QuickSlide lets you easily lock and unlock your Torch without any buttons

By Jared DiPane on 6 May 2011 09:51 am EDT


Ever slip your BlackBerry Torch into your pocket or purse without remembering to lock it, and the next thing you know you have made a phone call, or browsing the web? Well, you are not alone and the folks at Boardwalk Mobile were feeling the same pain and have decided to do something aobut it. QuickSlide is the latest application from Boardwalk Mobile and the concept behind it is to lock your device for you without the need to press any buttons, or launch any applications each time you want to put the device away.

After installing QuickSlide users can customize how long after the screen goes off for it to be locked, and boom, just like that the device will lock. There are also options that allow you to exclude applications from this, so if you were in the browser and the screen times out, you are able to resume activity without unlocking the device. Unlocking is quite simple, all you have to do is slide the device open, or by pressing the back button twice. The best part about the application is that it is as simple as installing it, setting it up, and then it does the rest for itself, and you no longer have to deal with that over sensitive lock button.

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QuickSlide lets you easily lock and unlock your Torch without any buttons


May look into this app. I've bought BerrySlider, swipelock, and tried patternlock lite. Just need one that does it well. My only problem is that most of these programs still lock while your on the phone. The torch 9800 already darkens the screen because of the proximity sensor while on a call. If someone can tell me that it resolves that I might buy it.

This app can be configured to work/not work in certain apps. By default, this app is disabled on the phone screen, so you can slide the phone closed without locking the screen. It's a terrific app.

Does anyone know if you can set this to NOT unlock when using the slider, and just unlock by double tapping the escape key? So it will automatically lock, and then unlock with escape instead of the slider

I bought this app because of this article, its been a while since I have purchased an app for my BB. This is a very good app and works pretty well, just not sure how well it integrates wtih the PW lock function yet.

I also noticed an issue, if you want to view a pic by closing slider and moving your device into landscape mode it will lock. I have not looked into what app I can select o exclude the pic viewer from being locked?

It works perfectly with the password lock function for me. I unlock using my password and then see the QuickSlide message.

I'm also not having any issues with pics. I can view them in landscape without issues. If the pic is in your bbm, just exclude that from the list. If it's in the camera pictures area, just exclude Camera from the list. Camera was already excluded as a default when I loaded mine.

Just found quicklock and absolutely love it! Awesome app that does everything it says it does. Totally worth the money. Much better than several of the newer and higher priced slide apps.