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QuickPost now available for the Q10 and Q5

QuickPost now available for the Q10 and Q5
By DJ Reyes on 30 Aug 2013 07:45 pm EDT

This week saw the launch of the app QuickPost, it had been out in beta for a while and it finally released this week. At the time of release it was only available for the Z10. There was a small number of complaints that it wasn't available for the Q10 but I'm happy to announce that it is now available for the Q10 now, as well the Q5.

If you didn't catch what QuickPost is all about, it is an app that allows you to "Type once, post everywhere". It is very similar to Polarbear but QuickPost is built with Cascades and integrates with the accounts on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone so you don't actually have any setting up to do.

As of right now, the social media sites you can post to are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM and BBM Channels. For a quick demo of QuickPost in action, check out the video in this post.

QuickPost is available to download from BlackBerry World for $0.99. If you are currently taking part in the BBM Channels Beta, you can also give the developers, Feed Guru, a follow on there for insights into QuickPost and upcoming apps - Channel Pin: C00016626.

More information/Purchase QuickPost from BlackBerry World



I delete your 'first' posts.. 


Haha, most funny "first "

Posted via CB10


Bla1ze I didn't post first. I posted comical second. You deleted because you wanted first :D Bahahahaha.

Posted via CB10


Does anyone have a Q5, I want to know how that phone is.........i love it in Red :)

Sexy White BlackBerry Z10


Oh you spoilsport...

Posted via CB10


Mods taking a stance on that 1st shyt. I would just ban members for doing that dumb shyt!!


But what if Kevin posted "first"? :p


Very nice! I like that it's built in Cascades and its awesome that it let's you post to Channels as well. I guess I need to start a channel now!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Pete The Penguin

So, it's QP vs. Polarbear?
I like PB but it's not Native, QP loads quicker too... Guess I need to test both.

DJ Reyes

I like them both. Polarbear has a few more sites available but I like that Channels is included in QP. So, definitely going to be interesting to see how this all develops.

Posted via CB10


What is Polarbear built in? Adobe AIR?

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

Adobe Air, I believe.

Posted via CB10


Maybe its time for a video of side by side comparison? :P


At 99c?

Buy both and see how they develop. That's still half the price of a cup of coffee at star$

Posted via CB from my LE


Oh I wasn't talking for me personally I just thought it would make a good post.

PS I don't drink coffee or tea :p

Posted via CB10


How can they charge 99cents for a beta....?

Posted via CB10


" . . and it finally released this week. . " . . . That's why.


Good God! Not 99 cents!!


Posted via CB10


They are trying to stop ungrateful cheapskates from buying the sw maybe

Posted via CB from my LE


Guess Polarbear is going to be in beta for a couple more months due to not having Channels. Hurry up with a release already.

CB10 on Verizon Z10


Awesome, but I refuse to pay!..



Whoof from the office no?

Posted via CB10

B Pretto

Just tried it. Works perfectly for me!


Blaize can you check why channel can't open some other channels? I used beta zone apps and downloaded channel thru that apps.

Posted via CB10


Can anyone tell me if it will allow posting to more that 1 twitter account at the same time??


Does your phone do that today?

Posted via CB from my LE


My OS7 BlackBerry had an app that did that... it's not black magic


I love the support the developer of PolarBear has show for BB and BB10. However the alpha and beta both are laggy. And, I can't figure out how to share photos w/ comments to several sites. Looks like it is text only. Wonder if Quickpost will share photos.


Works great and easy to use. Haven't tried Polar Bear yet but the fact that u can post to channels in this one... I think i'll just stick with QP.

Posted Via CB10 on my Q10


What is bbm channels?

Posted via CB10


It's a long story with argue purpose.

Posted via CB from my LE


love to see this in the OS itself


So which is better for Q10? QP or Polar Bear!

Enable forums


I wish there was an option to post pictures too. Then it would have been perfect for my channel.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels


To be honest the race is on to see who will implement Instagram first! 

Bold Series

See no point in the app when you've got shortcuts tw,fb etc

Posted via CB10