QuickPull v2 (BETA) v2.0.13 Now Available!

By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2009 09:52 am EDT
QuickPull v2 (BETA) v2.0.13 Now Available!

One of the best applications for BlackBerry devices got a nice update recently. While it's just a minor update, it does correct any previous conflicts the application may have had which often caused an error message when used. Quick Pull v2 is now available for free with support for all devices 4.5+ including the Storm. For those of you not aware of what Quick Pull is, it's a great little utility which allows you to soft reset your device without the need of pulling your battery out yourself. Be sure to update if you are currently using Quick and if you don't have it yet, be sure to grab it! It's a really useful tool to have onboard.

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QuickPull v2 (BETA) v2.0.13 Now Available!


I have been looking for an app like this! It is very tiresome of pulling the battery cover 2 or three times a day. Now, its done by a push of a button...you would think that this would have been built into the machine as a factory setting.

why use this and reduce memory with another application, when you can just do left alt, right shift, delete and it will reset the phone at least on the bold.

That's the way my Curve works, as well. The article says that it simulates a "soft reset" and eliminates the need for a battery pull. But many users acknowledge that a "hard reset" is when one removes the battery and a "soft reset" is the Shift+Alt+Del. BlackBerrys have a soft reset feature already included in them (the Shift+Alt+Del) and this application is not as effective as a battery pull... so what's the point?

This a great app and very small (27kb) so won't take up much space. I'd much rather use this then even the alt, right shift, delete. I don't know about everyone else's dexterity, but it's a pain for me trying to get all three buttons. The only thing that would make this app better is if it automatically turned memory cleaner back on. I hate how everytime you do a reset you have to turn it back on.

i think the only reason people might download this is simply because you can schedule when you want the restart to go through for instance you wake up at 6 am well you can schedule the pull for 5:55 am and wake up with a fast already reset berry... but the alt shift delete does do the same without the scheduling available

People that don't have QWERTY Blackberries use this because you cannot ALT+SHIFT+DEL them. Examples... Pearl, Storm. Get it now? :rolleyes:

I was wondering when someone was going to school certain people and help them figure out the BB world doesn't revolve around them, before they go bashing an awesome FREE app!

Running .185 on a Bold. Downloaded today. First time I used it, at the moment where I get ready to hit "Reboot Now" the screen goes blank and the red light of death appears. Nothing that cannot be solved with a battery pull, but it appears the software may be trying to use intuitive thinking to reset the phone before I confirm to "Reboot Now".

Going back to 1.2.

Take a look at SoftReset. It's about 6K. I use it on my Pearl and it works great. No scheduling capability but to me that's not an issue.

Are we allowed to post external links? (don't want to be scolded. :))

I can finally use the schedule feature on my Storm. Simply awesome where I can schedule a reboot b4 I take it off of charge overnite.

Unless I am missing something, the only way to reset a BlackBerry that has a frozen OS is to pull the battery. I have to do this at least once per day due to various error messages. If an error message appears, no app is accessible so I'm missing the functionality of this code since I would not be able to access it since my friggin Storm has such a terrible OS. Comments?

I have already returned one Storm, which was running .109. Verizon replaced it and back to running .75. I like the device but the OS is awful, and Verizon needs to step up and go live with an OS update. I'm running very few apps so I know the issue is the OS and not a 3rd party issue.

I called Verizon and they are replacing my Storm for a second time. I had to do another battery pull this morning.

When you get to the reboot now or later screen it is spontaneously rebooting my Storm...going back to 1.2

Awesome app, just wish that we wouldnt need talented people wasting time creating apps like this. The OS's are supposed to be stable. What has happened to the good old days of barely ever booting your phone. I've had various Berries through my life, and never really had to deal with reboots as much as my Storm. I really hope they unleash a good solid OS, doesn't need to be perfect, just has to work and not lock up.

At least on my device, it will not give me the option to restart later, the option buttons pop up, but it immediatly goes into reset. Otherwise this is a must app. to have!

Great Product, but FYI...It will not run the scheduled reset if its in the holster, or if the phone is locked. For someone like me who has a corporate BB with the lock feature automatically enabled after 20 min, its a bummer. But i still use the manual option!

this app doesn't always work. In fact today I had to pull my battery to get it to work! After 3 or 4 attempts to use it, it'll work. I guess I don't understand it.

I just tried this for the first time on my brand new Curve, waited for ages (about 30 mins) for it to turn itself back on.

I ended up just pulling the battery anyway. Not overly impressed.

i am running this program on a verizon storm running bells software of .122 and works great so far i am really impressed. to me it does a better job than a pull of the battery.