QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft updated to v4.0 adding a ton of features and fixes - Get it on sale now!

By Michelle Haag on 14 Dec 2011 10:35 pm EST
QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft was just updated bringing the app up to version 4.0 bringing with it various upgrades and some fixes including Universal Search integration, mobile hotspot and NFC toggle, shake launch, larger fonts, and a ton more.

Other changes in this update include:

  • Display Battery Status on QL Titlebar
  • Alarm and Stopwatch Shortcuts Added
  • BB File Picker Integration
  • Visual Voice Mail Shortcut
  • Lock Device Shortcut
  • Menu Animation Options
  • Alarm Toggle
  • Center Menu Location Option Added
  • Change Sounds and Alerts Shortcut
  • Mobile Connections All On / Off Toggle
  • Current Shortcuts button added to options screen
  • Bridge App Shortcut and Bridge Toggle
  • Time, Notifications, Battery and Signal strength
  • Redesigned Options screen
  • Homescreen Wallpaper Cycler
  • More Apps appear in Add Items
QuickLaunch is normally $4.99, and most everyone that has it swears it's worth every penny. For a limited time, you can buy QuickLaunch for just $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. If you previously purchased it from Mobihand, you will not be able to update the app and will need to purchase it for the $1.99. You can read more about the reasoning behind Nikkisoft's decision to do this at the forums link below, as well as find out more in depth details about the changes in v4.0.

More information/screenshots and purchase QuickLaunch
More information/discussion in the CrackBerry forums
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QuickLaunch by Nikkisoft updated to v4.0 adding a ton of features and fixes - Get it on sale now!


+1 here. Wanted to get it tonight, but I will wait for them to fix it. BTW, it doesn't work at all on App World web site. Purchase app button is grayed out.

The new price is taking time to filter through all app world servers and the Bango payment system. If your app world doesnt say $1.99 then dont purchase it. wait a few hours and try again.

Also, there is a bug affecting os .261 so if you have that os you might want to wait till the app is updated to 4.1 or install os .450 which fixes the issue.

This app is only useful to me for auto reset after Bold 9900. The touch screen works fine and cut down any need for short cuts like this. I know the app developers and crackberry.com may disagree with me, but for me the auto reboot is the only thing I use now.

I used to love QL but since the Fonware people came out with MyOwn Icons which allows you to create direct shortcuts to each (max10) key on your keyboard plus you can combine them with ShortCutMe.... It is kind of hard to leave them for QL. It's funny because that's what I used to like about themes on my old phones ( the ones that came with shortcuts)

This would be very interesting for me, too.
I still only get the old version 3.0 for my Bold 9780 via BlackBerry App World. The developer of Quick Launch still refused to update this version due to to personal problems with BlackBerry App World.
Inside QL 3.0 it is written "9700 OS 5" - although installed on an OS6 on Bold 9780. It is really time for an actual update version!!

Pricing error has been fixed but now there's an appworld error after I enter my BB I'd. Ditto for BeBuzz 5.0.

I also upgraded by purchasing from AppWorld. As I'm a pretty happy customer with QuickLaunch, I have no problems with this.

After rebooting, I got the following popup when trying to run QL: "Error starting QuickLaunch: Module 'QuickLaunch-2' attempts to access a secure API".

Setting all the applications permissions to Allow and rebooting does not remedy this problem.

I went to the NikkiSoft web site to contact them, but the "verification" part of the dialog page appears to be broken.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi Master, the same thing happened to me, it doesn't even help setting Deny/Allow and batt pull as they suggest in the FAQ...

I run a 9810 with an older conventional OS On Dec 14, 2011 I too took advantage of the $1.99 sale and finally bought QuickLaunch V4 from Blackberry App World. When I try to launch it for the first time I get the same message bubble as above...
Error starting QuickLaunch: 'QuickLaunch-2' attempts to access a secure API.

I cannot get a message to NikkiSoft to send from their support web site. I hope they're monitoring this and their plummeting rating on App World. This is supposed to be one of the premier premium BB Apps? I want my money back. I'll go to SixTools TYVM.

After installing the app and setting it up the way I want it, it's prompting me to re-enter my activation code... which isn't working. What gives???

I am having the same issue, driving me crazy. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times, still having this problem. Very frustrating. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

Support indicated that it is a known issue with the his servers that validate the activation code. His servers are apparently going through some switchover and havent been updated with the purchase information from the AppWorld server.

Check the forum thread linked up above and I am sure that he will post when things are resolved.

Hope that helps.

The new shake to launch feature is awesome.. To bad it freezes QL right now. Please patch this up and make it worth the $2 I had to pay to upgrade. When you finally get this app working the way its supposed to. it works fantastically.

The new shake to launch feature is awesome.. To bad it freezes QL right now. Please patch this up and make it worth the $2 I had to pay to upgrade. When you finally get this app working the way its supposed to. it works fantastically.

Purchased from App World. It gave me a new activation code but when I launch, it says "Invalid License".

It wont work on my standard T-Mobile OS .250, I get "Error starting QuickLaunch: Module 'QuickLaunch-2' attempts to access a secure API". Had to go back to version 3.7....waste of money.

It will not launch. Received error about some secure API. I need to go back to previous version. I hope they fix this issue quick. I have 9930

I got an email back from NikkiSoft indicating that there's a bug in my OS7 version on a 9810 and recommend .540. They indicate they are aware of the issue working w RIM for a way around it and could have it up in a couple days. We will see...we will see.

I'm so sick of Nikkisoft. I was charged $4.99 for the APP, no refund has been given and I can't launch th APP without deleting App world and reinstalling, blah, blah, blah. What a pain. I keep getting idiotic auto-responses to my customer service requests to boot. I just want my $4.99 back.

This is totally misleading. Please update the news. This version only works on OS7. To make it worst, AppWorld for some reason will not stop you from buying this app from a OS6 device, but it will install v3 on your device without even warning you. And the best part is that users have been reporting that even the v3 is not working on OS6 device (due to invalid license). No resolution from the developer yet. You have been warned !!!

I bought this app on Thursday. I've been a long time user of this app and is always the first app I install. This has been the worst experience of getting an app to load that I have ever had. I got a reply to my support email to try back in 36 hours. Here it is almost 72 hours and still no resolution. My email this morning told me it would be available in 4 hours.... 8 hours ago.

Telling people to upgrade their OS is not the answer here. Bad enough we had to move to AW to get this item if we were Mobihand customers (I don't blame the devs for the move) but the rude responses to the paying customers is just too much.

Sadly, I'm at the point of just looking for a different app.