Quickly add captions to your photos with Notes on Pictures for BlackBerry smartphones

Notes on Pictures
By Alicia Erlich on 11 Oct 2012 11:30 am EDT

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what if you wanted to add a little note before sending off to friends or family? Perhaps you’re an avid photographer who needs to jot down your thoughts or ideas on specific images to review at a later time? Maybe you just want to include a funny caption to your personal photos before sharing it on your social networks or on BBM.

Whatever the reason may be, Notes on Pictures by LaurentCie, the developer behind Shoot And Combine and EasySmileys, is a simple and fast application that allows you to insert notes to any of your existing images and save them to your device. By instantly adding text you can transform your personal photos into something humorous, informative, or just plain silly souvenirs.

Notes on PIctures - Add text

When you open the application you are given the option of adding images from your device, camera, or memory card by using the file explorer. This way you are not limited to new pictures but can go back and add notes to those taken in the past. Once loaded, click on the add text button underneath the image to insert your captions. Users also have the ability of adding new images by clicking on the camera from the file explorer. It’s as easy as point, shoot, and insert text! This comes in handy while on the go if you want to capture ideas quickly or use as a visual to do list.

Notes on Pictures - Save

Notes on Pictures not only lets you insert captions but gives you the option of including your BBM profile picture and name and the ability to rotate the image. Each one is saved as a JPG file in its own dedicated picture folder so no worrying that the originals will be inadvertently lost or changed. Simply enter in your own filename and you can open immediately in your picture viewer (to share via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or send the file directly to one of your BBM contacts.

So whether you wish to add more meaning to your pictures, insert creative observations or witticisms, or just put the photo into context for your followers, the possibilities are endless with this easy and effective application.

Notes on Pictures is available in BlackBerry App World for $.99 for most devices running OS 5 and higher.

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Reader comments

Quickly add captions to your photos with Notes on Pictures for BlackBerry smartphones


Wouldn't install, shows as uninstalled but doesn't have reinstall button and NO way to contact developer!! $.99 wasted. And, no, reboot/refresh didn't help

Looked good....paid.....downloaded.....not on phone......can not get into Blackberry App World....my world frozen....oh no....

hmm have been able to buy other stuff, no problem. At minimum the dev should have a link to support, as does every other one I've bought from. At least then we can alert them to an issue: that's what I'm really reacting to, along with there not being a reinstall button

I am the developer ! And my dev account and my app do have a support email.
Try to reset BB App World : go to My World, hold on Alt and press r, s and t.

I guess some people have issues with appworld individually and shouldn't troll the feedback thing with negative reviews. SUPPORT THE DEVELOPER!!! Don't like? DON'T DOWNLOAD OR BUY IT!

Obviously YOU can't read: there is no link to the developer, and if I want to warn people of potential probs, I don't need "troll" police to give me crap ....over and out DH