Quickpull and Quickpull Pro - Leave your BlackBerry’s Backside Behind

By Ryan Blundell on 14 Jul 2009 10:54 am EDT

Let’s stop for a minute and think about what we do with our BlackBerrys daily. Take into consideration the emails, the SMS messages, browsing, managing media, numerous applications and games. Your BlackBerry can take it all in stride. From time to time, you may notice that, despite being an amazing smartphone, it may not perform as fast as it once did. You may experience lags, memory leaks and *gasp* the hourglass/clock face. Unless you were in the middle of something extremely important, you probably shrug it off and perform a battery pull or press Shift + Alt + Delete (QWERTY BlackBerrys) to perform a soft reset. Perhaps we should look at something that requires less fumbling around.

Enter the QuickPull solution.

The application offers a quick easy soft reset alternative. Those who are sporting a qwerty-less BlackBerry should pay special attention, as it’s much easier than removing the battery. All it takes is a hurried BlackBerry user, fumbling fingers and you have a dropped BlackBerry on your hands (or is that out of your hands?). QuickPull comes in two varieties: the free version and QuickPull Pro. Let’s have a look at each.

Why Reset?

With use, third party applications, browsing and such, you may find your BlackBerry becoming sluggish. QuickPull and QuickPull Pro work hard to help free up precious memory, optimizing your usage.

About QuickPull/QuickPull Pro

Both applications were developed by Steelthorn Software Ltd. You may recognize some of their other applications – StormLock, MessageScheduler and IntelliLaunch (formerly IntelliBerry). They both work with BlackBerrys running OS 4.5 or higher. QuickPull Pro (version 3.0.4) requires 107.4KB of space and QuickPull (version 2.1.1) requires 28.5KB.

QuickPull Pro

This version offers various specific scheduling options. Not only can you specify what time of day you want to simulate the soft reset, but also which days you want it active. You can easily check and uncheck each day as you see fit or choose to have it repeat at that the same time every day. Although it is extremely easy to see what you have selected, QuickPull Pro will announce the next scheduled reset.

QuickPull Pro Settings
Settings Menu

Now besides scheduling soft resets, the application is able to monitor your memory. By doing so, you can choose to have your BlackBerry alert you if your memory falls below a pre-determined threshold (measured in MB). If your memory falls below this value, you will be notified and asked if you want to reboot. If you can’t wait for a schedule or monitor alert, you can always select the big blue “Reset” button at the top of the application’s menu. No matter what method you choose to reset your device, the application pops up an alert; it tells you that your phone will reboot in 5 seconds and to cancel, you can press the escape key.

5 second warning
5 second warning

QuickPull Pro will not perform a soft reset if your BlackBerry is locked, holstered or on a call. When you unlock /unholster your blackberry, you will be alerted of a missed scheduled reboot. If on a call, the application will resume the reboot once the call has been disconnected. Again, pressing the escape key within 5 seconds will cancel this.

alerting you of a missed reset
alerting you of a missed reset

Memory Monitoring
Memory Monitoring


This is the basic, free version of the solution. Doing away with weekly schedules and monitors, QuickPull gets right down to business. Pressing the QuickPull icon, a pop up immediately appears, verifying if I want to reset or not. The pop up also allows me to set a daily scheduled reset time, access to help and access to Steelthorn’s “App Store”. I assigned QuickPull to a convenience key for the most rapid soft reset available. If you don’t need the advanced options, this is definitely the best version for you.


QuickPull Basic Scheduling
QuickPull Basic Scheduling

Now, while QuickPull and QuickPull Pro help speed up soft reset activation, it cannot affect the reboot process itself. You are still stuck watching the hour glass or clock. I nabbed a comparison chart from Steelthorn, detailing what each application offers.

dare to compare
dare to compare


So the next time you are faced with another soft reset, look to QuickPull and QuickPull Pro to help you out. For my needs, I would choose the free QuickPull application. What’s my reason? I don’t need to schedule resets, nor monitor my memory so closely. I can think of quite a few who might need to, so QuickPull Pro may work for them. I did notice one little issue. After deleting QuickPull Pro from the main menu, it didn’t ask me to reboot (odd). I had to go into Options > Advanced Options > Applications, and then delete the application. QuickPull and QuickPull Pro are available at the CrackBerry App Store for free and $2.95, respectively.

For more information, head to the CrackBerry App store and check out QuickPull and QuickPull Pro.


  • Easy to use
  • Schedule Soft Resets


  • Issues with deleting the application


Reader comments

Quickpull and Quickpull Pro - Leave your BlackBerry’s Backside Behind


Means I won't be buying Pro. I used to use the standard version, but I'd only ever want it to quickpull while I sleep, and my phone is locked while I sleep.

Therefore until they add an option to quickpull while locked or holstered, this is useless to me and I might aswell do it manually before I go to bed.

I don’t know if you guys experience this but when I try to Quickpull (free version) my Storm, it goes back to the menu and it doesn’t do anything…. Comments?

QuickPull is a great application, but I only use the free version because it has all the features that I need. I would highly recommend this to anyone who still removes their battery.

I tried using the free version for a while but could never get the scheduler to work (it doesn't offer any error message when your device is locked at the scheduled time, like the Pro version does.) I bought the Pro version thinking it would fix it ... but since I'm on BES and my company has a device lock policy, this was a complete waste of money.

Too bad this wasn't more clearly stated in the app's description ... completely useless app to me now. I only got it to have it automatically reboot in the middle of the night, but alas, no luck.

Another con to both versions of QuickPull is that they will turn ON your phone if it's off to perform a reboot. Meaning if you have it scheduled to reboot at 3am every day, and your phone is off, it will turn it on and reboot it. Kind of a pain.

Fonix ermm thats the whole point to Quickpull...when it does a reboot it turns the phone on lol..if you dont want it to turn on then dont use Quickpull...so how its a con is beyond me...hell even a monkey could understand what Quickpull does haha.

Anyways one of the best apps i have for my Bold..works great as i have it reboot every morning at 6 so i wake up with a fresh device.

What (s)he's getting at is that if your phone is off for a reason, it will turn it back on as part of the reboot. Scenario: You're on a trans-Atlantic, overnight flight. Your phone is off because of airline regulations. All of a sudden at 3AM it turns on because that's the next scheduled reboot time. Plane crashes, everybody dies, thanks to QuickPull.

Okay, that last part is a joke, and I am both a user and a staunch supporter of QuickPull. I just wanted to illustrate the point that was being made.

I could understand not wanting the phone to reboot and stay on at 4AM.Especially if I wanted to be sure I was not going to be disturbed.Just schedule Quickpull a more convienent time,or don't preset it at all.As you said Spawn,it's hardly a con.More feature options is never bad.Quickpull is one of the first Apps I put on my Curve.I just use the standard version but start Quickpull whie I'm getting ready for work and by the time I'm ready,my Curve is ready.I'll never have a BlackBerry without this App.

@rvzero: couldnt you just use the auto on/off option in settings? I use it to shut down my phone during the night to save power and turn back on in the morning, just before I wake up.. If i'm not mistaken, doesn't this give the same effect as the scheduler?

I would love to use this app but I'm on a BES and my company has an IT policy on the berrys that deny keystroke injection so this app won't work! :-(

I installed the basic version a couple of months ago, and I've only had to pull the battery out about five times since (all because of Bolt locking up). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

While I do like QuickPull, if you are that serious about it resets, why not just get MeterBerry? It has the reset option (both instant and scheduled) as well as a plethora of other super nice, useful features. I think there is a two dollar difference between the two... you won't think twice about that once you have Meterberry!

i got the pro version and it works great! i must say you have to get this app .. its a MUST! dont go for the free one its not as handly as the paid version. spend that $. its worth it!

I bought the Pro. I had the standard version and when I saw it for the discount rate of $.99 I bought it.

I was using the standard Quickpull but i scooped up the Quickpull Pro when it was on sale for $0.99. I love it and the best thing is it alerts you when your memory gets below a certain amount and offers to reset, that alone was worth the $1 I paid for it. Both do the trick but I think Pro is better.

Picked up the free version a while back and liked the results. Got the Pro when it was on sale for $0.99 and haven't regreted it a moment.

Haha ughhh why would anyone buy QP Pro? MeterBerry literally does everything Pro does, plus WAY more. And it costs the same!

Because not everyone has a Storm...meterberry only is compatible according to the product page with the Storm. Whereas QP is compatible with all BB devices as far as i know....big difference there dude.

Perhaps next time instead of shooting your mouth off...you would do well to actually check to see if the app your talking about supports the majority of BB devices ;-).

This one works perfectly for me since I have an Otterbox Defender on my Curve 8330. It has been a real pain to crack open the case to do a battery pull. This is a much better solution. Thank you very much.

After using the free version for the better part of a year, I gladly paid for the Pro version. It works as advertised. I have a job where I can perform my duties AND use my BB a whole lot more than I should admit, and I need to do several QuickPulls a day so I don't lose my messages. The Pro let's me know when I fall below the memory threshold that I choose and saves me a step of launching the app. Well worth the money.

too bad the pro doesn't automatically reset. If you run low in the middle of the night, won't the message to reset freeze the BB so that something like an alarm or change in profile wont work properly? I found this with Memory eye

No it wont automatically reset or reboot the phone as you would have to press yes to do so but honestly if you have a device that leaks memory then you should have QP automatically do a reboot for you.

Sure the memory monitor is a good option but i dont use it as i have my Bold reboot every morning at 6am and it hasnt caused any major damage to my Bold...only reason why i do so is because i have a number of apps that drain the memory throughout the day and night and if i didnt do a QP then my device would be unuseable as it would lock up.

$2 is hardly the end of the world...its cheap and it works unlike some other apps i have bought and found to my detriment that they didnt work as they were supposed to.

Quickpull works with majority of BB devices...whereas meterberry only works with the STORM!!!..for gods sake not everyone has the storm...fair enough if people do have it then get meterberry but seeing as meterberry only supports the Storm..how are you going to get it to work on say a Bold or Curve eh??

I have downloaded and deleted twice. The touchscreen doesn't work properly on the Storm. When I try to program the schedule option, I have to swipe my fingers to change the times but when I try to press the "ok" button, there is no way to select it! I can't just "touch and click" where the ok button is on the screen. Swiping just changes the last field I selected (hours, mins or AM/PM).
Anyone else find this quirk?

I used the free version of quickpull first and I loved it. I purchased the pro version when it was on sale for $.99 and I love this version even better. I have mine set to reboot every morning at 6am so that my device is fresh and ready to go. I like the idea that the pro version monitors your device memory and alerts you when it goes below a certain point and gives you the option to reboot. I highly recommend this app. I would have even paid more for the pro version.

i installed this....twice i have tried to have the quickpull reset the phone

and twice i have had to do the battery pull manually as the quickpull didnt do anything at all. Just sat at the home screen and said "please wait"

whats going on with this thing?

The saddest use of trying to make money out of a program that is for lazy people. To reset, I take out Quick Launch, fine sytem resest, and it reboots. God, of all the things to start paying for.....scheduled battery pulls, jesus christ. Develop a real program worth paying for, not adding 'Pro' to it and charging. What a waste, or should I say scam?

Well in that case keep your money in your pocket..$2 is hardly a bank breaker is it???

It isnt a scam, you can pay for scheduled battery pulls or just use the free one...no one is forcing people to pay for the pro version.

I suggest you run off and have a moan about something more worthwhile lol.

Options, advanced options, applications. highlight QP and press menu. Then select disable compatibility. I had the same problem. This fixed mine.

The feature and conveint of it shutting down when you progam it is nice no need 2 take battery out once every few days to make sure your emails/texts came through.

Has no need for this application. :D So glad to be rid of my Storm. What a nightmare phone that was!!

Kind of sad that this app even has to exist. It reminds me of Microsoft and the legions of developers making money on anti-virus and spyware applications. Programs that wouldnt exist if things where done the right way from the start. Just another one of the many apps that correct or "fix" RIM'S screw ups!

When I installed the free program it would not work. Kept getting the following message: UncaughtWxception;JavaLang.AugmentException

I have the Pro version and find it to be a great app I have it run every morning after it wakes up. I did have the java exception error and found the following to be a fix for the problem. Hope this helps.

1. Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications.
2. Select QuickPull, press the Menu Key, then select Edit Permissions.
3. Under Connections: press Menu Key -> Expand, then verify/set the Phone to ALLOW.
4. Under Interactions: press Menu Key -> Expand, then verify/set Input Simulation and Security Timer to ALLOW.
5. Remove and replace the battery to reset your device.

Also, below is a quote from a forum posting. Many QucikPull users with permissions issues report this fix has worked:

"...modify the permissions for the “Email Setup Application” so that they all say “Allow” you do this by going into: Options - Advanced Options - Applications- scroll down to “Email Setup Application” click the menu button and select “Edit Default Permissions” and change all of them so that they say “Allow”. Go back to the main screen, making sure to save your changes, and try SoftReset or Quickpull"

The 2nd option is what fixed the problem for me.

Good Luck,


I have QuickPull pro and I love it, but the only thing is if your phone is lagging really bad, it's hard to get the application to actually reset your phone. You end up doing a battery pull anyway just cause it's faster than waiting on an already lagging phone to load the software to do it.

I wouldn't expend any money here as many Storm users are having errors when running this program. I did get feedback from Steelthorn but it didn't fix my problem. They did say that there was a fix here on Crackberry but didn't recommend it becuase of security problems. I think before I would spend money I would ask if you aren't satisfied with the software if you can get your money refunded.

I am not a satisfied customer but hey it was only $.99. I buy a lot of experience for more than a buck so I feel fortunate that I got out of this for less than a dollar.


yes it is kinda pointless to have it set at say 5 in the morning if it is on the charger, locked, or in the holster because it will not work. Like someone else posted you might as well do it yourself. I have mine set to 5 am so that when I get up the first thing my berry does is give me a message that it was lock blah blah blah and do I want it to reset now. I hated this at first but now I kinda don't mind due to it doesn't take long and while I am getting ready for work it does what it needs to so when I put it in my holster all is good.

Purchased QuickPull Pro - will NOT Launch. Contacted support, and they sent me to TWO sites that do NOT exist. The FAQs do not address this common problem. NO WAY to contact them. Their page that offers a 3 page PDF support form.....does not exist either. RESEARCH all the complaint before you bother with this. Wish I did. My next step? Delete the program and try something else.