QuickWeather updates to version 1.5, brings BlackBerry 7 support along with it

By Jared DiPane on 10 Sep 2011 05:17 pm EDT

After purchasing a new device, especially one that runs a newer OS than the previous the wait for all your applications to update can be painful. We have seen a number of applications updating recently to gain BlackBerry 7 support, and we can now add QuickWeather to the list. This application is a great weather app that shows you your current weather conditions on the home screen, along with a laundry list of other great features. If you are a current owner be sure to grab your update now, or if you don't currently own it, check it out today! 

The QuickWeather update along with the QuickLaunch update have been submitted to AppWorld and are pending approval, they are hoping for it to be available on Monday.

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Nice; now I can finally purchase it for my 9930!


How's the performance since 1.3?


Performs better than BerryWeather at a quarter the cost. Everything you need to know about current conditions anywhere, are designed into this app. Not surprising, considering it comes from the same camp as QuickLaunch


Hmm. I clicked the link to buy and it took me to the real MobiHand store, not the CrackBerry spin off. I know it's all the same really, but I'd guess CB only gets a cut of purchases made at the CB branded mobihand store. :\

Anyways, here's the CB branded store http://software.crackberry.com/productMobile.asp?id=621016&section=


i just wanna know wt is the name of the love app


Why is there STILL no native bb weather app??