QuickLaunch for BlackBerry A to Z

By Adam Zeis on 8 Mar 2010 03:14 pm EST

One of my most used apps has to be QuickLaunch. It is an extremely valuable app that allows for easy access to loads of BlackBerry functions. You can set it to launch applications, web sites, quickly compose emails, make phone calls and more. It integrates extremely well with the operating system, and with a few clicks you can get things done instead of having to search around or click through various apps. QuickLaunch sells for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store and is well worth it. Check out the video above for a quick look at all of the application features. If you aren't currently a QuickLaunch user, you should be - and that's all there is to it :-)

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QuickLaunch for BlackBerry A to Z


but this is one of the few i have bought. very useful. you won't need many more apps on top of this one. cheetahace has done a great job. you know damn well he's rollin in the $$$ too =P

QL has to be most used app I have. Didn't know how much I would miss it until I had to do without for a few hours waiting on a new activation code. MUST HAVE

Anyone else not able to get video to work? I can watch the other CB vids, but this just keeps returning me to static page. :(

I'm also apart of the "unable to watch it" group. I'm really interested in this app after reading the great feedback from us crackberrians. I need to quench my app-thirst!

Well, it is close to 12:30 in the morning, and still no video to be seen. Maybe it's because I'm trying to watch from my BB, have no clue. Video link is still different from the other on CB Channel page. Guess I'll try from main computer later today. Shouldn't have to though. :(

It pretty much has everything and they are constantly updating and adding to it.
Never had any problems with it either.
It's perfect for anyone that likes to use wallpaper friendly themes. Show off your wallpaper and still have everything accessable from the home screen.
Love the Search feature (google, google image, imdb, ebay, you tube etc.), and flash light feature. Also setting links to various websites is a huge time saver.
Also using the "Device Info" tab and "Reset Device" and setting the "Memory Cleaner" and "Delete Call Log" in there allows you to monitor and clean your memory as well as do a device reset. That'll do away with any apps that specifically monitor memory and allow for a virtual battery pull. Meter Berry does a good job and more intricate than QL but had I purchased QL first I would not have bought MB as it does more than I use it for other than having the changing icon to be able to view at a glance.
Anyway, like it says in the write up. If you don't have it, you should. Simple as that.

IDK why I'm biting the bullet with this one. Everyone is using it and I know I have apps that people wouldn't consider...none that I paid for...sheesh, I even bought Tweet Genius. I want this app but something is telling me not to get it or I want it so bad that I'm denying it.

until I REALLY started to get it and use its full potential.
Month's later I am still finding out how great this app truly is!
Very few apps I need, but this is one of them!

can i use QL to program my now semi-defunct mute key ( on 9700) to do something more interesting from home screen?

This is one of those must have applications. QL is such an essential ap you almost can't function if you've used it for any length of time you know what I mean. I was using a friends Curve and I'm like "Dude where is your QL, what do you mean you don't have it?" Needless to say they do now (what are friends for?)
It's the one MUST have ap in my book.
Is there another I'm missing people?

i dig the fact that you can assign a shortcut key to launch the program! Now I dont have to try and integrate a "spacebar" hotkey into my BB Themes!

Seriously,I honestly can't function without it. I thought I was going to die when I upgraded from 8900 to the 9700 and needed a new activation code for this marvelous app. Really, if you have it then you know what I mean...if you don't, I promise you are missing out. I never, ever have to go the app screen. Get this app, and find yourself a nice theme that has a shortcut for QL and you will not regret it:)

for as much as the application does I am not 100% that it is something I would find myself using very much. It is this reason I hate putting down money for an app I am unsure of how much use I will personally get out of it. I really wish this application had a trial version.

Dude, I felt the same way until I bought...notice my comments.{even though it didn't say I wanted a trial} This app is great. You can add a shortcut to EVERY app you have and to websites, email, specific files and device data...man it's worth every cent.

that I wish more app developers did - you can save your settings to the media card - that way when you load a new OS or replace the phone, one click and everything is set up again just like you had it. This is one of those apps that you just have to have - and I hope RIM doesn't implement it because they'll half-@ss it and make it worse :)

RIM likes to half-ass everything. Just like the twitter client. RIM should've taken a direct model from uber twitter/tweet genius and an other twitter app. You can't put out a twitter app and not have friend picker and other major features. Also RIM's twitter app had too much at the top for me and was too slow...we want to see tweets and not bulging icons. Aside from my ranting...RIM needs to know that havong thins accessed from the sd card is the way to go...archiving apps was ok but i got tired of seeing all of those icons and hiding them bothers me. I'd rush and get an 8gb or 16gb sd card if could put apps on it. I'd have a dedicated folder with tons of apps that I don't even need.

One of the must-have apps for blackberry... The price is definitely worth it... + the extra added feature for flashlight, camera mute, screen capturing, and there's the gprs, wifi & gps toggles... And they have a very very helpful customer support... Its totally worth it.

one of the best apps u need to have on your blackberry< usefull and functions great no lags, memory issues only runs when selected lovin this app more with every update

I think I'm on the only person on earth that doesn't like quicklaunch. I've bought it and gave it a try...just wasn't feeling it

One thing that is also cool that wasn't in the video and I didn't see it in the list of QL options on that device(maybe not available on that device?) is the ability to skin the background of the menu....This is absolutely one of the best apps ever deved for Blackberry devices imho.....

i have it, and its great that you made an A-Z on it adam. The developer was probably stoked llol. Sales probably shot right up once you posted this. good job!. you do do an A-Z on contact profiles, ringers etc... for those that don't know how to.anyway, good job!

You may need to add a location id rather than your zip code for the weather to work. Follow the instructuons under the "enter location id" in the QL options. Should work. Hope this helps.

I do own QuickLaunch, but I have not used it since updating to OS 5.0

It's the concept of running a program to run your programs that turns me off. Truthfully, the way I use my blackberry (thin and no fluff, just the bare essentials) doesn't warrant me to have to use a "quick" app to get it done.

The only thing really that QL does for me is screen cap.

It’s probably best to lay off the uppers before recording a demonstration. I found the flipping back-and-forth from menu item to menu item, before you were even ready to talk about them, quite distracting.

For some reason, it does not show up in the list of Apps. I also have found that some apps will not launch, such as Slacker.

Nevermind. Went ahead and grabbed it. I use dial from home so I can't use the shortcut stuff, but that's ok. This upgrade is worth it for me for the ease of the GPS Toggle.

This was the first app I ever bought for my Berry & I'm so glad I did, don't know what I'd do without it. Makes using a Blackberry even easier. I've told all my Berry friends about QL, defintely a "must have" if you own a Blackberry.

I am surprised the video never mentioned the multi click option. Very useful feature as well. One click QL is launched, two clicks BBM, three clicks my bluetooth is toggled, four clicks my wifi is toggled. Must agree with everyone, love this app.

This so reminds me of HiLauncher for the old Palm platform. With all the same amazing capabilities, that alone in my opinion puts it in the must have list of apps, I have had the new version for a while now and its the most used apps I have, that along with Pandora, which now fully supports A2DP.

I bought this app after watching the review. I love it I have no clue how I used my storm2 without it. Great review.

I agree that this is a must have app, especially with the latest update that allows up to 3 letters for a shortcut.
Multiclick is another great update, the app just keeps getting better.

Customer service is also outstanding, I got a very prompt response to an issue I was having that was not NikkiSoft's fault. They were very professional and got it taken care of quickly. Couldn't ask for more.

I purchased this app and loved it until I tried putting the app back on my phone. The original code did not work and I tried all the fixes the developer recommended. I ended up out 5 bucks with no further response from technical support.

The weather feature STILL doesn't work in the latest version, 2.21 on my Storm I. The weather feature has NEVER worked. Apart from that, yep great APP. In fact probably the best one on my handset. I certainly use it more than any other. I'm not sure I could do without it.