QuickLaunch updated to v3.8.2 - Now available for all BlackBerry 7 devices

By Michelle Haag on 21 Aug 2011 03:01 pm EDT

QuickLaunch is by far one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones, and now it's been updated to support all of the new BlackBerry 7 devices! If you're not familiar with QuickLaunch, it's been called the Swiss army knife of of BlackBerry applications. Some of the many features included are app shortcuts, screen capture and sharing, password auto fill, Bluetooth and GPS toggle, orientation lock, scheduled device reboots, convenience key multi-click launching, flashlight, stay lit, memory cleaner, ability to make a shortcut to subpages on BlackBerry options screens, device info and more!

QuickLauch is on sale today for $3.99 (reg. $4.99) and is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones.

More information/screenshots and to purchase QuickLaunch

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QuickLaunch updated to v3.8.2 - Now available for all BlackBerry 7 devices


The camera mute function doesnt work since OS6 was released due to some API's missing or something.

Btw, is this update only for OS7 devices? i havent got the update alert yet, neither on my CB Store acc or inside the app

I was waiting to hear this - I haven't gotten my 9850 yet; but I wasn't sure how I'd use it without this app!

So it looks like OS 6 and below are no longer supported :-(

eDIT: Crackberry store still says its supported. Hmm

I just replaced Jared Company's "One Touch Launcher" with this app, and Quick Launch is AMAZINGLY better - integrates nicely, and I can edit how apps appear in the list, changing both their name & order of appearance. Plus I was able to delete a bunch of other, single-purpose apps like quick pull. SUPER deal all around. Cannot wait to install it on my 9850 (assuming VZW ever releases it...)

Oh god, I hope not.. I have a lot of respect for NikkiSoft. They've never gone all "BeBuzz major upgrade" on us.

Ql is the best app I have. Knowing that it is there for OS7, makes upgrading to a new BB an easier choice.

Go to options > device > about device versions: and it will say (versionX.X.X.XXX, Platform X.X.X.XXX). The v is your OS.

If you have QuickLaunch installed it's as easy as pressing your convenience key and clicking "Device Info" ;) (If you added that entry)

If the upgrade costs $, that wouldn't make sense since there is no major change log...

EDIT: If you meant version of QuickLaunch, go to application management.

My 9900 is OS 7 and I don't see an upgrade on my crackberry app store. Why is that? I still have 3.7.x

App World still shows 3.0; no updates for App World?? How will I get this version on my 9930 then???

Yup ditto for me, App World still has no updates for me. I am wondering if QuickLaunch or QuickWeather are the cause for my twice a day battery charging. They are too sweet in use for me to discard, but it will be great to get a BB 7 optimized version soon.

those apps don't drain your battery. definitely not.
if you have an os 7 device and it doesnt show up in your mobihand/cb account then that means you have the wrong device/os selected in you account

I am unable to see any version above 3.7.3 on my CB account, even though I have upgraded to a 9850 device. Anybody know when this will be fixed?