it looks dwarfed which makes me think It's a fake.

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Bottom line — don't worry about this becoming a production device for the public.

Haha as if that's gonna stop people from moaning about it, asking if this is for real blah blah lol

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Notice the width of the letters on the keyboard? these pictures are distorted. Actual phone is a lot narrower

Errrr.... whats that... never seen something like that from BlackBerry.... not good looking at all

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This is almost exactly what my "BlackBerry " friend said would be coming out. The picture is distorted, but is very much along the same idea of what he was explaining to me.

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Oh come on its not that ugly a little more rounding of the edges and perhaps some Chrome around like BlackBerry Bold 9900, it will be good to go.

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The next one needs to have a 4" screen with a keyboard and the same aspects ratio as the Z10.

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Media player type device (like ipod) or maybe corporate paging device (cause pagers are still heavily used in some industries)

Really do not think it is meant as a commercial phone. Specific application.

But if is is a Media Device, <cough> COME ONE and work on a new PLAYBOOK ( please change the name though LMAO )

Windermere 1440x1440 resolution, probably 4.5" screen, which is why the keyboard is so wide.
Symbols appear on screen, like on a Z10, so as to gain some space.
Disappointing camera, but that's an "enterprise" device...

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

The keyboard is odd. And the overall dimensions are bizarre. This has to be a photo shop special. Really..

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Grotesque. Missing the pocket-friendly rounded curve I love about BlackBerry devices; also missing some charm and intuitive typing design.

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Hideous! If this is what they are planning then they should throw in the towel on device design.

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It's a good idea to read an entire crackberry article before making comments. Just saying.

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It must be the new budget-line design phones. Next to the Porsche models, this will launch as the new Kia model.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

For those that say this is a dev device, there is no way to make a device with that screen and those dimensions pretty. FFS BlackBerry just make a new tablet, not a huge with a keyboard at the bottom.

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If it's a 1:1 ratio, why couldn't they develop via a DevC or Q10? What is it using that they can't use a current phone to develop? Or more so, what WOULD it be using that they need anther dev device? Big changes in 10.3? Heavy apps needing the 3gb ram and octocore proc? hmmm.

I think it's a new device. The plug is at the bottom like the Jakarta and the screen is larger than my Q5. It is also has square corners like the Jakarta in leaked photos.

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Reminds me of the Jakarta with a smaller screen (z10 size) and three row keyboard to reduce the overall length. Could this be the new low end qwerty device?

The incomplete keyboard is a bit of a problem.

I'd take it, with 128GB flash, 1280x1280px, 4GB RAM, Octacore, and 3500mAh battery. Screw the looks, if it's ultra-fast and makes me more productive. ;-)

Of course, a more refined look would help sales, LOL

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen, almost like that rock concept..

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Some conceptual designs by regular consumers look better than the finished product (better than Q10 and Z10) made by Blackberry, which is a $5B company. Sad but VERY true

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I actually got a chance to use this device during a visit. It does not look as bad as the pictures. It is rocket fast and it is a slim device and uses both keyboards if I remember. It reminds me of my first BlackBerry I think it was the 7280. It's back to the roots and the screen was fantastic. When it was handed too me all I said is WTF is that thing. Other then fantastic performance the look and shape did not turn me on. Certainly interesting though.

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这是来自中国的劣质模型(this is come from China, fake one),非常难看( so ugly).

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To everyone taking the time to state how ugly it is, did you take the time to read? It's a new developer's device. Unless you are an app developer, this shouldn't concern you. The next QWERTY device is a big change from what we have now (bigger/higher resolution screen, more ram, among other things) that there is a need for a developer device so developers can get their apps working right on the upcoming BlackBerry. It's also a whole new keyboard design on the new one which is why the old style Q10 keyboard looks so funny/out of place on this one.

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That seems fake... the bottom rows are missing keys. the square shade is really gross. I wish they'd just use the 'TK Justice' designs. Its what most, if not ALL, BlackBerry user want to see in future BlackBerries.

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I like it, or at least the idea of it. There is more room for the screen with three rows, and I think you would quickly get used to the key placement. I would like to see the screen about a inch taller.

Looks like a squished shit. Love the concept but still fugly D: hope this is not Windermere!

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I really hope they don't change the keyboard layout... it wouldn't feel like a BlackBerry anymore. I've been using the same setup for years since my 8900 and I don't want to adjust to another physical keyboard! I'm still having trouble adjusting to the new symbol layout that pops up on the screen...

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Noooooooooo please don't do it that thing is ugly smh (where is a bbm emoji when u need it )

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the blackberry logo on the screen looks very small, seems like a higher resolution display, so might be 1080p that everyone thinks next blackberrys will have.

I don't like the design they should make a full screen display with gorilla glass to make it scratch resistant instead of the usual display
It doesn't look all that compared to the Z30 Q10 and it has a dull design