How to quickly enter your lock screen information into any text field

By Adam Zeis on 15 Dec 2011 10:28 am EST

Lock Screen Information

Like most BlackBerry users I'm a big fan of Auto Text on my device (AKA Word Substitution). You can add an endless supply of quick text expansions that make typing out long or common phrases a breeze. There are quite a few that come preset on the device as well, one of which is "sig". Typing "sig" in any text field will automatically spit out whatever you have entered for your lock screen information (Put in the info by going to Options > Display > Message on Lock Screen). Pretty cool if you want to quickly enter your email address, name or other text without typing it out (mine is set to my email address). Keep in mind too that you can edit the "sig" Auto Text and change it to whatever you'd like should you choose to do so, but it defaults to the lock screen info. Thanks @dannthedude!

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How to quickly enter your lock screen information into any text field


input language has to be in english for this to work. At least in spanish doesn't, but still a good find tho ;)

I use auto text for so many simple things (e.g., ofc-office; mtg-meeting; ty-thank you; tx-thanks). Makes emails and messages look professional. I can't stand abbreviations, especially unnecessary ones like xtra or grt - will the extra one or two letters kill you?