Quickly access the camera from the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen

BlackBerry Z10 lock screen
By Adam Zeis on 15 Feb 2013 03:04 pm EST


I forget about this one more times than not, so I can imagine there are some users who don't know about it at all. Built in to the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen there is an option to quickly jump into the camera without unlocking the device. This saves time if you're in a pinch and need to get to the camera quickly, or if you just lost track of the Camera icon and can't be bothered to look for it. As long as you remember it's there, it can be a real time saver for snapping some photos on short notice.

  • To quickly access the camera from the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen, tap and hold the camera icon on the bottom right.
  • As you hold, an indicator will appear and the progress bar will fill up. The camera app will open and you'll be free to snap away.

BlackBerry Z10 Camera  BlackBerry Z10 Camera

This is a great feature for quickly getting to the camera, and you also have to hold the icon just long enough that it will prevent unwanted pocket camera access.  The camera icon is also docked in the bottom bar on the home screen so you'll always have easy access to it. Neato!

Is this a feature you often use? Let us know in the comments! 

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Reader comments

Quickly access the camera from the BlackBerry Z10 lock screen


Unfortunately there is nothing "Quick" about accessing the camera this way. My timing shows about 4-5 seconds for the camera to be ready to take a picture. It gets a little complicated more if your home screen is locked, and you do a full up swipe, rather than a tiny up swipe.

I personally find it security issue as anybody can click whatever from your camera when it is locked. I know iPhone has same feature too.

I don't quite understand the purpose of this. The camera icon is fixed on all the app homescreens (along with phone and search icons), and it is faster to unlock the device and click on the camera icon. If they wanted a "quick" way to access the camera, it should load up in 1-2 seconds rather than 4-5 seconds.

It save me time as i dont have ot type in my password (it is an IT requirement on out Outlook ActiveSync).

great feature!

The "Quick" method is about 3.5 seconds.

While unlocking the screen and clicking the camera is about 3.1-3.3 seconds.

Agreed, no real speed gain here (and in general I find the camera takes too long to load no matter how you access).

THIS ARTICLE IS INACCURATE!!! I know a faster way, and I'm gonna make a video that BBRY would kill for to prove it!

this has been bugging me for the last few days... but ADAM!!! where did you get that wallpaper?! and can I have it!

Not sure what the problem is. I like it! 4-5 seconds from a locked device state - can you be in that much of a hurray? I can't see a security issue either.

In my opinion this is something I've always missed on my BB's.
Since I'm using them for business during the day we have a very strict password policy, so not having to type in a password for a simple picture is golden!

(Not to mention the balance bit, finally I'm able to have my personal and business separated. Awesome!)

I am constantly amazed on all the great little features that keep popping up!
Hopefully there'll still be some left for me to discover when I get my Z10! :)

??? It took all of 3 seconds this way...that is awesome!! Are you guys National Geographic photographers tracking rare and endangered species that pop out of nowhere for just a few milli-seconds? If so then buy a Nikon D4!!! Sheesh...the things people find to complain about. :-P

Its a big pitty, that I cannot access on the same way from the lock screen the email, BBM, Facebook etc. apps as well. I always have to go to the hub first.

I bet you can get the same look with a macro closeup shot of the back of an otterbox case. Then just crop and resize it to what you want.

I'm surprise about how people is not satisfy with anything.

Whoever has a semi pro or pro camera, i want you to please time it . How much does it takes for you to pick up your camera (not stand by) and have it ready for a shot, i bet it would at least take about 3 secs. This is a f...ing phone we're talking about here.

For god sakes people, stop complaining, from password lock to camera ready in 4 secs ?? I'd say is super fast.

"I think then i exist"

I'll take anything faster than my locked 9810. Taking a quick photo on a 9810 with a locked screen thats on the fritz is non existent. I love taking pictures but its just not practical anymore.

Seems pretty quick to me to access the camera. If you really need anything quicker then you had better have an SLR camera slung round your neck like a paparazzi if you need instant shooting power. As it is I think waiting 3 seconds is not too long to wait. Most things will still be there to photograph in this time.

I like it because my wife or one of my kids can grab my (potential future) phone and just press and hold one icon rather than asking me for my unlock code to take a pic. Also, I can't tell you how many times I've been in a rush to open the camera app on my phone and I keep messing up the active sync pin code (min 6 chars per company IT security policy). 3 or 4 seconds is tolerable and its just a good idea since they have no physical button.

Dammit people. DO YOU HAVE TO COMPLAIN?!?! It's A Phone!! If you want to take a photo "JUST LIKE THAT", JUST USE A DAMN DIGITAL CAMERA!! Sheesh. I have many. I don't complain. Gosh. Why be so ANAL about it?

i need disable it coz in my work i always put it in my pant and when i got it back i saw 150 photo taken 50 video recorded any way to disable this or change the camera place from right to menu ? help ;/ btw my phone q5 and i think i have proplem with battery standby 8 hour i'm going to see what problem with this or if any one know what should i do >?