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CrackBerry Idol - Bryan
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jul 2010 11:25 pm EDT

Review of QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Smartphones

In my endless pursuit of an improved BlackBerry experience I've always found myself thinking in what ways could the user experience of the native OS and applications improve, enter QuickLaunch. QuickLaunch is a productivity application that creates shortcuts to almost any application and function on your device. QuickLaunch will also allow you to remove several other applications that are included as built in features. Hit the jump for screen shots and a video walk through.

QuickLaunch for BlackBerry

After installing QuickLaunch you will be brought to the set up screen, from here you can choose what applications and functions you want to setup a shortcut to as well as be able to add contact, email and website shortcuts.

QuickLaunch for BlackBerry

One of the first things you'll notice after the install and set up is the diversity and array of things this app does, from shortcuts to your most used contacts to your most used settings and controls. If you are running several different apps for soft reset features as well as screen captures you will no longer have to. QuickLaunch has a soft reset feature as well as a screen capture feature built in, this will allow you to free up some memory on some older devices if you happen to run multiple apps. Another great feature of QuickLaunch is that it does not run in the background using phone resources, it only runs when opened.

QuickLaunch for BlackBerry

The shortcut features really make navigating the OS much simpler. You can add shortcuts to all of your apps and features that are not set up in the home screen icons. This in itself proved quite valuable for me, I am now able to launch an app and even change options right from the home screen. Quick launch makes use of both convenience keys as well has the volume up and down buttons, I should also note QuickLaunch only takes control of all side keys when you are actually using the app. Other than that QuickLaunch is only assigned to one convenience key. The default setup has the right convenience key launching the app, once launched the left convenience key closes the app out and the volume keys let you navigate up and down the QuickLaunch menu.

QuickLaunch for BlackBerryQuickLaunch for BlackBerry

QuickLaunch adds the ability to include the high, low and current temperatures using Yahoo weather. All you do is punch in your location ID and QL will display temps at the top of the menu. You also have the option for QuickLaunch to display the date and time at the top of the menu as well.

The multitude of functions that QuickLaunch does is truly amazing from launching your favorite websites to launching pre stored phone numbers to toggling on and off all connections including bluetooth and wifi. You can even control the backlight of your device via QuickLaunch. One of the most useful features to me is the ability to launch a small screen that gives your device info including OS version, platform, PIN number, IMEI number, the amount of time running since the last battery pull, signal strength, battery percentage, amount of free memory and finally the amount of free space on the media card. I will cover a few more of the features in the video walkthrough.

QuickLaunch for BlackBerry

So at this point you are probably saying to yourself "this is a pretty neat app but is it worth $4.99?" My answer to that is a resounding YES!! QuickLaunch is by far worth paying $4.99 for, without a doubt it is the best productivity application I have ever used. I think you'd be doing yourselves quite the favor by purchasing QuickLaunch, so head on over to ShopCrackBerry.com and pick yourself up a copy!

** This review was written as part of the CrackBerry Idol 2010 competition. Click for details. **

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QuickLaunch for BlackBerry Review


Kevin (aka Ryan Seacrest): Well Bryan, you get the honors of being the last app review to be shown here on the blogs before the community vote begins! Let's see what the judges had to say on your review.

CrackBerry Idol Judges

Dieter: Really nice written review - simple and straightforward with no muss or fuss - but easy on the sales pitch there at the end, dawg - just a reviewer, here :) Your video clearly showed the app's functionality -- which is great because this is a simple app that can look complicated to the new user. Better than average work, dawg.

Georgia: I thought the video was well done, though I did find that your voice and tone could have been slightly more animated. The written part of the review was organized and straight forward, good job. We will have to see if this is enough to keep you for the next part of the competition, thanks for the submission.

Craig: Pretty good video. Too many "um"'s for sure, but the video was clear most of the time, and you showed the viewers the product's functionality. I'm sure you can work on these for future videos. Your written review was well written and easy to follow. Not much more to say other than it was a solid review.

Really well done! Most features were included in the review but a quick run through of the options would be cool because you can really customize the look of the quicklaunch menu as well as backup and restore your settings. (Great for hybriders)

Great Review! i like your crackberry wallpaper :) i have the white one but i can't find it in black.. where can i download it?

While I enjoyed your review, and found that you covered many cool features of the app, I felt your review fell far short on covering how to access your shortcuts. I felt that your review can leave prospective users wondering how many shortcuts can be made, do you have to scroll in menu to access a shortcut, and do you have to use your convenience keys to access QL?

QL is my favorite BB app. I love how I can set it up in my system menu, so that the app is accessible within any other app just by menu key. I love how I can assign up to 3 letters for shortcuts. I like how can I choose whether or not to use my convenience keys for QL. How I can multi-click the convenience keys to get shortcuts, too. I have the spacebar option set, so I can hit the Space + letter, X, to bring up Crackberry.com for example. Or hit Space + letters, XF, to bring up the Crackberry Forums. Or Space + letters, RSS, to bring up my rss reader. Just a few examples to show how up to 3 letters can be used to define shortcuts.

Aside from the lack of shortcut access coverage, let me share what I loved about your video. I liked how explained that QL has a lot of good utility value in it, so you don't need other apps. I love their flashlight feature, search function for about 10 key web sites, their StayLit feature for keeping your backlight on, etc. You covered others in your video, but it lets the user know that it's not just about shortcuts. I liked your tip on disabling dial from the homescreen, so you can use your space key to launch the app. Very helpful when using a handsfree device that blocks your convenience keys. I thought you showed the menus well, I like your feature about the Yahoo Weather and time options in the menu and how you showcase Device Info. I also loved how you showed the normal menu-like appearance of the app, how it just feels like a normal BB menu. I just wished you covered more details about how to access the shortcuts and how many you get.

Thanks for this follow up comment (and to the original reviewer - nice job). As a big fan of Versatile Monkey apps (inc Podtrapper) I've been using Versatool for the last few months, which is basically an alternative QL with other added functions (auto replies, auto open apps and lots more), and have been wondering whether I should get QL too. This additional info is really useful - the spacebar shortcuts aren't something VT can do (as far as I'm aware) but it does make use of a double push of cancel and back up (and a long push of both) so it's probably a wash. I'll probably just stick with Versatool only, but would be interested in the views of others who've used both.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, it was hard trying to hit the high points of this app and keep the video under 15 minutes. This is one LOADED app and you're right there was plenty more to hit on but I would have gone WAY over my time limit and some folks would have been snoring. Either way I appreciate the feedback, next time I will try to cover all functions of the app.

I love ShortcutMe. Can someone do a video on this please??:) I liked this video, cause I hear so much about QL, but have never seen a vid tutorial for it. Thanks!

how did you get that UMA logo? Mine is the ordinary pink dot and 3 bars. How can i change it to that?

Instead of the Precision T-Mobile theme I am using the Precision Zen that was preloaded on the device. That will change your UMA icon.

enjoyed your review. i already have ql but did not know all it was capable of doing. thanks.
Hey, what case are you using? It seems perfect to give larger hands something to hold on to.

Not too many times did I find myself saying "ahhh cool!" during other reviews but yours I did.

You ended Rounded 1 off with a very good and informative review. ALMOST made me want to shell out the $ for it.

Great job.

The video review was good - maybe a little quick on showing things, while leaving just a tiny bit out (could have helped to see shortcut keys in action). The only down side was around 40 "Uh's". You have to watch those as they tend to make a person sound like they don't really have the walk-thru down.

The write-up was clean and concise. Other than not showing shortcuts in action, I thought the review was done well.

I appreciate the kind words. I won't lie, I did wait until the very last minute to film the video. I need to be much more precise with scripting... This is a learning process!

I'm finally satisfied with this round of CB Idol's. I was beginning to wonder if any of the participants were going to review QL. All in all I think you did a fair job. I know that there were constraints and such on time, but there are so many more features to be covered. You did a good job covering the surface of all the features, as well as picking out a few favorite ones you liked. You kinda repeated over a couple of your favorite features, but that's to be expected when you really love the app.

Overall, I'd say it was a great review. As far as presentation goes, you were to salesman in your written review. If this was for a personal blog and you were trying to get your readers to download it, this post would be perfect. However, here on crackberry the users want the pro's and con's. You've hyped this application up, but in the process what did you leave out? Did you know that it can launch from the space bar, for example? What problems might I run into (such as on my Tour I had GPS toggle set up, in which you put in the numbers that relate to the order of the items in the menu...however, occasionally a new menu item called Enterprise Activation would appear and throw my numbering off...then the app would try to activate enterprise and not toggle gps)?

The video was great. Your hand didn't get in the way, you spoke clearly and you didn't fumble around the application. Avoid saying 'um' alot. It might help to practice what you're going to say and show before hand on the next video. Apart from that, you're allowed to have notes with you. Create a one-page bullet list of things you want to cover, in the order you want to cover them. Don't make the bullet's one-liners. Give each bullet a small blurb to help you talk your way through the review. In competitive speech & debate this is sometimes allowed depending on what type of speech or debate you're given. In this situation it isn't only allowed, but you can also place the notes in a position that no one has to know you're reading them (on that note, practice reading from those notes. Don't sound like a robot spouting things out as they are input to him).

Hope this helps you in the upcoming rounds.

Call me crazy, but I purchased this App several weeks ago and never took time to setup. I just watched the video and decided to do it. This is a great app and I am so thankful that Crackberry took tie to review it. I have it setup and it is AWESOME - I feel stupid for not doing it sooner!!

Bryan, good review. I have heard a lot from QL users but didn' know WHY it was cool. Now I do. You didn't have the fanciest video, but I like your calm, casual style. What this will boil down to is not just technical knowledge or slick video-making skills, but finding someone that fits nicely in the "CrackBerry culture." I think you have a good chance. You seem to have already set some goals for polishing your approach for next time. Good luck!

What a great review, both video and write up but especially the write up. I have this app and it's the ONLY paid app on my BlackBerry - I am so pleased with it and I couldn't be without it. I love the way you can customise QL too - best £3.99 I've ever spent.

BTW; you've got my vote for sure!

Great Review Bryan! I really enjoyed the video and your written review was easy to follow. I am actually going to purchase this app solely because of this review. I had never thought a quicklaunch type app was worth the effort. I mean is it really that hard to pick the app you want to open? Well... this just shows me how much simpler everything could be. Thanks!