Qwell takes call monitoring to the next level

By Jared DiPane on 21 Sep 2010 08:57 am EDT

Call monitoring applications can be your best friend or worst enemy, while they keep away the calls you don't want to come through, they can just as easily be keeping away some of the extremely important calls that you do want to come through. Setting up lists that allow and don't allow certain calls to filter through at various times can be a bit of a daunting task since you don't want to miss any on the allow list that could possibly cause you to miss that important phone call from the school or a doctor. Qwell is a new BlackBerry application that will change the way users have to monitor their calls since there is no longer and allow and do not allow list that has to be created. 

Instead of creating lists, users will activate the application which then is good for all inbound calls. Now don't fear, this does not mean that you are then rejecting all the inbound calls, instead it gives the caller a chance to decide the importance of the call. While the application is active it will give the callers a message stating that you are not accepting calls currently but if it is important they can then chose to have the call connected anyway which sends the call to your device. If the caller decides it is not an urgent matter they are then able to leave a voice mail for you to return their call at a later time. While your device is in "Qwell Mode" it keeps track of any missed calls or voice mails that took place during that time so that users are easily able to view this log once they are done with the activity they were doing. Be sure to check out the video after the jump and for more information on this service, as well as a download link head to the Qwell site.

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Qwell takes call monitoring to the next level


I don't like how this review didn't include the cost of the service, and that I had to dig through the product's site in order to find it would cost $4/mo if I wanted to keep this service after the free trial :-o

I currently use the App "Call Control" with a Google Voice phone number and that works well. I wonder how many people would really choose not to have their call connected, it seems most people thinks their calls (no matter how insignificant to me at the time) are important.

Same here with using Google Voice (although I'm now going to check out Call Control). I only give out my Google Voice number these days and have it set to not send calls to me when I'm not available (aka sleeping). Most of the people who might need to get a hold of me for an emergency already have my cell number, and can call that when GV is turned off.

Plus, GV will create transcriptions and e-mail them to me. I can quickly figure out if I need to listen to the actual message just from quickly glancing at my phone. :)

Ive been a user for 5 days now. Huge difference between this app than the others. With Qwell you don't miss the call. With similar apps, "do not disturb and Privacy Star" you can only preset the numbers that you want to go through. There is no set up process with Qwell. That is the main benefit and value to me. I also think that $3.99/mo is pretty reasonable. I am very skeptical about free apps. You normally don't get much quality out of them.

The problem with me having to glance at my phone to see if I have any important calls waiting is I have to be awake to do it. With Qwell I don't have to wonder. It let's me know immediately when there is an urgent call otherwise I don't have to be disturbed. Plus I like the fact that I can keep my own number.

I have been using the trial for about a week and a half and it works great. Much better than creating the caller lists. So far when I am in Qwell mode people do seem to be respecting my privacy and not everyone is breaking through. In fact no one yet has actually "broken through". Most folks have just left messages. I have used it in meetings, at the movie theatre and at dinner with my wife (that scored me some seriouse points). I plan on continuing the service for $3.99 a month after my trial runs out.

its sooo easy to work, its one of the best things that i have on my blackberry! Every one should has this on their phone.

Though I don't know how critical is for my life at this time, but a chance to win a new phone is always awesome!