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QuickWeather by NikkiSoft - A customizable weather widget for your BlackBerry's home screen!

By Michelle Haag on 3 Jun 2011 03:37 pm EDT
QuickWeather by NikkiSoft

From NikkiSoft, the makers of QuickLaunch and QuickFind, comes another app in the Quick series. QuickWeather will display your current weather conditions anywhere on your homescreen. This is awesome for all you theme lovers out there.  That new theme doesn't come with a weather slot? No problem, you can make your own! Not enough icons on your home screen? Use QuickWeather instead of the theme's built in weather slot, and free up an icon for another app! It's got a ton of features you can customize, so you can really make this match your style.


  • Displays current temperature and hi/lo forecast
  • Choose update frequency
  • Change background color
  • Change text color
  • Set transparency level
  • Set on-screen location
  • Display weather conditions or city name
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 2 layout styles
  • Also includes 5 day forecast display (not a widget but a popup window) which displays temperature forecast, current temperature, current humidity level, wind speed and sunrise / sunset times
QuickWeather has a very small footprint, is not active when the backlight is off or your device is in bedtime mode and has no lag or battery drain effects on your device.  A Quick and Simple glance at your weather! You can pick up QuickWeather for just $1.99 for your BlackBerry Torch or Storm.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase QuickWeather
Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1202 (articles) 1690 (forum posts)

Reader comments

QuickWeather by NikkiSoft - A customizable weather widget for your BlackBerry's home screen!


I highly doubt it's better than BerryWeather in anything except price, and probably has a few less features (like radar).
That being said, NikkiSoft is a great dev, and I doubt QuickWeather is worse. I don't own it so I can't say for sure.
Although if I didn't already own BerryWeather and I was gonna get a weather app, I'd probably go with the $2 one instead of the $10 one.

Most weather widgets appear on stagnant wallpapers and do not update.
Quick Weather places the data where I want it to be. Also, my changer works seamlessly. I am impressed with the menu navigation and simplicity of use. The many customized features and logical layout make it a breeze to understand. Its reminiscent of the developer's Quick Launch App which is the best and most convenient time saver available for BB.
QW is a winner. It brings accurate information to the screen with a few convenient clicks. I don't say or feel it often, but this app is a must buy for those who appreciate excellence in design & usefulness......Two thumbs up!

I cant use my berry w/out Quicklaunch but if we talk about weather app frst mover advantage is with bellshare dont think that this will be succeed. (by sales to company)

bellshare's app costs $9.99 i think. QuickWeather is only $1.99. Plus I'll be adding tons of features over time. I'm not looking to compete w/ bellshare. Just providing an inexpensive weather widget with a small footprint and using different tech than the bellshare app. This app does not change your wallpaper.

by "this app," I assume the developer is referring to BerryWeather. I had that, deleted it in favor of WeatherBug anyway. For a full-service weather app. Bellshare, besides being expensive, is no big shake. WeatherBug's graphics and interface are easier to read and less annoying to navigate with. This little Widget app, QW has conveniece, and is designed to work with Wallpaper changers.

Yes, by 'this app' I meant QuickWeather. QuickWeather doesn't work by changing your wallpaper. It uses a different method.

QuickWeather is a nice alternative to BerryWeather. QuickWeather is simple to set up and works very well on my Torch. You can manually place the weather widget on your homescreen anywhere you want.

Is this has "Feels like" condition? In Canada this is a huge factor. Temp can be 5C but feels like can be -6C and it is important to have that info. Do you have that info on this app?

Sounds like a very good application. I have a Bold, so unfortunatly it looks like I can't use it right now. Also does it have the ability to have the forecast automaticlaly change based on your current location? I travel a lot and that would be a great feature to have. Thank you for developing this applicaiton.

Sounds like a very good application. I have a Bold, so not good for me now. Also does it have the ability to have the forecast automaticly change based on your current location? I travel a lot and that would be a great feature to have.

quicklaunch is a high quality app. and im sure this would be he same.
but one thing is quicklaunch dont do a huge version increment for small and minor updates, which requires u to pay. if anything, the upgrade is probably a buck, much more affordable than bellshare's beweather.

QuickLaunch has been out for 3 years with only 2 paid updates the last of which was a year ago. There have been literally dozens and dozens of free updates during that time.

Which is probably why I enjoy the app so much xD

Even the paid incremental was worth it... just the screencap function was already worth the last upgrade xD

Keep it up xD

When you went into the Verizon Store, did you have to pay a penalty for carrying around a 2 digit IQ? Hey genius, the only thing that comes preloaded on the Storm are glitches and they must appeal to the pea brained like you!

Silly question dose this application support US only ?.

The answer to my own question it works by location ID you can refer to so basically any location .. I just purchased the item great app.

Be sure to download it from this site or from Nikkisoft...BB Appworld has the wrong version, which is a rip-off and not worth the $2.

Version 1.3 looks great, but version 1.2 is crap.