Quickly access the time from anywhere on your BlackBerry with MenuClock - 25 copies to be won!

By ObiGeorge on 5 Feb 2011 09:16 am EST

MenuClock is a new a application from AHaz Designs. It is simple, light weight, and does exactly what the name implies. It adds a clock to your menu throughout all of your applications, giving you quick access to the time no matter where you are on your device. You can pick up MenuClock at the CrackBerry App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all devices running OS 4.5 and up.

Contest: We have 25 copies of MenuClock to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

More information and download of MenuClock

Reader comments

Quickly access the time from anywhere on your BlackBerry with MenuClock - 25 copies to be won!



Blackberry app store barely has any good free apps.

I don't even look for apps on it haha, I google java apps.

Please I want one coz I obviously always need to go back to the main screen to see the time. I want one please !!!

MenuClock-Well!!! It's ABOUT TIME. Nice app., really would like to be one of the winners. Thanks Crackberry and AHaz Designs for the chance to win one.

Not trying to kill business but why am I gonna pay for this when FaceClock is free on App world, only 46kb and does the exact same thing? Don't waste your money. I'm just saying..

Great idea, I've had to exit some applications just to see the time. This would solve that issue.

One of my pet peeves is having to go to the home screen to see the time, I'd love to win this and no longer have to close windows/screens in order to see what time it is. Please:)

This is just what I need, I use many apps so many times and always forgetting times. I definitely need this.

What a fantastic app, amazing that developers can still come up with fresh but well needed apps, keep it coming dev's, this is why I am a faithful Blackberry owner.

There is an app 2 c the time w/just one button click well every blackberry has that feature u hit it red end button and viola ur back @ the home screen and lookie there so is ur clock lmao

I agree with everyone else that this should be an automatic feature with BB phones. Looks like a very nice app...would like to to win a free copy. Thanks!

This is a very useful application.

I bought it yesterday, and it was definitely a dollar well spent.

For 99 cents, don't even wait for this contest. Just head over to App Store and get it.

That's a neat concept. I always have to switch to homescreen to know the time. This will save me a lot of time.

Yeah a lite weight (3k) app that is functional, sound great now I don't have to exit the browser while on CrackBerry to check the time.

Thank You, CB and AHaz

One thing I miss from my iPhone days is having the time handy in the program I'm working in. This would fill that void nicely.

Looks pretty useful, I've had to exit some apps just to get the time sometimes.

Would love to win this !

What a great idea. Saves using QuickLaunch all the time for the same purpose. Sure would love a copy for my Torch. :)

I use the Jeff Hunt apps. They work great...and freeeeee! But, I will try this out if I get lucky enough to win

This is what I've been looking for all this time. No more exiting an app just to check the time. Awesome.

Never fails to amaze me, the things I think about and then shourtly there after someone of the most creative developers come out with tan application addressing it. Thank you Crackberry for the opportunity to get this application. Thank you AHaz Designs for the freebie's