Quickpull Pro Updated And On Sale!

By Bla1ze on 28 Jun 2009 10:46 am EDT
Quick Pull Updated!

The Folks at Steelthorn have been busy getting their latest version of Quickpull Pro ready and it has finally been released for everyone. Now sitting at version 3.0.2, Quickpull Pro has seen some nice changes in its lifespan and this time around is no different. Quickpull now lets you know when your memory is low and offers to reboot your device for you as well as scheduled reboot integration that can be toggle on/on as you please. Right now Quickpull Pro is on sale for only $0.99 cents until July 10th, be sure to check it out.

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Quickpull Pro Updated And On Sale!


All I want to know is what do I have to remove from my BB Storm so I can get 60+MB free space? (First time getting the first post in)

Its like I'm not even seeing the app haha.. but yeah i read another reply down on.. not worth $.99 my phone would kill itself resetting because of the memory leak.

Still, why should my computer boot faster than my Storm? I don't see why it should take any longer than the current power up/down times.

I must have copped a sweet one - I get a reboot start to finish in 2min 32sec or so, consistently. That includes letting the "loading applications" bar complete. My computer takes longer to reboot.

What's the difference between this and Memory eye? Does it alow u to reset you're threshold?

Is there any reason to use this over Memory eye?


I set mine to run every night while I sleep and I love the occasional option of rebooting when my memory gets low...will remind me to clean up my BlackBerry. :p Memory eye is a lame copy cat of Quickpull.

this is one of the things i hate with blackberries you have to frequently reboot your device when memory gets too low.

Loaded the main page an big error message on it, my first reaction was something went wrong. Now I'm just wondering what's MiB.
Men in Black?

i just bought this app from cb store for 99cents. and i got the registration code in an email shortly. but now im stuck. what do i do next? how do i go about in dling it to my phone?

i just bought this app from cb store for 99cents. and i got the registration code in an email shortly. but now im stuck. what do i do next? how do i go about in dling it to my phone?

i just bought this app from cb store for 99cents. and i got the registration code in an email shortly. but now im stuck. what do i do next? how do i go about in dling it to my phone?

I've used the free version of Quickpull for a while and it works pretty well. Sometimes it seems like something gets messed up and I have to do a real physical battery pull, but probably 90% of the time a Quickpull is enough. And, I have apps that already warn me about low memory so I don't need the Pro version. I'll buy it anyway, however, because $1 is quite reasonable.

However, it's more than a bit ridiculous that this app is needed at all. Blackberry should provide this functionality as a native part of the Storm OS. OK, so there are no physical ALT and DEL keys to do a multi-key soft reset. Come up with another method already!!!

Its been a long, long time since I've seen MiB ^.^ but yea, 60? I mean damn, it gets below 60 and you want to reboot? Yet I'd rather reboot at 20.

Rather have a App that can tell me why memory lose gets so high, and drops during use. Even with 512 megs of ram on my computer back in the day had better mem management.

the screenshot was taken using the storm emulator.. and im sure 60MB was set just so it'd throw out a pop up showing the new feature.

seems like a bargain for $.99? Warms me when too much memory has leaked out so I dont have to worry about manually checking the memory level. And it's much less akward to click "reset" in the program to restart the device than it is to bust out the 3-finger judo for an Alt-Caps-Del.

I agree, RIM should start incorporating this into their OS's for people concerned with keeping their device running tip top, but I can see how it could open a can of worms for them.

To the person who said 2 dollar difference between this and Memory eye? -- well, this is a sale, once its over I assume the price will go up...

Now, if you already have Memory eye, and the first free version of this, what is the use of buying this Pro version?


So is there a big difference between this one & the free one? I used to use QuickPull but since QuickLaunch has a "device reset" I just use it instead, same thing from what I can tell.

I'd love to buy this and show my support for a great app, but your payment methods don't seem to allow debit cards, switch/solo, paypal, nada. And it's not on the blackberry app store as far as I can see, so no Quickpull pro for me. :/

0.99c is a great price.

But what are the differences between it and its free version?

Also, can the pro-version let the schedule reset occur while its locked. I lock my phone before going to sleep to keep roommates from rummaging through the thing-- but its also the best time for it to auto-reboot.

I WISH I could get a warning message saying I had 68 MB of free memory. Stupid 128 MB of app memory in the Storm! Sweet app though.

Forget it. Does not run. Causes a severe error. Uncaught exception, and I do have the latest OS. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, and written for tech support. Not a sausage! Nodda. The only sausage is me for spending all of a buck on this piece of c***

Purchased QuickPull Pro - will NOT Launch. Contacted support, and they sent me to TWO sites that do NOT exist. The FAQs do not address this common problem. NO WAY to contact them. Their page that offers a 3 page PDF support form.....does not exist either. RESEARCH all the complaint before you bother with this. Wish I did. My next step? Delete the program and try something else.